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TransForce Inc. - News release - French
[2014-09-16 21:53]

TransForce Inc. - News release - English
[2014-09-16 21:53]

Match Capital Resources Corporation - MD&A - English
[2014-09-16 21:38]

Match Capital Resources Corporation - Interim financial statements/report - English
[2014-09-16 21:38]

Invenio Resources Corp. - Audited annual financial statements - English
[2014-09-16 21:32]

Match Capital Resources Corporation - 52-109FV2 - Certification of interim filings - CEO (E)
[2014-09-16 21:32]

Match Capital Resources Corporation - 52-109FV2 - Certification of interim filings - CFO (E)
[2014-09-16 21:32]

Invenio Resources Corp. - 52-109FV1 - Certification of annual filings - CEO (E)
[2014-09-16 21:27]

Invenio Resources Corp. - 52-109FV1 - Certification of annual filings - CFO (E)
[2014-09-16 21:27]

Invenio Resources Corp. - MD&A - English
[2014-09-16 21:27]

Lumenpulse Inc. - News release - French
[2014-09-16 21:01]

Lumenpulse Inc. - News release - English
[2014-09-16 21:01]

Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. - News release - English
[2014-09-16 20:40]

Mineral Hill Industries Ltd. - News release - English
[2014-09-16 20:30]

Caterpillar Financial Services Limited - Material change report - English
[2014-09-16 20:14]

Big Rock Brewery Inc. - News release - English
[2014-09-16 20:14]

Kincora Copper Limited - News release - English
[2014-09-16 20:08]

Catalyst Copper Corp. - Material change report - English
[2014-09-16 20:08]

Petromin Resources Ltd - News release - English
[2014-09-16 20:03]

Highbank Resources Ltd. - Material change report - English
[2014-09-16 20:03]

Kincora Copper Limited - News release - English
[2014-09-16 19:58]

Powertech Uranium Corp. - Press release - English
[2014-09-16 19:52]

Pilot Gold Inc. - News release - English
[2014-09-16 19:52]

Powertech Uranium Corp. - Early warning report
[2014-09-16 19:52]

Gastar Exploration Inc. - News release - English
[2014-09-16 19:47]

Stockwatch Street Wires
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C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Sept. 16, 2014
[2014-09-16 20:12]
Legacy Oil keeps up a relentless promotional push. Mart Resources says its new pipeline in Nigeria will be working any week now. Canacol Energy makes plans to enter Mexico, as does Ian Telfer's newly named Renaissance Oil.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Sept. 16, 2014
[2014-09-16 19:25]
Michael Thomson's Rodeo Capital III will list on the TSX-V Wednesday. Murray Sinclair and Brian Bayley's Kirkcaldy Capital heads to Turkey to acquire a copper-gold explorer, and Geoff Gordon's shell graduate, Vogogo Inc., is the third most active trader on the TSX-V.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamonds & Specialty Minerals Summary for Sept. 16, 2014
[2014-09-16 18:04]
True North Gems has access to another $11-million. It may be enough to build its Aappaluttoq ruby mine in Greenland. Stornoway Diamond will drill Renard-2 into October. Xmet will drill for gold but tout graphite. Geodex Resources grabbed antimony and gold at West Gore.  more...

C:*SEC - SEC, DOJ charge IT employee with insider trading
[2014-09-16 18:02]
The SEC and federal prosecutors have filed insider trading charges against a technician at a California law office. They claim he made $300,000 (U.S.) trading eight companies ahead of mergers or acquisitions.  more...

C:TRP - TransCanada foes just "arm" of billionaire U.S. backers
[2014-09-16 13:38]
The U.S. "Billionaire's Club" funnels money to green groups that pretend to be mom-and-pop outfits, says a report by Republican Senators. The groups disguise propaganda as science to win an unknowing public's support for the billionaires' political aims.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Sept. 15, 2014
[2014-09-15 20:33]
George Durst's NEX shell, Saratoga Electronic Solutions, plans to acquire Abba Medix and then resume trading on the CSE. The target is another hopeful medical marijuana company.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Sept. 15, 2014
[2014-09-15 19:15]
Activist Orange Capital buys more shares of Bellatrix Exploration. Successful proxy-fight lawyer Walied Soliman, Orange's counsel, also owns Bellatrix shares. Ivanhoe Energy loses its CFO to Kallisto Energy, which soars on news of a trendy reorganization.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamonds & Specialty Minerals Summary for Sept. 15, 2014
[2014-09-15 18:04]
Kennady Diamonds has thick kimberlite hits at the north end of the Kelvin kimberlite. Copper Reef Mining is uncharacteristically quiet if it is indeed working near Pikoo. RB Energy has no fatal flaws at its Quebec Lithium mine but it is in intensive care nonetheless.  more...

