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News for C:DYA from 2017-12-14 to 2018-12-13 - 39 items
2018-12-10 16:54DYADynaCERT Inc0.175Private PlacementDynaCERT 13,817,920-share private placement
2018-12-04 11:13DYADynaCERT Inc0.20News ReleaseDynaCERT closes $2.45M final tranche of financing
2018-11-29 16:38DYADynaCERT Inc0.21SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2018-11-29 16:38DYADynaCERT Inc0.21SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2018-11-27 10:25DYADynaCERT Inc0.215News ReleaseDynaCERT applies to increase 2nd tranche size to $3.45M
2018-10-19 10:31DYADynaCERT Inc0.23News ReleaseDynaCERT talks up HydraGEN system
2018-10-01 09:25DYADynaCERT Inc0.24News ReleaseDynaCERT uses Ont. drive clean program to tout HydraGEN
2018-09-25 16:45DYADynaCERT Inc0.22News ReleaseDynaCERT closes $1-million first tranche of financing
2018-09-24 13:20DYADynaCERT Inc0.215News ReleaseDynaCERT provides update on IAA vehicle trade show
2018-09-24 12:07DYADynaCERT Inc0.215News ReleaseDynaCERT talks CO2 regulations in Europe
2018-09-21 11:09DYADynaCERT Inc0.22News ReleaseDynaCERT receives $1-million subscription for financing
2018-09-18 06:40DYADynaCERT Inc0.25News ReleaseDynaCERT arranges $3-million private placement
2018-09-17 07:23DYADynaCERT Inc0.25News ReleaseDynaCERT touts HG1-45 model installations
2018-08-28 16:40DYADynaCERT Inc0.275SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2018-08-28 16:40DYADynaCERT Inc0.275SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2018-08-16 08:50DYADynaCERT Inc0.26News ReleaseDynaCERT continues homologation certification process
2018-07-20 20:10DYADynaCERT Inc0.265News ReleaseDynaCERT director Fahri resigns
2018-07-03 19:51DYADynaCERT Inc0.245Private PlacementDynaCERT 7,472,857-share private placement
2018-06-21 10:47DYADynaCERT Inc0.28News ReleaseDynaCERT receives order for 114 HG145 units
2018-06-11 16:15DYADynaCERT Inc0.29SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2018-06-07 13:16DYADynaCERT Inc0.245News ReleaseDynaCERT does not say why trading is up
2018-05-30 18:16DYADynaCERT Inc0.35SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2018-05-30 18:16DYADynaCERT Inc0.35SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2018-05-29 10:52DYADynaCERT Inc0.385News ReleaseDynaCERT receives orders for eight HydraGen units
2018-05-11 10:19DYADynaCERT Inc0.36News ReleaseDynaCERT launches HydraGEN in Dubai
2018-05-01 07:43DYADynaCERT Inc0.415SEDAR Audited Annual Financial StatementsSEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements
2018-05-01 07:43DYADynaCERT Inc0.415SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2018-04-23 18:10DYADynaCERT Inc0.435News ReleaseDynaCERT receives Edison gold award for HydraGEN tech
2018-04-20 13:15DYADynaCERT Inc0.44News ReleaseDynaCERT closes $514,000 final tranche of financing
2018-04-10 10:28DYADynaCERT Inc0.425News ReleaseDynaCERT closes $1.4-million placement tranche
2018-03-20 17:21DYADynaCERT Inc0.39News ReleaseDynaCERT extends closing date of $3-million placement
2018-03-05 15:57DYADynaCERT Inc0.37News ReleaseDynaCERT to launch HydraGEN at TruckWorld 2018
2018-03-02 09:35DYADynaCERT Inc0.34News ReleaseDynaCERT sends salesman to pitch its wares in Europe
2018-02-27 11:48DYADynaCERT Inc0.365News ReleaseDynaCERT's HydraGEN tech tested in India
2018-02-26 16:38DYADynaCERT Inc0.365Shares for DebtDynaCERT 3,050,686 shares for debt
2018-02-22 11:27DYADynaCERT Inc0.39News ReleaseDynaCERT closes $1.21M first tranche of financing
2018-02-02 18:00DYADynaCERT Inc0.38Private Placement - DebentureDynaCERT convertible note private placement
2018-01-31 11:26DYADynaCERT Inc0.38News ReleaseDynaCERT appoints Farhi as director
2017-12-21 10:23DYADynaCERT Inc0.52News ReleaseDynaCERT receives $4.06-million in HydraGEN orders