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News for C:DYA from 2018-12-17 to 2019-12-16 - 65 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther
2019-12-09 19:13DYADynaCERT Inc0.52News ReleaseDynaCERT receives $2.42-million from warrant exercise
2019-12-02 19:02DYADynaCERT Inc0.495Private PlacementDynaCERT 28-million-share private placement
2019-11-29 18:13DYADynaCERT Inc0.50SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2019-11-29 18:03DYADynaCERT Inc0.50SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2019-11-29 15:56DYADynaCERT Inc0.475SEDAR Early Warning ReportSEDAR Early Warning Report
2019-11-29 08:37DYADynaCERT Inc0.475News ReleaseDynaCERT closes $14M offering with Sprott
2019-11-28 21:03DYADynaCERT Inc0.475News ReleaseDynaCERT closes $14-million offering with Sprott
2019-11-20 07:16DYADynaCERT Inc0.44News ReleaseDynaCERT appoints Mosolf to advisory board
2019-11-18 07:19DYADynaCERT Inc0.48News ReleaseDynaCERT applies for new carbon credit methodology
2019-11-15 16:12DYADynaCERT Inc0.48Private PlacementDynaCERT 2.7-million-share private placement
2019-11-14 06:40DYADynaCERT Inc0.475News ReleaseDynaCERT delivers 150 HydraGen units to KarbonKleen
2019-11-13 17:14DYADynaCERT Inc0.475News ReleaseDynaCERT closes $1.35-million equity offering
2019-11-13 07:30DYADynaCERT Inc0.455News ReleaseDynaCERT begins shipping 100 HydraGEN units to Europe
2019-11-12 07:31DYADynaCERT Inc0.41News ReleaseDynaCERT hires Cosario for HydraGEN user privacy
2019-11-08 13:35DYADynaCERT Inc0.465News ReleaseDynaCERT changes warrant expiry date to Dec. 9
2019-10-25 07:14DYADynaCERT Inc0.55News ReleaseDynaCERT's HydraGen approved for Cdn underground mining
2019-10-16 09:56DYADynaCERT Inc0.50News ReleaseDynaCERT, Mosolf form JV to sell HydraGEN in Europe
2019-10-16 09:46DYADynaCERT Inc0.50Resume TradingDynaCERT to resume at 7:15 a.m. PT
2019-10-15 08:51DYADynaCERT Inc0.50Halt TradingDynaCERT halted at 5:49 a.m. PT
2019-09-20 16:23DYADynaCERT Inc0.54News ReleaseDynaCERT says GBC suggestion independent from company
2019-09-20 11:26DYADynaCERT Inc0.53News ReleaseDynaCERT receives research report from GBC
2019-09-11 07:28DYADynaCERT Inc0.47News ReleaseDynaCERT HG2 reduces fuel by 13.8% in school bus trial
2019-08-29 22:15DYADynaCERT Inc0.50SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2019-08-29 22:08DYADynaCERT Inc0.50SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2019-08-26 12:02DYADynaCERT Inc0.49News ReleaseDynaCERT gets OK for hydrogen tech in EU
2019-08-26 09:20DYADynaCERT Inc0.425Resume TradingDynaCERT to resume at 9:45 a.m. ET
2019-08-23 15:02DYADynaCERT Inc0.455Halt TradingDynaCERT halted at 12 p.m. PT
2019-08-22 07:17DYADynaCERT Inc0.475News ReleaseDynaCERT granted U.S. patent re diesel engine
2019-08-21 07:12DYADynaCERT Inc0.47News ReleaseDynaCERT launches HG2 line of injection systems
2019-08-20 06:38DYADynaCERT Inc0.42News ReleaseDynaCERT receives order for 300 more HydraGEN units
2019-08-02 07:34DYADynaCERT Inc0.49News ReleaseDynaCERT dealer installs HydraGEN unit in South America
2019-07-25 06:58DYADynaCERT Inc0.48News ReleaseDynaCERT arranges subscription program with KarbonKleen
