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News for C:GASX from 2023-07-19 to 2024-07-18 - 41 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther CAUS
2024-06-27 10:23C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.91News ReleaseNG Energy talks Sinu-9, Maria Conchita work
2024-05-30 13:46C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.80News ReleaseNG Energy talks Q1 2024 revenue, omits P&L
2024-05-30 07:12C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.80SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2024-05-30 07:12C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.80SEDAR Interim MD & ASEDAR Interim MD & A
2024-04-29 10:50C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.845News ReleaseNG Energy talks revenue, omits FY 2023 P&L from NR
2024-04-26 18:51C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.83SEDAR Annual Information FormSEDAR Annual Information Form
2024-04-26 18:44C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.83SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2024-04-26 18:06C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.83SEDAR Audited Annual Financial StatementsSEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements
2024-04-15 11:29C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.88News ReleaseNG Energy signs more long-term deals at Maria Conchita
2024-04-03 20:39C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.95MiscellaneousNG Energy 20,742,857 bonus warrants
2024-04-02 10:40C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.95News ReleaseNG Energy discusses 2024 budget, guidance
2024-03-25 12:03C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.92News ReleaseNG Energy closes $100M (U.S.) financing with Macquarie
2024-02-29 18:10C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.95Shares for DebtNG Energy two million shares for debt
2024-02-08 15:12C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.97News ReleaseNG Energy arranges $100M (U.S.) credit agreement
2024-02-08 14:54C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.90Resume TradingNG Energy International to resume at 12:15 p.m. PT
2024-02-08 14:47C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.90Halt TradingNG Energy International halted at 11:40 a.m. PT
2024-01-15 16:07C:GASXNG Energy International Corp1.00News ReleaseNG Energy shareholders approve all matters at AGSM
2023-12-27 10:35C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.84News ReleaseNG Energy pegs Sinu-9 3P reserves at 245.3 BCF
2023-12-04 10:42C:GASXNG Energy International Corp1.04News ReleaseNG Energy signs take-or-pay deal for Maria Conchita
2023-11-27 09:10C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.96News ReleaseNG Energy hires contractors for Sinu-9 construction
2023-11-22 09:19C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.93News ReleaseNG Energy begins gas production from Aruchara-3 well
2023-11-21 18:19C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.93SEDAR Interim MD & ASEDAR Interim MD & A
2023-11-21 18:16C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.93SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2023-10-24 11:37C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.90News ReleaseNG Energy averages 6.85 MMscf/d YTD at Aruchara-1
2023-09-29 23:28C:GASXNG Energy International Corp1.18News ReleaseNG Energy grants RSUs, DSUs, stock options
2023-09-29 09:21C:GASXNG Energy International Corp1.18In the NewsFP/wire say NG Energy sees big potential in Columbia
2023-09-28 09:59C:GASXNG Energy International Corp1.13News ReleaseNG Energy finalizes plan for Sinu-9 phase 1 production
2023-09-26 16:08C:GASXNG Energy International Corp1.28News ReleaseNG Energy changes auditor to PricewaterhouseCoopers
2023-09-20 09:29C:GASXNG Energy International Corp1.27News ReleaseNG Energy's Aruchara-3 well tests at 25 mmcfpd
2023-09-18 10:03C:GASXNG Energy International Corp1.11News ReleaseNG Energy's Aruchara-3 well tests at 23.5 mmcfpd
2023-09-13 18:39C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.90Private Placement - DebentureNG Energy $35-million debenture private placement
2023-09-07 10:58C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.77News ReleaseNG Energy tests up to 16.7 mmscfd at Aruchara-3
2023-09-05 10:47C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.78News ReleaseNG Energy tests up to 13 mmscfd at Aruchara-3
2023-08-28 10:22C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.68News ReleaseNG Energy completes drilling at Maria Conchita
2023-08-16 18:33C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.61SEDAR Interim MD & ASEDAR Interim MD & A
2023-08-16 18:30C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.61SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2023-08-09 20:32C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.75Property AgreementNG Energy acquisition of VMM39 block interest
2023-08-09 11:41C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.75News ReleaseNG Energy to submit drill application for Sinu-9 block
2023-08-03 12:03C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.64News ReleaseNG Energy starts drilling at Aurchara-3
2023-08-01 22:34C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.65SEDAR Early Warning ReportSEDAR Early Warning Report
2023-08-01 15:22C:GASXNG Energy International Corp0.65News ReleaseNG Energy closes financing, appoints directors