C:TRP - TransCanada opponents not as poor as they pretend
[2014-09-15 17:02]
An elite group of U.S. billionaires secretly controls the far-left green movement, including the EPA, says a report by Republican Senators. The billionaires exploit the tax code to funnel money to green groups, using charity to make their political ends.  more...

C:*SEC - SEC targets Arella, Morrice accept five-year bans
[2014-09-15 12:54]
The SEC has settled civil pump-and-dump charges against Maximillien Arella and Ian Morrice, co-defendants in the regulator's case against Jean-Francois Amyot. The men have agreed to five-year bans and $50,000 (U.S.) fines.  more...

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Stockwatch US Headlines

CTIC - CTI BioPharma And Servier Announce Exclusive License And Collaboration Agreement To Develop And Commercialize PIXUVRI®
[2014-09-17 01:30]

EXEL - Exelixis Announces Cobimetinib Phase 3 coBRIM Results to Be Presented at ESMO 2014 Congress
[2014-09-17 01:00]

T - AT&T Brings Samsung's Thinnest And Lightest 10.5-Inch And 8.4-Inch Tablets To The Nation's Most Reliable 4G LTE Network
[2014-09-17 00:30]

T - AT&T To Deliver Breakthrough Self-Service Network Solution For Businesses
[2014-09-17 00:01]

GAVIX - GaveKal Capital Unveils New Innovation Indexes
[2014-09-17 00:01]

GAVAX - GaveKal Capital Unveils New Innovation Indexes
[2014-09-17 00:01]

BSX - Boston Scientific Receives CE Mark For The Vercise™ Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) System For Treating Patients With Tremor
[2014-09-17 00:00]

LMT - Lockheed Martin-built CLIO Satellite Successfully Launched From Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
[2014-09-16 23:22]

ENSG - The Ensign Group, Inc. Declares Quarterly Dividend of $0.07 Per Share
[2014-09-16 22:20]

BAYP - Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (BAYP) Brown Lease update in McIntosh County, Oklahoma
[2014-09-16 22:20]

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Stockwatch Canadian Headlines  * 
Display Canadian headlines first

TFI - TransForce extends Contrans acquisition offer to Oct. 7
[2014-09-16 21:41]
TransForce Inc. has extended its offer to acquire Contrans Group Inc. to Oct. 7 at 12:01 a.m. (Toronto time). The extension will allow 20 extra days to seek approval under the Competition Act and give Contrans shareholders more time to accept the offer.  more...

KMI - Killdeer closes 2.9-million-share issuance for debt
[2014-09-16 21:32]
Killdeer Minerals Inc. has closed an issuance of 2.9 million shares at five cents per share to settle a debt of $145,000. It owed the amount to its creditors.  more...

WAF - West African Resources releases Mankarga 5 report
[2014-09-16 20:51]
West African Resources Ltd. has released a technical report for its Mankarga 5 gold deposit in Burkina Faso.  more...

KEN - Kenieba still working on $2.4-million private placement
[2014-09-16 20:42]
Kenieba Goldfields Ltd. is still working on its $2.4-million private placement of 20 million shares at 12 cents per share. It plans to use the proceeds for working capital and business development.  more...

KCC - Kincora amends details of share issuance to Origo
[2014-09-16 20:18]
Kincora Copper Ltd. has adjusted the number of the shares it will issue to Origo Partners to account for interest payable under a $2.5-million note held by Origo. It will issue 3.1 million shares. Origo will then hold 81 million shares, or 26.3 per cent.  more...

BR - Big Rock Brewery to pay 20-cent dividend Oct. 15
[2014-09-16 20:10]
Big Rock Brewery Inc. will issue a 20-cent quarterly dividend to shareholders of record on Sept. 30, 2014. The dividend is payable on Oct. 15, 2014.  more...

PLG - Pilot Gold to be added to S&P/TSX SmallCap Sept. 19
[2014-09-16 19:59]
Pilot Gold Inc. will be added to the S&P/TSX SmallCap Index at the close on Sept. 19.  more...

QMC - QMC appoints Low CFO to replace Ma
[2014-09-16 19:55]
QMC Quantum Minerals Corp. has appointed Ed Low as CFO to replace Simon Ma, who resigned, effective Sept. 15. Mr. Low works for Alternative Earth Resources Inc. and Medvue Medical Imaging Inc. as CFO.  more...

PTR - Petromin placement available to shareholders on Sept. 9
[2014-09-16 19:35]
Petromin Resources Ltd.'s $250,000 private placement will be available to Canadian shareholders on or prior to Sept. 9, 2014.  more...

OPA - Opal Energy 6,559,998-share private placement
[2014-09-16 19:31]
Opal Energy Corp. has received TSX-V approval for a private placement of 6,559,998 shares at six cents. Twenty-seven placees are subscribing.  more...

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