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06:32:51 EDT Sun 25 Sep 2016
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T:BCE - BCE INC. - http://www.bce.ca06:32:51 EDT
Sym-XBid - AskLastChg%ChVol$Vol#TrOpen-Hi-LoYear Hi-LoLast TrNewsDelay
BCE - T  0.760.61 · 60.650.460.63-0.40-0.71,689.7102,83511,00760.91  61.09  60.5963.405  52.3816:00:00Sep 2115 min RT 2¢
TSX - T0.760.61 · 60.650.460.63-0.40-0.7956.558,1845,05660.91  61.07  60.5963.405  52.3816:00:0015 min
Alpha - A 60.68-0.35-0.668.64,17441260.96  61.01  60.5915:59:0715 min
Chi-X - X 60.64-0.39-0.6290.217,6802,44060.93  61.02  60.5915:59:5815 min
CX2 - H 60.64-0.39-0.655.83,40160660.96  60.96  60.59515:59:5915 min
Pure - P 60.69-0.34-0.641.22,51134960.93  61.09  60.6015:59:2515 min
Omega - O 60.64-0.39-0.695.35,81085060.96  61.01  60.6015:59:5915 min
TriAct - M 61.03155.29,4431,075    May 20 15:32:2015 min
Lynx - Y 60.63-0.40-0.71.2731060.73  60.87  60.6215:50:0215 min
Aequitas - U 60.70-0.33-0.525.61,56020961.00  61.00  60.6015:57:1115 min

Recent Trades - Last 10 of 11007
Time ETExPriceChangeVolumeBuyerSellerMarkers
16:00:00T60.63-0.407285 Scotia83 MackieQ
16:00:00T60.63-0.408053 Morgan Stanley83 MackieQ
16:00:00T60.63-0.405879 CIBC83 MackieQ
16:00:00T60.63-0.409979 CIBC83 MackieQ
16:00:00T60.63-0.404339 Merrill Lynch83 MackieQ
16:00:00T60.63-0.404465 Goldman83 MackieQ
16:00:00T60.63-0.407672 Credit Suisse83 MackieQ
16:00:00T60.63-0.403883 Mackie80 National BankQ
16:00:00T60.63-0.406183 Mackie80 National BankQ
16:00:00T60.63-0.408083 Mackie85 ScotiaQ

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Recent Bulletins
Date ETSymbolPriceTypeHeadline
2016-09-21 09:22BCE60.31In the NewsFP says BCE, others finally get CRTC decision on fibre
2016-09-20 09:31BCE60.05In the NewsPost says iPhone could crimp Big Three's margins
2016-09-19 06:43BCE60.05In the NewsPost says BCE to be told how to share by CRTC this week
2016-09-16 08:04BCE60.48In the NewsGlobe says Shaw, others need to get TV into digital age
2016-09-14 09:41BCE59.92In the NewsPost says Rogers, BCE argue over who's the fastest
2016-09-12 08:55BCE60.94In the NewsGlobe says CRTC boss tries to keep up with BCE, others
2016-09-12 07:01BCE61.29In the NewsGlobe says BCE, others handily beat Blais most times
2016-09-09 08:30BCE61.76In the NewsGlobe/CP say BCE, others hear consumers' bundling pleas
2016-09-08 08:18BCE61.60In the NewsGlobe/CP say Rogers, others explain "skinny basic" flop
2016-09-07 08:31BCE61.78In the NewsGlobe says BCE's Bell to appeal court's simsub ruling
2016-09-06 08:34BCE61.86In the NewsGlobe says BCE, others see court toss CRTC complaint
2016-09-06 07:02BCE61.78In the NewsPost says BCE, others to justify lame "skinny" packages
2016-09-06 06:52BCE61.86In the NewsGlobe says BCE's Bell hopes to avoid live-theatre flop
2016-08-31 07:31BCE61.27In the NewsFP says BCE tops PCMag's fastest wireless network list
2016-08-30 09:09BCE62.25In the NewsFP says BCE promises better service to Churchill, Man.