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08:53:08 EDT Thu 03 Sep 2015
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C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Sept. 2, 2015
[2015-09-02 21:07]
David Mitchell's Whiteknight Acquisitions III plans to acquire Dr. Joseph Gabriele's pain relief cream company, Delivra Inc. Two real estate investors, Philip Langridge and Brad Wise, have agreed to acquire cheap shares of Jeffrey Witherell's shell, Plymouth Realty.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Sept. 2, 2015
[2015-09-02 21:05]
Theia Resources has begun drilling at 2 X Fred in central British Columbia. Goldsource Mines construction in Guyana is going well. Rockhaven Resources has wrapped up drilling at Klaza in Yukon.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamonds & Specialty Minerals Summary for Sept. 2, 2015
[2015-09-02 20:59]
Shore Gold has its diamond counts from a spring drill program. Lithium Americas and Western Lithium USA got near unanimous support for their planned merger. Commerce Resources has more assays from its big Ashram deposit. Vanadiumcorp Resource plans a Lac Dore site tour.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Sept. 2, 2015
[2015-09-02 20:35]
Parex Resources' joint venturer GeoPark trumpets two new oil discoveries at their shared block in Colombia. Manitok Energy faces production setbacks and seeks "recapitalization opportunities." Twin Butte Energy enjoys more insider buying.  more...

C:*SEC - SEC fines, bans Ontario man for OTC-BB manipulations
[2015-09-02 12:27]
The SEC has won a seven-year penny stock ban and $1.3-million (U.S.) in penalties against Ontario's George Tazbaz. The regulator claimed he was part of a $10.6-million (U.S.) scheme to manipulate two Chinese OTC-BB companies.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Sept. 1, 2015
[2015-09-01 21:07]
Harry Dobson and Brian Hinchcliffe's Northern Aspect will launch Guy and Hugh Halford-Thompson's Blockchain Tech as its QT. Roy Sebag and Josh Crumb's Goldmoney Inc., formerly Bitgold Inc., lost $2.84-million in its quarter ended June 30.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamonds & Specialty Minerals Summary for Sept. 1, 2015
[2015-09-01 21:07]
Kennady Diamonds drills more encouragement at Kelvin. Scandium International Mining has raised more cash for Nyngan. American Vanadium needs cash for filing fees at Gibellini. Bacanora Minerals has another lithium hit at Sonora.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Sept. 1, 2015
[2015-09-01 20:41]
Penn West Petroleum takes its dividend off life support. Pengrowth Energy lowers its dividend for the second time this year. MEG Energy hires advisers to help sell its 50-per-cent-owned Access pipeline, and Pacific Exploration gains a new block in Peru.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Sept. 1, 2015
[2015-09-01 20:39]
Integra Gold has new high-grade assays at Triangle. Mawson Resources also has assays, which it hopes will lead to a resource estimate at Palokas. First Mining Finance plans to acquire two companies with gold plays in Northwestern Ontario.  more...

C:*SEC - SEC target Kueber surrenders in U.S., released on bond
[2015-09-01 11:29]
SEC target Phil Kueber has appeared before a New York judge on charges stemming from the manipulation of Cynk Technology Corp. The judge released him on a $150,000 (U.S.) appearance bond.  more...

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Stockwatch Canadian Headlines  * 
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RAK - Rackla to roll back shares one for five, raise $250,000
[2015-09-03 08:52]
Rackla Metals Inc. will roll back its shares on a one-for-five basis. The company will raise $250,000 in a private placement consisting of five million postconsolidation units at five cents each.more...

PHY - Sprott urges GTU, SBT holders to tender units
[2015-09-03 08:51]
Sprott Physical Gold Trust and Sprott Physical Silver Trust are urging Central GoldTrust and Silver Bullion unitholders to tender their units. They point out that Central and Silver have traded at a discount to their NAV over the past two years.more...

ZUE - Globe says BMO hedged, other ETFs feel loonie effects
[2015-09-03 08:46]

SIM - Siyata's Voyager receives PTCRB certification
[2015-09-03 08:41]
Siyata Mobile Inc.'s Voyager device has received PTCRB certification.more...

RRI - Riverside identifies five drill target zones at Glor
[2015-09-03 08:40]
Riverside Resources Inc. fieldwork, including mapping, surveying and sampling, has identified five drill target zones at the Glor project, Mexico. The company will further analyze surveying data to find other targets.more...

AHR - Amarc Resources options IKE to Thompson Creek
[2015-09-03 08:40]
Amarc Resources Ltd. is optioning the IKE project to Thompson Creek Metals, which can earn a 30-per-cent interest. To earn the interest, Thompson Creek must spend $15-million on the property before year-end 2019.more...

*TSE - Globe says TSX's pref share index in bear territory
[2015-09-03 08:36]

OML - Omni-Lite receives over $790,900 (U.S.) in new orders
[2015-09-03 08:36]
Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc. has received new contracts worth over $790,900 (U.S.). Of these orders, about 52 per cent are in the aerospace division, 40 per cent are in specialty automotive, and 8 per cent are in sports and recreation.more...

NU - NeutriSci's NeuEnergy to be sold by Rite-Aid
[2015-09-03 08:33]
NeutriSci International Inc.'s NeuEnergy will be sold by Rite-Aid under a national distribution agreement.more...

POW - Globe says Power Corp., others worth a look
[2015-09-03 08:29]

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