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16:55:53 EST Tue 01 Dec 2015
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C:*OSC - OSC-banned Curry secures return to Canada
[2015-12-01 10:38]
OSC-banned Kolt Curry will be able to return to Canada for Christmas while he awaits sentencing in a U.S. fraud case. He pleaded guilty to participating in a scheme run by Toronto's Sandy Winick.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Nov. 30, 2015
[2015-11-30 20:04]
Arctic Star Exploration is poising and anticipating at its Stein diamond play in central Nunavut. Delrand Resources hopes to acquire new projects in the Congo after dropping its old ones. Grumpy shareholders have convinced Avalon Rare Metals to not roll back its stock.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Nov. 30, 2015
[2015-11-30 19:36]
Endeavour Mining has closed its acquisition of a majority interest in the Ity gold mine in Ivory Coast. West Kirkland Mining has environmental approval for its Three Hills mine in Nevada. Platinum Group Metals expects to reach production at its Western Bushveld project.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Nov. 30, 2015
[2015-11-30 19:28]
Frank Giustra's shell, Royce Resources, has launched Nevada lithium explorer Lithium X Energy. Douglas Ford's shell, Zorro Capital, has cancelled its acquisition of Kent Imaging. QT target eSight Corp. has cancelled its acquisition by Joe Charland's shell, Damon Capital.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Nov. 27, 2015
[2015-11-27 21:08]
Conrad Clemiss's shell, Apple Capital, plans to acquire YDreams Brazil, an interactive media technology company. The shell will roll back 1 for 6, even if the acquisition falls through.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Nov. 27, 2015
[2015-11-27 21:07]
Dominion Diamond is replacing depleted pipes at Ekati with new deposits. Stina Resources likes Bisoni McKay but wants to see other projects. Saint Jean Carbon is touting silica plans. A Vanadiumcorp Resource backer has bought more shares.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Nov. 27, 2015
[2015-11-27 20:57]
Northquest Ltd. is expecting a takeover offer from Netherlands-based Nordgold NV, its major shareholder. Aquila Resources is seeking approval for a mine on its Back Forty. Falco Resources is promising a dream sheet for its Horne-5 gold project next year.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Nov. 27, 2015
[2015-11-27 20:12]
Michael Greenwood's suffering PRD Energy gives itself five weeks to find a suitor. U.S. Oil Sands delays its PR Spring project in Utah and hopes to raise another $10-million (U.S.). Mart Resources says its proposed takeover by the Delta Group is still on.  more...

C:RSY - RSI Int'l sues former VP over defection to competitor
[2015-11-27 10:40]
RSI International Systems Inc. has filed a lawsuit against a former VP, claiming that she defected to a competitor and took two subordinates with her. The three have since been soliciting RSI customers, according to the suit.  more...

U:IROG - Ironwood Gold's ex-CEO sued by Liechtenstein entity
[2015-11-27 10:33]
Ironwood Gold Corp.'s former CEO, Andrew McKinnon, is facing a lawsuit in B.C. from a Liechtenstein entity. The suit claims that Mr. McKinnon took $370,000 (U.S.) without authorization.  more...

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SIS - Savaria estimates 2016 revenue of $103-million
[2015-12-01 16:53]
Savaria Corp. has estimated its 2016 revenue to be $103-million and its 2016 EBITDA to be between $15.8-million and $16.6-million.more...

VVC - VVC Exploration agreement for Kaity claims
[2015-12-01 16:51]
VVC Exploration Corp. has filed with the TSX-V its agreement to acquire the Kaity claims in Mexico. The company must pay $880,000 and issue 32 million shares.more...

EQG - eQube director Varanese buys shares
[2015-12-01 16:51]
eQube Gaming Ltd. director James Varanese has agreed to buy 466,667 shares from Lord Simon Issacs and 333,333 shares from Bruce Gaston at 50 cents. Mr. Varanese now owns 908,547 shares, representing 3 per cent of those issued and outstanding.more...

BTB - BTB sells two Quebec commercial properties for $7.6M
[2015-12-01 16:50]
BTB Real Estate Investment Trust has sold two commercial properties in Quebec for $7.6-million. The company will use the proceeds for partial repayment of its acquisition credit facility.more...

MRO - Millrock Resources agreement for Batamote property
[2015-12-01 16:49]
Millrock Resources Inc. has filed with the TSX-V its Nov. 25, 2015, agreement to acquire the Batamote property in Mexico. Consideration includes 109,890 shares.more...

WEY - Wolfeye enters definitive deal to acquire Bionomics
[2015-12-01 16:46]
Wolfeye Resource Corp. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Bionomics Diagnostics Inc. in a reverse takeover for 17 million Wolfeye shares. Bionomics may arrange a $300,000 financing of its shares.more...

GRB - Greenbriar Capital 404,000-share private placement
[2015-12-01 16:44]
Greenbriar Capital Corp. has received TSX-V approval for a private placement of 404,000 shares at $1.50. Two placees are subscribing.more...

IMA - I-Minerals to settle $743,005 of interest with shares
[2015-12-01 16:44]
I-Minerals Inc. has agreed to settle $743,005 of loan interest with 2.94 million shares at 25.2 cents per share. The company has increased its loan with a company controlled by chairman Allen Ball by $1-million (U.S.).more...

EWK - Earthworks Industries 200,000-share private placement
[2015-12-01 16:42]
Earthworks Industries Inc. has received TSX-V approval for a private placement of 200,000 shares at 12.5 cents. Two placees are subscribing.more...

CIX - CI Financial's Nov. 30 AUM at $108.3-billion
[2015-12-01 16:40]
CI Financial Corp. had assets under management of $108.3-billion on Nov. 30, 2015. The company had total assets of $142.8-billion.more...

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