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Stampede Drilling Inc. (formerly known as MATRRIX Energy Technologies Inc.) - News release - English
[2022-10-05 23:00]

Maxim Power Corp. - News release - English
[2022-10-05 22:51]

Idaho Champion Gold Mines Canada Inc. - Press release - English
[2022-10-05 22:50]

Idaho Champion Gold Mines Canada Inc. - Early warning report
[2022-10-05 22:50]

Idaho Champion Gold Mines Canada Inc. - News release - English
[2022-10-05 22:10]

RYU Apparel Inc. - News release - English
[2022-10-05 22:06]

Spey Resources Corp. - News release - English
[2022-10-05 22:02]

Leocor Gold Inc. - Report of exempt distribution excluding Schedule 1 of 45-106F1
[2022-10-05 21:56]

Carbon Streaming Corporation - Other
[2022-10-05 20:53]

Carbon Streaming Corporation - Notice of meeting - English
[2022-10-05 20:53]

Carbon Streaming Corporation - Management information circular - English
[2022-10-05 20:52]

Carbon Streaming Corporation - Form of proxy - English
[2022-10-05 20:52]

Deveron Corp. - News release - English
[2022-10-05 20:36]

Gold Terra Resource Corp. - News release - English
[2022-10-05 20:29]

Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc. - News release - English
[2022-10-05 20:26]

LXRandCo, Inc. (formerly Gibraltar Growth Corporation) - Press release - English
[2022-10-05 20:25]

LXRandCo, Inc. (formerly Gibraltar Growth Corporation) - Early warning report
[2022-10-05 20:24]

HempNova Lifetech Corporation - AB Form 13-501F2 (Class 2 Reporting Issuers - Participation Fee)
[2022-10-05 20:23]

Perimeter Medical Imaging AI, Inc. - Early warning report
[2022-10-05 20:18]

Pampa Metals Corporation - News release - English
[2022-10-05 20:15]

Blackrock Silver Corp. - News release - English
[2022-10-05 20:09]

Newrange Gold Corp. - Notice of the meeting and record date - English
[2022-10-05 20:05]

HempNova Lifetech Corporation - 52-109FV1 - Certification of annual filings - CFO (E)
[2022-10-05 20:00]

HempNova Lifetech Corporation - 52-109FV1 - Certification of annual filings - CEO (E)
[2022-10-05 20:00]

HempNova Lifetech Corporation - MD&A - English
[2022-10-05 19:55]

Stockwatch Street Wires

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Oct. 5, 2022
[2022-10-05 20:55]
OPEC+ agrees to its largest production cut since the start of the pandemic. Peyto Exploration's Darren Gee plans to retire as CEO at year-end. Suncor Energy boosts its bond buyback, while Canadian Spirit revives long-dormant wells in the Montney.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Oct. 5, 2022
[2022-10-05 20:44]
Manganese X Energy is pressing ahead with piloting plans at Battery Hill in N.B. Canada Silver Cobalt Works is spinning off its Graal project in Quebec as Coniagas Battery Metals. Vanadiumcorp Resource is cheering its metallurgical plans for Lac Dore in Quebec.  more...

C:*BCSC - BCSC cites Liem for false passport, hidden holdings
[2022-10-05 20:35]
The BCSC has filed a case against Vancouver's Erwin Liem, claiming that he used false identities to hold shares of a NEO listing. At one point he secretly controlled up to 24.3 per cent of the company, the BCSC says.  more...

C:*MKTPOT - Cannabis Summary for Oct. 5, 2022
[2022-10-05 20:11]
Curaleaf Holdings closes its takeover of Tryke, for far less than originally negotiated. Brendan Kennedy, founder and former CEO of Tilray, plans to leave its board. IM Cannabis raises money from insiders and pitches a rollback to shareholders.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Oct. 5, 2022
[2022-10-05 19:15]
Victoria Gold took a hit on bad news from its Eagle mine in Yukon. Aura Minerals has a feasibility study of its Matupa project in Brazil. I-80 Gold has a high-grade gold hit in the Ruby Deeps area of its Ruby Hill project in Nevada.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Oct. 4, 2022
[2022-10-04 20:57]
Oil prices march higher ahead of a widely watched OPEC meeting tomorrow. Vermilion Energy boosts its shareholdings of Coelacanth Energy. Africa Energy and Eco Oil spud a long-awaited well in South Africa, while Sintana Energy welcomes Chevron in Namibia.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Oct. 4, 2022
[2022-10-04 20:53]
Arctic Star Exploration is cheering geochemical encouragement for Arbutus while it waits for diamond counts from Sequoia. Namibia Critical Metals applauds a new dream sheet for the Lofdal rare earth project in Namibia. Azimut Exploration has new nickel assays from Wapatik.  more...

U:*SEC - SEC, OSC move against $45M (U.S.) crypto scheme
[2022-10-04 20:41]
The SEC and OSC have filed cases against a $45-million (U.S.) cryptocurrency pump-and-dump run from Ontario. A group claimed to have a token, called DIG, which was backed by $10-billion (U.S.) in gold.  more...

