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17:04:37 EDT Fri 04 Sep 2015
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C:*SEC - SEC target Carrillo consents to permanent ban
[2015-09-04 11:54]
SEC target Luis Carrillo has consented to a permanent penny stock ban and restraining order for his role in a B.C. boiler room scheme. The SEC claimed he was a central participant, helping others realize $11-million (U.S.) in gains.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamonds & Specialty Minerals Summary for Sept. 3, 2015
[2015-09-03 21:06]
Dunnedin Ventures wants to raise $1.1-million, most of it to explore Kahuna. GGL Resource is still trying to raise cash. Canada Rare Earth wants to take over an affiliated company. Nevada Sunrise Gold wants to find lithium.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Sept. 3, 2015
[2015-09-03 21:01]
Corvus Gold has raised $2-million from its growing "family" to poke further at Bullfrog. Sirios Resources has begun work at Cheechoo, a gold play in Northern Quebec. Temex Resources is touting support for its planned merger with Lake Shore Gold.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Sept. 3, 2015
[2015-09-03 20:46]
David Stadnyk's NEX shell, Viper Gold, plans to acquire QuikFlo Technologies for 30 million shares. David Brett's Inovent Capital settles its dispute with former QT target, Canada Jetlines.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Sept. 3, 2015
[2015-09-03 20:44]
Canadian Oil Sands lowers investors' expectations for this year's production. Canacol Energy rises thanks to a nearly $80-million investment from a new shareholder. Pacific Exploration reportedly risks losing operatorship of its new block in Peru.  more...

C:DIV - Diversified ex Bennett asks to exit U.S., judge says no
[2015-09-03 12:20]
Diversified Royalty Corp.'s former chairman, John Bennett, has lost an attempt to return to Canada. He had sought to receive medical care in his home country, but the New Jersey judge overseeing his bribery case has refused.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Sept. 2, 2015
[2015-09-02 21:07]
David Mitchell's Whiteknight Acquisitions III plans to acquire Dr. Joseph Gabriele's pain relief cream company, Delivra Inc. Two real estate investors, Philip Langridge and Brad Wise, have agreed to acquire cheap shares of Jeffrey Witherell's shell, Plymouth Realty.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Sept. 2, 2015
[2015-09-02 21:05]
Theia Resources has begun drilling at 2 X Fred in central British Columbia. Goldsource Mines construction in Guyana is going well. Rockhaven Resources has wrapped up drilling at Klaza in Yukon.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamonds & Specialty Minerals Summary for Sept. 2, 2015
[2015-09-02 20:59]
Shore Gold has its diamond counts from a spring drill program. Lithium Americas and Western Lithium USA got near unanimous support for their planned merger. Commerce Resources has more assays from its big Ashram deposit. Vanadiumcorp Resource plans a Lac Dore site tour.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Sept. 2, 2015
[2015-09-02 20:35]
Parex Resources' joint venturer GeoPark trumpets two new oil discoveries at their shared block in Colombia. Manitok Energy faces production setbacks and seeks "recapitalization opportunities." Twin Butte Energy enjoys more insider buying.  more...

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TSQ - Tosca obtains final OK for change of business, name
[2015-09-04 16:59]
Tosca Resources Corp. has obtained final approval to change its business to mobile applications from mineral exploration. It has also received approval to change its name to Hatch Interactive.more...

KNA - Kenna Resources arranges $690,000 private placement
[2015-09-04 16:58]
Kenna Resources Corp. has arranged a $690,000 private placement of six million units at 11.5 cents each. Each unit will consist of one share and one-half warrant, with each full warrant exercisable at 25 cents for two years.more...

EMA - Emera to acquire Teco Energy for $10.4-billion (U.S.)
[2015-09-04 16:53]
Emera Inc. has agreed to acquire Teco Energy Inc. for $10.4-billion (U.S.). Teco Energy shareholders will receive $27.55 (U.S.) in cash for each Teco share held. Upon closing, Emera will have $20-billion (U.S.) of assets.more...

GSA - Groundstar management nullifies Oct. 8 meeting
[2015-09-04 16:50]
Groundstar Resources Ltd.'s management has nullified the Oct. 8 special shareholders meeting. It says a shareholder called the meeting and filed the notice for the meeting without management's blessing.more...

CHX - ChroMedX completes HemoPalm prototype cartridge
[2015-09-04 16:45]
ChroMedX Corp. has completed the fabrication of its HemoPalm prototype cartridge. McMaster University has begun development of co-oximetry calibration algorithms.more...

VEG - Captiva closes $346,250 first tranche of financing
[2015-09-04 16:44]
Captiva Verde Industries Ltd. has closed a $346,250 first tranche of financing consisting of 1.31 million units at 26.25 cents each. The company will use proceeds for its organic farming plan and administrative expenses.more...

SY - Symbility Solutions director Reisz resigns
[2015-09-04 16:44]
Symbility Solutions Inc. is appointing Angela Grinstead as a director to replace Tony Reisz, who has resigned. Ms. Grinstead is the VP, associate general counsel and assistant secretary of CoreLogic.more...

EMA - Emera halted at 1:40 p.m. PT
[2015-09-04 16:42]
Emera Inc. has been halted at 1:40 p.m. PT on Sept. 4, 2015, pending news.more...

GXM - Geodex Minerals files delayed fiscal 2015 results
[2015-09-04 16:40]
Geodex Minerals Ltd. has filed its financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015. It expects to file its first-quarter 2016 results by Sept. 11, 2015.more...

DHR - Discovery Harbour holders may elect to extend warrants
[2015-09-04 16:38]
Discovery Harbour Resources Corp. is seeking to extend 12.21 million warrants to Dec. 31, 2016, from Sept. 10, 2015. Warrantholders may elect to extend their warrants by paying one cent per warrant, with the exercise price remaining 20 cents per share.more...

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