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Signing up for a Stockwatch Trial Subscription consists of the following steps:

1. Select your status as a professional or non-professional user (see below) and your country of residence.

2. Choose your Login ID and enter your email address. No other information or credit card is required.

3. Your password will be sent to your email address, and then you can login to Stockwatch and sample the subscriber features. Your Trial Subscription is good for one month. While realtime data options are not available with the Trial Subscription, you can use our streaming realtime features including the Stockwatch Desktop, Daytrader Workstation, Ticker, and Java Charting with a delayed data feed.

4. After you have obtained your Trial Subscription, you can advance to a paying subscription and sign up for realtime data options. If your Trial Subscription expires you will no longer be able to use the subscriber features, but you can still login and sign up for a paying subscription at any time.

Please ensure that your email address is entered correctly! This is the only way you will be able to receive your new password. If you do not receive your email within moments of subscribing, it is most likely that you have entered your email address incorrectly! If you do not log in within 24 hours, your new trial subscription will be deleted, and you will have to sign up again.

Please note that we will not sell or otherwise distribute your personal information to any other organization. Click the "Privacy Policy" link at the bottom of the page for more information.
You will receive email from us regarding your portfolio stocks, news, and Stockwatch Articles. You can unsubscribe from any of these emails.

Professional or Non-Professional Status

The definition of a professional or non-professional user is more precisely described in the online exchange contracts, but in general you are a professional user if you:

- are registered or qualified with any securities agency, or

- are an investment advisor, or

- work for a bank or other financial organization and you require market data as part of your duties.

You will be required to read and agree to the exchange agreements at the time you first sign up to receive real-time market data.

If you are a professional user, some exchanges will bill you directly for their royalty fees.

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