C:*MKTPOT - Cannabis Summary for Oct. 4, 2022
[2022-10-04 20:23]
Cannabis reform advocates continue the countdown to the U.S. midterms, now five weeks away. Slang Worldwide appoints a new CEO and a new chairman. Jushi Holdings expands its board of directors, while Akanda receives a Nasdaq non-compliance warning.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Oct. 4, 2022
[2022-10-04 19:33]
Centerra Gold has a new mine plan for Mount Milligan, and it likes it enough to by back some stock. Tudor Gold is pleased with some long drill hits at Treaty Creek. Mawson Gold is enthused with new assays from Sunday Creek in Australia.  more...

U:*SEC - SEC charges Vancouver's Stephens over OTC scheme
[2022-10-03 20:46]
The SEC has charged Vancouver's David Stephens and others over a $4.7-million (U.S.) scheme with an supposed plastic chemicals listing. The group unloaded shares while having an elderly investor buy millions of dollars worth of stock, the SEC says.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Oct. 3, 2022
[2022-10-03 19:59]
OPEC reportedly mulls its largest production cut in more than two years. Enbridge CEO Al Monaco is retiring after 10 years on the job. TransGlobe Energy looks to boost support for its Vaalco deal, and Canacol Energy and others keep busy in South America.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Oct. 3, 2022
[2022-10-03 19:02]
Archon Minerals still hopes for big Buffer royalties. Recharge Resources has a deal to sell -- tentatively of course -- product from its Pocitos 1 project. Osino Resources has granted an option on its Omaruru lithium project in Namibia to Australia-based Prospect Resources.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Oct. 3, 2022
[2022-10-03 18:41]
Endeavour Mining says not to worry about the coup in Burkina Faso. Minera Alamos has a preliminary economic assessment of its Cerro de Oro project in Mexico. Gatos Silver says the news is not as bad as feared for its resource and reserves at Cerro Los Gatos in Mexico.  more...

U:*SEC - SEC charges Dhillon over U.S. pharma company touting
[2022-09-30 20:39]
The SEC has filed new charges against Avtar Dhillon, citing him for the improper promotion of a supposed pharmaceutical company. Tout sheets lauded the company as one that was "Curing Incurable Diseases" and as being "The Next Asprin."  more...

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SDI - Stampede grants options to buy 6.72 million shares
[2022-10-05 23:17]
Stampede Drilling Inc. has granted options to buy 6.72 million shares to directors and officers. The options are exercisable at 32 cents per share for five years. more...

MXG - Maxim finds fire damage in M2 air inlet filter house
[2022-10-05 23:14]
Maxim Power Corp. has found the damage from the Sept. 30, 2022, fire at the Milner 2 facility contained to the air inlet filter house. The company does not expect electricity from the site for the rest of the year. more...

FIL - Filo drills 1,131.6 m of 1.11% CuEq at Filo del Sol
[2022-10-05 23:05]
Filo Mining Corp. has drilled 1,131.6 metres of 1.11 per cent copper equivalent at the Filo del Sol project in Argentina. more...

RYU - RYU to extend 96.26 million warrants by three years
[2022-10-05 23:00]
RYU Apparel Inc. is applying to the TSX-V to extend the expiry of 96.26 million warrants by three years to Oct. 29, 2025. The exercise price of the warrants remains 5.5 cents per share. more...

SPEY - Spey issues 2.15 million units for debt of $377,772
[2022-10-05 22:56]
Spey Resources Corp. has issued 2.15 million units to settle a debt of $377,772 owed to three arm's-length creditors and CFO Abbey Abdiye. Each unit consists of one share and one-half warrant, a whole warrant exercisable at 35 cents a share for 24 months. more...

TSF - Tracesafe arranges $650,000 private placement
[2022-10-05 22:52]
Tracesafe Inc. has arranged a $650,000 private placement of 6.5 million units at 10 cents per unit. Each unit will consist of one share and one warrant exercisable at 25 cents per share for 24 months. more...

ZAIR - Zinc8 grants 6.6 million RSUs; director Hodgson resigns
[2022-10-05 20:18]
Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc. has granted 6.6 million restricted share units to key executive and non-executive employees. Also, director Tom Hodgson has resigned. more...

PM - Pampa Metals arranges $600,000 private placement
[2022-10-05 20:16]
Pampa Metals Corp. has arranged a private placement of 4.44 million units at 13.5 cents for $600,000. The company has appointed Joseph van den Elsen as a director. more...

BRC - Blackrock Silver director Seaberg resigns
[2022-10-05 20:07]
Blackrock Silver Corp.'s John Seaberg has resigned from the board, effective immediately. more...

RLYG - Riley Gold 7,500,562 warrants extended
[2022-10-05 19:56]
Riley Gold Corp. has received TSX-V approval to extend 7,500,562 warrants from Oct. 15, 2022, to Oct. 15, 2023. more...

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