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C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Feb. 8, 2016
[2016-02-08 21:00]
Ray Strafehl's capital pool shell, Redline Resources, is acquiring Thunder Bay Ni-Cu property owner Tyko Resources for its QT. Lawyer Harley Sinclair's shell-packaging record now stands at zero successes, two failures.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Feb. 8, 2016
[2016-02-08 20:59]
Cypress Development is chasing Nevada lithium. Elcora Advanced Minerals is touting graphene and specialty graphite uses for its Ragedara graphite mine in Sri Lanka. Wealth Minerals sees potential riches in Chilean lithium. CKR Carbon seeks a new Aukam licence.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Feb. 8, 2016
[2016-02-08 19:49]
Suncor Energy declares takeover victory at Canadian Oil Sands and wastes no time making its mark. Serinus Energy exits Ukraine to focus on Tunisian oil and Romanian gas. Tethys Petroleum teeters on the brink of losing yet another financial lifeline.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Feb. 8, 2016
[2016-02-08 16:13]
Tahoe Resources plans to acquire Lake Shore Gold. Angel Gold has found high-grade gold and silver is chip samples at Porvenir in Colombia. Rosita Mining has expanded its gold, silver and copper resource in stockpiles and tailings at Santa Rita in Nicaragua.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Feb. 5, 2016
[2016-02-05 21:02]
Proxima Diamonds, the takeover target of Adent Capital, plans winter work at Lac de Gras. Energizer Resources has raised cash for its Molo graphite promotion. Zadar Ventures wants to hunt lithium. So does Macarthur Minerals.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Feb. 5, 2016
[2016-02-05 20:23]
Tanzanian Royalty Exploration declares force majeure at Buckreef in Tanzania. Continental Gold receives more high-grade assays from Buritica. Barkerville Gold Mines closes its financial transactions with Osisko Gold Royalties.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Feb. 5, 2016
[2016-02-05 20:12]
Praveen Varshney's capital pool shell, Genview Capital, has received conditional TSX-V approval to acquire Hempco Canada for its QT. Before the QT can close, Hempco Canada CEO Charles Holmes must clear something up with the securities division of the FCAA of Saskatchewan.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Feb. 5, 2016
[2016-02-05 19:49]
B.C.'s burgeoning LNG export industry is dealt another blow. Crescent Point will cut its dividend in half or more, predicts an analyst. Fitch Ratings predicts that a debt default at the once-mighty Pacific Exploration is "likely imminent."  more...

C:GWQ - GWR loses fight over fee from $1.8-million financing
[2016-02-05 10:15]
GWR Resources Inc. must pay a $55,000 finder's fee to Ronnie Birch for a $1.8-million financing, a judge has ruled. The fee is payable despite the fact that Mr. Birch was an investor relations employee.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Feb. 4, 2016
[2016-02-04 21:04]
Honey Badger Exploration has hired an optimistic new consultant to help with its LG diamond project. Alto Ventures has bought more time at GEFA. Vanadiumcorp Resource plans to add vanadium electrolyte to its Lac Dore dream sheet.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Feb. 4, 2016
[2016-02-04 20:41]
Lake Shore Gold has drilled high-grade gold at Whitney, near Timmins. Viscount Mining has found encouraging amounts of silver at Cherry Creek in Nevada. Visible Gold Mines is drilling again at its 167 project in Northern Quebec.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Feb. 4, 2016
[2016-02-04 20:27]
Salim Ansari's capital pool shell, Nurcapital Corporation, has completed a $441,700 IPO at 20 cents and listed on the TSX-V. Douglas Porter's shell, North Sur Resources, has received conditional TSX-V approval to acquire ICT Holdco, the developer of Greeniosk cash machines.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Feb. 4, 2016
[2016-02-04 20:17]
MEG Energy cuts its budget but leaves production, and brushes off takeover rumours. Bellatrix Exploration's major shareholder, the hedge fund Orange Capital, is shutting down amid weak performance. Raging River dreams up a 10-year "vision" for success.  more...

U:BKMP - Blackout Media-linked Kershner complains about lawyer
[2016-02-04 10:21]
Blackout Media Corp.'s former president, Sandy Winick, is seeing another of his co-accused complain about his conviction in a $95-million (U.S.) manipulation. Gary Kershner claims his court-appointed lawyer was ineffective.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Feb. 3, 2016
[2016-02-03 21:03]
Dominion Diamond has a recommended environmental approval for its Jay project. Stans Energy is still suing the Kyrgyzstanis. Nemaska Lithium is set to build a small lithium hydroxide plant. Ashburton Ventures has another Nevada lithium play.  more...

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CPH - Cipher to provide year-end results Feb. 24
[2016-02-09 08:47]
Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc. will provide its year-end financial results on Feb. 24, 2016. The company will hold a call that same day at 8:30 a.m. ET to discuss the results.more...

NAR - North Arrow begins winter drilling at Pikoo
[2016-02-09 08:43]
North Arrow Minerals Inc. has begun its 2016 winter exploration program at the Pikoo project in Saskatchewan. The company plans to drill 2,500 metres to fully delineate diamond-bearing kimberlite discoveries in 2013 and 2015.more...

AJX - AgJunction appoints Monk as VP, global marketing
[2016-02-09 08:43]
AgJunction Inc. has appointed Kevin Monk as VP of global marketing. Mr. Monk was most recently a senior consultant with the Context Network.more...

NA - FP says National Bank to take $165M Maple Financial hit
[2016-02-09 08:40]

VQS - VIQ appoints Tilling as EMEA regional sales director
[2016-02-09 08:40]
VIQ Solutions Inc. has appointed David Tilling as regional sales director of EMEA. Mr. Tilling is the former export director for VIQ distributor Digital Voice Processing of South Africa.more...

CPM - Crystal Peak names Pekeski as VP, project development
[2016-02-09 08:40]
Crystal Peak Minerals Inc. has appointed Dean Pekeski as VP of project development. Mr. Pekeski will be responsible for managing development of the company's premium specialty fertilizer project on the Sevier playa in Utah.more...

BIP - Globe says Brookfield Infra fights for Australian asset
[2016-02-09 08:39]

IMA - I-Minerals' halloysite to be tested in wound treatment
[2016-02-09 08:38]
I-Minerals Inc.'s UltraHallopure halloysite will be tested in a new wound treatment material at the Institute of Diabetes Karlsburg in Germany.more...

EL - Engagement Labs hires Liolios for IR services
[2016-02-09 08:36]
Engagement Labs Inc. has hired Liolios for invest relations and financial communications services. Engagement will pay Liolios $3,000 (U.S.) per month and issue 330,000 restricted share uints.more...

TNX - Tanzanian Royalty's Kahama quits as chairman
[2016-02-09 08:34]
Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp.'s Joseph Kahama has quit as chairman of the board.more...

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