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18:02:11 EDT Fri 03 Jul 2015
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C:*SEC - SEC wins asset freeze order against Hans Black
[2015-07-03 12:02]
The SEC has won an injunction freezing several accounts belonging to Hans Black, a former director of some TSX-V listings. The regulator claims that Mr. Black defrauded clients of a Boston firm by placing their money in risky Canadian penny stocks.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for July 2, 2015
[2015-07-02 21:05]
Lawrence Ho's Alpha Peak Leisure acquires a tourism destination in China. Roger Dent's new capital pool shell, Quinsam Opportunities, will list tomorrow. Hani Zabaneh's Black Springs Capital plans to acquire Exacte Communications, and Bitgold Inc. has a pleasing day.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamonds & Specialty Minerals Summary for July 2, 2015
[2015-07-02 21:00]
Pangolin Diamonds drilled disappointment at Malatswae but cheers its soil sampling. Archon Minerals has a busy new director. Star Minerals is plodding along at Hoidas. Argex Titanium has shuffled its board.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for July 2, 2015
[2015-07-02 20:20]
Mandalay Resources is closer to resuming gold production in Chile. Atlantic Gold will need $137-million to build a mine in Nova Scotia. Redstar Gold has more unimpressive Unga assays, and IDM is trying to raise $2.5-million.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for July 2, 2015
[2015-07-02 20:03]
Controversial billionaire Steven Cohen takes an interest in Americas Petrogas. TAG Oil lays out its plans for fiscal 2016 and mulls selling its shares of Coronado Resources. Tethys Petroleum's investors react with caution to a commitment from AGR Energy.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for June 30, 2015
[2015-06-30 21:08]
Amar Bhalla's LL Capital completes its acquisition of Syncordia Technologies, which designs software for health care companies. Syncordia recently closed a $10-million private placement as it prepares to go public.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for June 30, 2015
[2015-06-30 20:58]
Auryn Resources offers $20-million for John Williamson's North Country Gold. Laurion Minerals is selling 188 million shares to raise $6-million. Cornerstone Capital has assays in Ecuador, and Eagle Plains starts exploring near Claude in Saskatchewan.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamonds & Specialty Minerals Summary for June 30, 2015
[2015-06-30 20:58]
Dunnedin Ventures plans summer work and fall drilling at Kahuna. Grizzly Discoveries still wants to test some Buffalo Hills pipes. Northern Graphite seeks cash for Bissett Creek. Western Lithium USA and Lithium Americas plan to merge.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for June 30, 2015
[2015-06-30 20:13]
A $3.3-billion proposed asset sale fails to make investors feel much better about Cenovus. Pengrowth Energy talks up Lindbergh and plans its own asset sales. Legacy Oil's shareholders give in and accept Crescent Point's takeover offer.  more...

C:*BCSC - BCSC looking at Barkerville ex Callaghan
[2015-06-30 12:22]
The BCSC appears to have been investigating former Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. CEO Frank Callaghan. The company recently disclosed that it has been his paying legal fees relating to BCSC claims.  more...

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Telson Resources Inc. - 52-109FV1 - Certification of annual filings - CFO (E)
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[2015-07-03 17:21]

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KTN - Kootenay Silver agreement for B.C. properties
[2015-07-03 18:01]
Kootenay Silver Inc. has filed with the TSX-V its Jan. 1, 2015, agreement to acquire the Silver Fox, Spikes Vacation and Walter the Water Buffalo properties in B.C. Consideration is 300,000 shares.more...

WPQ - WPC Resources placed on BCSC issuers in default list
[2015-07-03 17:57]
WPC Resources Inc. has been placed on the BCSC issuers in default list because of its non-compliant resource estimate in its Ulu technical report, filed on June 1, 2015. The company is working on a new technical report.more...

TSG - TriStar Gold 9,366,413-share private placement
[2015-07-03 17:49]
TriStar Gold Inc. has received TSX-V approval for a private placement of 9,366,413 shares at 15 cents a share. There are seven placees, including one insider, subscribing.more...

ALP - Alabama Graphite 14,375,000-share private placement
[2015-07-03 17:45]
Alabama Graphite Corp. has received TSX-V approval for a private placement of 14,375,000 shares at 20 cents per share. There are 110 placees subscribing.more...

PDP - Pediapharm hires Direct Financial for IR services
[2015-07-03 17:39]
Pediapharm Inc. has hired Direct Financial Strategies for investor relations services. It will pay a consulting fee of $5,500 a month, and has also granted an option to buy 150,000 shares at 34 cents a share.more...

GRK - Gray Rock closes private placement for $12,500
[2015-07-03 17:38]
Gray Rock Resources Ltd. has closed its private placement for $12,500, issuing to president, CEO and director David Wolfin 500,000 units at 2.5 cents per unit. It plans to use the proceeds for existing operations and for working capital.more...

GTA - GTA Resources warrant extension
[2015-07-03 17:37]
GTA Resources and Mining Inc. has received TSX-V approval to extend the expiry date of warrants to buy 3,875,000 shares to Aug. 1, 2016.more...

RGT - Global Remote closes $125,660 private placement
[2015-07-03 17:37]
Global Remote Technologies Ltd. has closed a $125,660 private placement of 1.25 million units at 10 cents. Each unit comprises one share and one warrant. The company will use the proceeds for working capital.more...

SSE - Silver Spruce to issue three million shares for debt
[2015-07-03 17:34]
Silver Spruce Resources Inc. intends to issue three million shares at five cents to settle $150,000 of debt.more...

GRG - Golden Arrow 504,201 shares for services
[2015-07-03 17:33]
Golden Arrow Resources Corp. has filed with the TSX-V its proposal to issue 504,201 shares for services at $2.38 (U.S.).more...

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