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C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Oct. 21, 2016
[2016-10-21 21:02]
Kennady Diamonds is taking a break from drilling at Kennady North. Genius Properties is acquiring a Cape Breton graphite play. Commerce Resources has wrapped up work at Ashram for the season. Saint Jean Carbon likes geophysics.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Oct. 21, 2016
[2016-10-21 20:40]
Makena Resources has wrapped up drilling at Clone, in British Columbia. Columbus Gold has the rest of its assays from Eastside in Nevada. Gold Standard Ventures is raising $25-million to advance its Railroad-Pinion project in Nevada.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Oct. 21, 2016
[2016-10-21 20:26]
David Subotic's Stratton Capital closes its QT by acquiring Pro Gaming League, a video gaming website operator. Tom Kennedy's CSE shell, Crestwell Resources, closes its acquisition of Toronto grocer Organic Garage.  more...

C:*SEC - SEC wins fines, injunctions for three Ecoland accused
[2016-10-21 10:18]
The SEC has reached out-of-court deals with three men charged in the Ecoland International Inc. manipulation. The case remains outstanding against Toronto-area resident Dino Paolucci.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Oct. 20, 2016
[2016-10-20 20:17]
Dominion Diamond had a ho-hum quarter at Diavik. New Nadina Explorations is selling its Kettle of Gold but will keep its diamonds. Tantalex Resources is enthused about Congo lithium. Big North Graphite has a definitive deal for a Cobalt cobalt play.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Oct. 20, 2016
[2016-10-20 19:56]
Platinum Group Metals has a prefeasibility study of Waterberg in South Africa. Terrax Minerals is taking a three-month break from drilling at Yellowknife City. Winston Gold mining is set to drill Winston, in a Montana gold project.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Oct. 20, 2016
[2016-10-20 19:26]
Todd Hilditch's capital pool shell, Riley Resources, is optioning a Nevada gold property for its QT. Jay Freeman's capital pool shell, JM Capital II, is optioning a B.C. gold property and acquiring a Quebec lithium explorer for its QT.  more...

C:LUG - Lundin Gold sued over unpaid Fruta del Norte fee
[2016-10-20 10:18]
Lundin Gold Inc. is facing a lawsuit over its $240-million (U.S.) deal to acquire the Fruta del Norte mine in Ecuador. A Vancouver man claims that the company owes him a 5-per-cent finder's fee.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Oct. 19, 2016
[2016-10-19 20:08]
Dev Randhawa's fifth capital pool shell, Wolfpack Capital, arranges an Albertan oil and gas QT with Drew Cadenhead, Garth Johnson and their TAG Oil colleagues. For his first four shells, Mr. Randhawa's record is three successes, one failure.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Oct. 19, 2016
[2016-10-19 19:00]
GoGold Resources has received high-grade assays from trenching at Santa Gertrudis in Mexico. Wallbridge Mining has paid for its Fenelon acquisition. It now plans a prefeasibility study. Alexandria Minerals has several new targets at Western Cadillac Break in Quebec.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Oct. 19, 2016
[2016-10-19 16:24]
Peregrine Diamonds is still planning a big exploration push next year at Chidliak. Advantage Lithium has begun drilling at Clayton NE in Nevada. Mkango Resources has renewed its licence for the Songwe Hill rare earth deposit in Malawi.  more...

C:BNS - Scotia Capital denies mishandling 90-year-old's account
[2016-10-19 10:24]
Scotia Capital Inc. denies that it did anything wrong in the account of an elderly dementia patient who is suing. The firm says that it simply followed the client's instructions, and that it was unaware of any mental troubles.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Oct. 18, 2016
[2016-10-18 21:11]
Evolving Gold has found hints of diamonds near its Quebec-based lithium prospect. KWG Resources is moving ahead with its Black Horse chromite project in Ontario. Eureka Resources is getting set to drill for Gemini lithium in Nevada.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Oct. 18, 2016
[2016-10-18 20:38]
Northern Empire Resources finds encouragement in chip samples from its Richardson project in Alaska. Oceanus Resources has modest gold and silver grades over long intervals at El Tigre in Mexico. Otis Gold has expanded its Kilgore gold play in Idaho.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Oct. 18, 2016
[2016-10-18 20:18]
Mitchell Smith's capital pool shell, Sceptre Ventures, plans to acquire app developer SmartShare Solutions for the shell's QT. Marketing firm Good Life Networks tries again to go public, this time through Brad Docherty and Eli Abergel's capital pool shell, Exito Energy II.  more...

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EEN - Estrella Int'l investor acquires 10.93 million shares
[2016-10-22 02:10]
Estrella International Energy Services Ltd. investor Ringo Holding LP has acquired 10.93 million shares. It now holds 12.6 million shares, or 90.5 per cent of Estrella International's outstanding shares, non-diluted.more...

MTO - Metanor loses $2.52-million in fiscal 2016
[2016-10-21 21:37]
Metanor Resources Inc. lost $2.52-million on sales of $48.31-million in the year ended June 30, 2016. It produced 33,450 ounces gold in the fiscal year.more...

THP - Totally Hip director Knight resigns
[2016-10-21 21:14]
Totally Hip Technologies Inc. director Georgia Knight has resigned to pursue other business.more...

PYR - PyroGenesis 2,142,857 warrants amended
[2016-10-21 21:04]
PyroGenesis Canada Inc. has received TSX-V approval to extend 2,142,857 warrants by one year to Nov. 26, 2017. The company has also repriced the warrants to 19.5 cents per share, from 55 cents per share.more...

IDM - IDM receives TSX-V OK for 3.75 million debt shares
[2016-10-21 20:52]
IDM Mining Ltd. has received TSX-V approval to issue 3.75 million shares at 17 cents per share to settle a debt of $637,500.more...

CWS - Consolidated Westview appoints Wortman president, CEO
[2016-10-21 20:41]
Consolidated Westview Resource Corp. has appointed Jacques Wortman as director, president and CEO. Richard Silas has stepped down as president and CEO but will remain as corporate secretary and director.more...

PAT - Patriot One to remain halted
[2016-10-21 20:34]
Patriot One Technologies Inc. will remain halted, pending documents on its planned change of business.more...

PUC - Pancontinental Gold moves to Tier 2
[2016-10-21 20:33]
Pancontinental Gold Corp. has moved to Tier 2 of the TSX-V, from the NEX, effective on Oct. 24, 2016. The company's symbol has changed to PUC, from PUC.H.more...

OGO - Organto Foods 300,000 bonus warrants
[2016-10-21 20:25]
Organto Foods Inc. has received TSX-V approval to issue 300,000 bonus warrants in consideration of $100,000 (U.S.) of loans.more...

WEF - Western Forest settles tenure dispute, receives $14M
[2016-10-21 20:21]
Western Forest Products Inc. has settled a dispute with the Province of B.C. over the April, 2011, partial tenure extinguishment from tree farm licence 44. The company will receive $14-million, which it plans to use to repay debt.more...

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