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Arev to release Wollammo cannabis product Sept. 30

2019-09-12 10:45 ET - News Release

Mr. Mike Withrow reports


Arev Brands International Ltd.'s Wollammo, a BC Bud Depot product, is being packaged in preparation for sales after finalizing extensive testing on hemp and cannabis. Wollammo comprises wollastonite, a unique rare earth mineral composition from the Verticle Exploration St-Onge deposit. The deposit is very high quality and clean compared with others in the world. The harvested plant biomass is being analyzed to ensure no heavy metals are present. While waiting for the final results, Arev through BC Bud Depot is preparing to supply this fantastic solution to solve a problem the expanding cannabis and hemp cultivators have. The product will soon be available, Sept. 30, on-line.

Arev will enter into a distribution agreement with Vertical Exploration, whereby Vertical will supply its St-Onge wollastonite to Arev Brands for direct distribution to both small-scale craft growing operations and potentially larger-scale Health Canada-approved companies directly involved in growing and processing cannabis and hemp.

Vertical's high-quality wollastonite has been shown to be beneficial to cannabis plants in a variety of ways. In February, 2019, Vertical announced the successful completion of phase 3 trials involving cannabis grown with wollastonite as a soil additive at BC Bud Depot's ACMPR-licensed research and development facilities in Vancouver, B.C. In the phase 3 trials, BC Bud measured and recorded significant improvements in root mass, powdery mildew control and pest elimination. In every case the most optimal results occurred with an admixture rate of 10 per cent to 15 per cent wollastonite to the growth medium. Most notably, powdery mildew, the most common fungal blight to affect cannabis sativa, was virtually undetectable with wollastonite admixture above 10 per cent. An admixture above 10 per cent wollastonite also correlated with sharp reductions in the presence of thrips and fungus gnats, insect pests with a subsoil life phase in which the wollastonite crystals lacerate and impale their soft bodies. At a microscopic level, wollastonite's needle-like structure penetrates soft-bodied insect larvae and pupae, interrupting the life cycle without the use of pesticides.

Wollammo has unique properties that allow it to break down into calcium, magnesium and silicon in a highly bioavailable form that balances soil pH throughout the growth cycle -- this allows the cannabis plants to uptake silicic acid and promotes strong cell walls that better resist insect feeding and spore penetration, supporting increased growth and elevated product yields (see Vertical's Feb. 5, 2019, news release).

Arev Brands and Vertical believe there is a significant market opportunity for Wollammo, and that the anticipated distribution partnership will be lucrative for both companies.

Further details regarding the distribution agreement will be provided as soon as all terms of the agreement have been finalized between Arev Brands and Vertical. This transaction is subject to the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange.

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