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20:05:21 EDT Tue 07 Jul 2015
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C:*CURRENT - Out-of-jail Martin Chambers sues former spouse
[2015-07-07 12:10]
Vancouver lawyer Martin Chambers has filed a lawsuit against his former common law spouse, Qing Zhang. He claims that she cut him off from his money in 2009 while he was in jail and withdrew $3.19-million from corporate bank accounts.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamonds & Specialty Minerals Summary for July 6, 2015
[2015-07-06 21:05]
Athabasca Nuclear wants to raise cash, some of it for Pikoo Diamonds. Strike Diamond raised a modest sum for its own Pikoo play. Orbite Aluminae touts its high-purity alumina. Great Western Minerals has lost its management but gained some time.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for July 6, 2015
[2015-07-06 20:55]
Abitibi Royalties makes its second royalty deal. Canarc Resources buys a Mexican gold property. Marlin Gold makes management changes, and AM Gold sells its gold property in Peru.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for July 6, 2015
[2015-07-06 20:54]
Richard Munson's Sandspring Resources will acquire Frank Giustra's cash-rich shell, PNO Resources. Scott Hayduk's Tilting Capital will launch ArcScan Inc., a medical device company.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for July 6, 2015
[2015-07-06 20:34]
Oil prices suffer through their worst day in months. Bankers Petroleum investors anxiously await next week's update. Northern Blizzard finishes a quiet second quarter, and Kicking Horse hikes up its budget but barely touches its production guidance.  more...

C:*SEC - SEC seeks to fine ex-Spanish judge for Potash trades
[2015-07-06 12:20]
The SEC has asked a New York judge to impose a $130,698 (U.S.) insider trading penalty on Julio Marin Ugedo, a former Spanish judge. The regulator claims that Mr. Marin bought shares in Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan ahead of a takeover bid.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamonds & Specialty Minerals Summary for July 3, 2015
[2015-07-03 21:03]
Arctic Star Exploration has raised some cash in a first tranche. It needs more. Eurotin has promotable assays from its Oropesa project. Niocorp Developments has turned to its CEO for cash. Alabama Graphite has raised cash for Coosa and Bama.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for July 3, 2015
[2015-07-03 21:02]
Ron Schmeichel's capital pool shell, Mira VI Acquisition, will soon close its acquisition of Perk.com Inc., an app-maker operating in the rewards business. Perk.com recently sold a $25-million private placement.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for July 3, 2015
[2015-07-03 20:55]
McEwen Mining needs to boost its stock back up over $1 (U.S.) to stay on the NYSE. Ecuador Gold hires Heye Daun as chief executive officer. Pelangio Exploration tries to raise $1.1-million, and Rochester Resources struggles to increase production in Mexico.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for July 3, 2015
[2015-07-03 20:34]
Days after buying Legacy Oil, Crescent Point agrees to buy Coral Hill, at quite a bargain. Pacific Rubiales postpones its shareholder meeting on an unpopular takeover offer. Canadian Oil Sands enjoys its highest monthly production since October.  more...

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Performance Sports Group Ltd. (formerly, Bauer Performance Sports Ltd.) - News release - English
[2015-07-07 19:56]

Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation - Notice of the meeting and record date - English
[2015-07-07 19:38]

Tesla Exploration Ltd. (formerly Norex Exploration Services Inc.) - News release - English
[2015-07-07 19:37]

GRAY ROCK RESOURCES LTD. - Early warning report
[2015-07-07 19:35]

ZaZa Energy Corporation - News release - English
[2015-07-07 19:34]

ZaZa Energy Corporation - Report of voting results
[2015-07-07 19:32]

Western Potash Corp. - Material change report - English
[2015-07-07 19:25]

Naked Brand Group Inc. - Other securityholders documents - English
[2015-07-07 19:24]

GRAY ROCK RESOURCES LTD. - News release - English
[2015-07-07 19:21]

Western Potash Corp. - Material change report - English
[2015-07-07 19:20]