2019-07-10 06:55DYADynaCERT Inc0.43News ReleaseDynaCERT unit names product, sales support manager
2019-07-04 13:07DYADynaCERT Inc0.29News ReleaseDynaCERT launches HydraLytica telematics software
2019-07-02 09:33DYADynaCERT Inc0.25News ReleaseDynaCERT receives purchase order for 100 HydraGEN
2019-05-29 20:46DYADynaCERT Inc0.33SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2019-05-29 20:46DYADynaCERT Inc0.33SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2019-05-27 12:15DYADynaCERT Inc0.33News ReleaseDynaCERT appoints Christou as product support manager
2019-05-16 08:19DYADynaCERT Inc0.33News ReleaseDynaCERT's Toronto facilities host government officials
2019-05-02 14:44DYADynaCERT Inc0.32News ReleaseDynaCERT receives notice of allowance for new patent
2019-05-01 14:15DYADynaCERT Inc0.305News ReleaseDynaCERT files 2018 results
2019-04-30 20:25DYADynaCERT Inc0.30SEDAR Audited Annual Financial StatementsSEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements
2019-04-30 20:25DYADynaCERT Inc0.30SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2019-04-11 12:22DYADynaCERT Inc0.325News ReleaseDynaCERT signs HydraGEN deal with Total Equipment
2019-04-11 09:17DYADynaCERT Inc0.325News ReleaseDynaCERT receives order for 10 HydraGEN HG145 units
2019-04-09 18:19DYADynaCERT Inc0.32News ReleaseDynaCERT gets U.S. patent for low emission technology
2019-03-28 08:18DYADynaCERT Inc0.33News ReleaseDynaCERT appoints Elliott to advisory board
2019-03-26 07:29DYADynaCERT Inc0.37News ReleaseDynaCERT starts applying for HydraGEN carbon credits
2019-03-22 07:45DYADynaCERT Inc0.35News ReleaseDynaCERT appoints O'Bireck to advisory board
2019-03-07 08:25DYADynaCERT Inc0.345News ReleaseDynaCERT appoints Farahi to board
2019-03-01 08:30DYADynaCERT Inc0.365News ReleaseDynaCERT appoints Semkiw to advisory board
2019-02-27 17:31DYADynaCERT Inc0.34Private PlacementDynaCERT 21-million-share private placement
2019-02-25 16:39DYADynaCERT Inc0.315News ReleaseDynaCERT closes $5.25-million private placement
2019-02-15 18:29DYADynaCERT Inc0.345News ReleaseDynaCERT arranges $4.6-million private placement
2019-02-04 16:45DYADynaCERT Inc0.34MiscellaneousDynaCERT warrants amended
2019-02-04 16:44DYADynaCERT Inc0.34News ReleaseDynaCERT receives TSX-V OK for warrant amendments
2019-02-04 08:08DYADynaCERT Inc0.34News ReleaseDynaCERT receives new order for HydraGEN products
2019-01-31 09:13DYADynaCERT Inc0.32News ReleaseDynaCERT provides info re patent applications
2019-01-30 09:51DYADynaCERT Inc0.305News ReleaseDynaCERT to host international sales conference
2019-01-24 09:37DYADynaCERT Inc0.27News ReleaseDynaCERT appoints Klees to advisory board
2019-01-16 10:00DYADynaCERT Inc0.225News ReleaseDynaCERT receives iCAT certification for India
2019-01-11 16:39DYADynaCERT Inc0.23News ReleaseDynaCERT appoints Marrelli as CFO
2018-12-28 16:39DYADynaCERT Inc0.195News ReleaseDynaCERT clarifies corporate disclosures in NRs
2018-12-20 11:05DYADynaCERT Inc0.205News ReleaseDynaCERT to deliver 4 HydraGEN HG145B units to Austria
2018-12-19 09:27DYADynaCERT Inc0.20News ReleaseDynaCERT comments on Ontario's environmental plan