16:53:42 EDT Mon 29 May 2017
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T:HCG - HOME CAPITAL GROUP INC. - http://www.homecapital.com16:53:42 EDT
Sym-XBid - AskLastChg%ChVol$Vol#TrOpen-Hi-LoYear Hi-LoLast TrNewsDelay
HCG - T  2.09.18 ·,7301,7059.39  9.39  9.0735.67  5.0615:59:5106:4815 min RT 2¢
TSX - T2.09.18 ·,4391,0839.39  9.39  9.0735.67  5.0615:59:3215 min
Alpha - A 9.18-0.09-1.035.8328709.10  9.29  9.1015:59:5115 min
Chi-X - X 9.21-0.06-0.649.44482729.21  9.33  9.1015:59:3315 min
CX2 - H 9.21-0.06-0.67.771319.25  9.26  9.1215:59:3315 min
Pure - P 9.21-0.06-0.63.229329.14  9.33  9.1015:59:3315 min
Omega - O 9.22-0.05-0.513.1120539.12  9.28  9.1115:59:4715 min
TriAct - M 9.2730.5279149    15 min
NEO - U 9.15-0.12-1.31.917159.16  9.33  9.1215:58:5515 min

Recent Trades - Last 10 of 1705
Time ETExPriceChangeVolumeBuyerSellerMarkers
15:59:32T9.16-0.114001 Anonymous1 Anonymous
15:59:32T9.16-0.111001 Anonymous1 Anonymous
15:59:32T9.16-0.114007 TD Sec1 Anonymous
15:59:30T9.16-0.112007 TD Sec222 JP Morgan
15:59:29T9.16-0.114007 TD Sec99 Jitney
15:59:29T9.16-0.111001 Anonymous99 Jitney
15:59:21T9.18-0.0920053 Morgan Stanley222 JP Morgan
15:59:21T9.18-0.0910053 Morgan Stanley7 TD Sec
15:59:21T9.18-0.093001 Anonymous7 TD Sec
15:59:21T9.18-0.091001 Anonymous7 TD Sec

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Recent Bulletins
Date ETSymbolExPriceTypeHeadline
2017-05-29 06:48C:HCG9.27In the NewsGlobe/wire say Home Capital Group down nearly 60%
2017-05-29 06:47C:HCG9.27In the NewsGlobe/wire say FSCO penalizes Home Cap former brokers
2017-05-26 17:37C:HCG9.27News ReleaseHome Capital liquidity, credit capacity fall to $1.07B
2017-05-26 09:15C:HCG9.01In the NewsFP says RBC boss McKay rejects notion of systemic risk
2017-05-26 06:39C:HCG9.01In the NewsGlobe says Home Cap GICs may yield a dose of stress
2017-05-25 16:46C:HCG9.01News ReleaseHome Capital liquidity, credit capacity fall to $1.11B
2017-05-24 18:48C:HCG8.99News ReleaseHome Capital liquidity, credit cap fall to $1.14B
2017-05-24 07:06C:HCG9.24In the NewsGlobe says Home Capital hikes rates to draw depositors
2017-05-23 17:53C:HCG9.24News ReleaseHome Capital liquidity, credit capacity fall to $1.46B
2017-05-23 09:34C:HCG9.24In the NewsFP/wire say HSBC not vying for Home Capital Group
2017-05-19 16:37C:HCG9.20News ReleaseHome Capital liquidity, credit cap steady at $1.47B
2017-05-19 08:27C:HCG8.87In the NewsFP/wire say despite Home Cap woes housing sector stable
2017-05-19 07:50C:HCG8.87In the NewsGlobe/wire say Home Capital Group appoints new director
2017-05-18 16:41C:HCG8.87News ReleaseHome Capital's May 17 liquidity, credit cap at $1.47B
2017-05-18 08:53C:HCG8.69In the NewsFP says Home Capital fighting to find funds to survive