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News for C:KLD from 2023-06-15 to 2024-06-14 - 38 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther CAUS
2024-05-28 17:12C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.91News ReleaseKenorland closes $9.86-million private placement
2024-05-27 16:09C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.82SEDAR Interim MD & ASEDAR Interim MD & A
2024-05-27 16:08C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.82SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2024-05-21 09:18C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.75News ReleaseKenorland Minerals to issue 9.9% of shares to Centerra
2024-04-17 13:33C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.80News ReleaseKenorland talks exploration plans for 2024
2024-04-09 13:46C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.775News ReleaseKenorland Minerals completes 2024 drilling at Frotet
2024-04-03 12:35C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.77News ReleaseKenorland may buy back up to 3.21 M shares under NCIB
2024-03-28 12:50C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.75News ReleaseKenorland Minerals optionee cancels Tanacross option
2024-03-26 12:49C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.735News ReleaseKenorland receives $300,000 grant for South Thompson
2024-03-21 00:35C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.74Private PlacementKenorland Minerals 24,075-share private placement
2024-03-19 11:43C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.74News ReleaseKenorland receives $200,000 OJEP grant for South Uchi
2024-03-15 16:32C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.72SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2024-03-15 16:07C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.73SEDAR Audited Annual Financial StatementsSEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements
2024-03-08 10:04C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.79News ReleaseKenorland receives notice of exercise from Sumitomo
2024-02-28 13:57C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.72News ReleaseKenorland outlines gold-in-till anomaly at South Uchi
2024-02-26 14:45C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.70News ReleaseKenorland receives UL 2723 Ecologo certification
2024-02-22 00:17C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.71Property AgreementKenorland Minerals agreement for Goldstorm property
2024-02-22 00:15C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.71Property AgreementKenorland Minerals agreement for Stormy property
2024-02-22 00:12C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.71Private PlacementKenorland Minerals 67,409-share private placement
2024-02-20 20:54C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.74Property AgreementKenorland Minerals sale of Frotet interest
2024-02-20 13:27C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.72News ReleaseKenorland drills 19.25 m of 19.95 g/t Au at Frotet
2024-02-02 11:05C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.74News ReleaseKenorland Minerals begins drilling at O'Sullivan
2024-01-24 12:37C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.75News ReleaseKenorland begins 2024 winter drilling at Frotet
2024-01-18 13:05C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.74News ReleaseKenorland enters option deals for Stormy, Goldstorm
2024-01-16 15:04C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.60News ReleaseKenorland converts 20% Frotet interest to NSR royalty
2023-11-28 18:51C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.63Private PlacementKenorland Minerals 22,470-share private placement
2023-11-23 18:25C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.59SEDAR Interim MD & ASEDAR Interim MD & A
2023-11-23 18:18C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.59SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2023-11-15 15:13C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.64News ReleaseKenorland Minerals details 2023 project exploration
2023-09-20 09:55C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.67News ReleaseKenorland begins drilling at Frotet
2023-09-01 09:37C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.72News ReleaseKenorland receives notice of exercise from Sumitomo
2023-08-23 17:34C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.75SEDAR Interim MD & ASEDAR Interim MD & A
2023-08-23 17:27C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.75SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2023-08-21 12:04C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.75News ReleaseKenorland's Frotet met tests recover up to 93.3% Au
2023-08-15 14:09C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.73News ReleaseKenorland Minerals begins South Uchi exploration
2023-08-08 11:55C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.74News ReleaseKenorland drills 4.45 m of 11.96 g/t Au at Frotet
2023-07-21 11:09C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.72News ReleaseKenorland Minerals raises $7M from sale of Li-FT shares
2023-06-27 15:35C:KLDKenorland Minerals Ltd0.72News ReleaseKenorland drills 21.5 m of 0.40 g/t Au at Chebistuan