SouthGobi Resources Ltd. - Form of proxy - English
[2015-07-07 19:11]

SouthGobi Resources Ltd. - Notice of meeting - English
[2015-07-07 19:11]

SouthGobi Resources Ltd. - Other
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SouthGobi Resources Ltd. - Other
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SouthGobi Resources Ltd. - Other
[2015-07-07 19:10]

SouthGobi Resources Ltd. - Other
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SouthGobi Resources Ltd. - Other
[2015-07-07 19:10]

SouthGobi Resources Ltd. - Management information circular - English
[2015-07-07 19:09]

Murchison Minerals Ltd. - News release - English
[2015-07-07 19:09]

Naked Brand Group Inc. - Material change report - English
[2015-07-07 19:06]

Naked Brand Group Inc. - Material document(s)
[2015-07-07 19:06]

Protokinetix, Inc. - Material change report - English
[2015-07-07 18:56]

Columbus Gold Corp. - Certificate of qualified person (NI 43-101) - English
[2015-07-07 18:55]

Columbus Gold Corp. - Certificate of qualified person (NI 43-101) - English
[2015-07-07 18:55]

Columbus Gold Corp. - Certificate of qualified person (NI 43-101) - English
[2015-07-07 18:55]

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PSG - Performance expects fiscal 2015 revenue of $675M (U.S.)
[2015-07-07 19:50]
Performance Sports Group Ltd. has released preliminary results for the year ended May 31, 2015, estimating revenue of $675-million (U.S.), a 51-per-cent rise over fiscal 2014. It expects adjusted net income of $61.5-million (U.S.), a 65-per-cent rise.more...

TXL - Tesla Exploration working on credit facility renewal
[2015-07-07 19:35]
Tesla Exploration Ltd. is negotiating the annual extension of its credit facility with its bank lender. The company has also received a preliminary proposal from another party for a loan.more...

GRK - Gray Rock investor acquires 500,000 company units
[2015-07-07 19:34]
Gray Rock Resources Ltd. investor Intermark Capital Corp. (David Wolfin) has acquired 500,000 units at 2.5 cents per unit through a private placement. Mr. Wolfin now holds 2.37 million shares, representing 18.9 per cent of Gray Rock.more...

TCM - Thompson Creek receives NYSE continued listing notice
[2015-07-07 19:19]
Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc. has received notice that its share price has fallen below the NYSE's continued listing standard of $1 per share for 30 trading days. The company has six months to regain compliance.more...

AMF - Amorfix investor acquires 12.27 million company shares
[2015-07-07 19:18]
Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd. investor Michael Bigger has acquired 12.27 million company shares. Mr. Bigger how holds 12.27 million shares, directly or indirectly, representing 10.3 per cent of the company, partially diluted.more...

LAD - New Carolin Gold 647,002 shares for debt
[2015-07-07 18:35]
New Carolin Gold Corp. has received TSX-V approval to issue 647,002 shares to settle $35,585 in debts.more...

MJX - Majescor Resources moved to Tier 2
[2015-07-07 18:29]
Majescor Resources Inc. has been moved to Tier 2, from Tier 1, effective on July 8, 2015.more...

VLE - Valeura's Banarli licence converted into two licences
[2015-07-07 18:24]
Valeura Energy Inc. has received approval from the General Directorate of Petroleum Affairs of Turkey to convert its Banarli exploration licence 5104 into two exploration licences. The two new licences represent a 13-per-cent increase in area.more...

KEK - Keek 5,415,000 bonus shares
[2015-07-07 18:23]
Keek Inc. has filed with the TSX-V its agreement to issue $5,415,000 of non-convertible notes. The company issued 5,415,000 preconsolidation bonus shares to the lenders.more...

IOU - IOU Financial 7,795,000-share private placement
[2015-07-07 18:19]
IOU Financial Inc. has received TSX-V approval for a private placement of 7,795,000 shares at 40 cents. Twenty placees are subscribing.more...

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