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Templeton Releases Closed-End Fund's Portfolio Allocation Update

2013-02-22 12:26 ET - News Release

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL -- (Marketwire) -- 02/22/13

The Templeton closed-end Fund referenced below, which trades on the New York Stock Exchange, today released a portfolio allocation update containing the following information as of January 31, 2013:

  • Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Characteristics
  • Net Currency Distribution
  • Country Distribution

To obtain a copy of the update, please contact Fund Information at 1-800-342-5236.

Templeton closed-end Fund:

Templeton Global Income Fund (NYSE: GIM)

The Fund's investment manager is a subsidiary of Franklin Resources, Inc. (NYSE: BEN), a global investment management organization operating as Franklin Templeton Investments. Franklin Templeton Investments provides global and domestic investment management solutions managed by its Franklin, Templeton, Mutual Series, Fiduciary Trust, Darby and Bissett investment teams. The San Mateo, CA-based company has more than 60 years of investment experience and over $809 billion in assets under management as of January 31, 2013. For more information, please call 1-800/DIAL BEN® or visit franklintempleton.com.

                        TEMPLETON GLOBAL INCOME FUND
                           AS OF JANUARY 31, 2013
                      TOTAL NET ASSETS: $1,223,755,102
                      NET ASSET VALUE PER SHARE: $9.14
                       OUTSTANDING SHARES: 133,939,627

                            PERCENT OF
                            TOTAL NET
-------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
CASH & OTHER                      8.2% WEIGHTED AVG. MATURITY    4.0193 yrs.
FIXED INCOME                     91.8% WEIGHTED AVG. DURATION    2.6639 yrs.
                                100.0% WEIGHTED AVG. COUPON      5.4163%

                            PERCENT OF                            PERCENT OF
                            TOTAL NET                             TOTAL NET
-------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
ASIA                             33.4% ASIA                            31.6%
-------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
  INDIAN RUPEE                    3.8%   INDONESIA                      4.6%
  INDO RUPIAH                     4.6%   MALAYSIA                       4.8%
  JAPANESE YEN                  -17.8%   PHILIPPINES                    0.4%
  MALAYSI RINGGIT                15.8%   SINGAPORE                      2.1%
  PHILIPPINE PESO                 3.1%   SOUTH KOREA                   16.1%
  SOUTH KOREAN WON               17.0%   SRI LANKA                      2.8%
  SINGAPORE DOLLAR                4.2%   VIETNAM                        0.9%
  SRI LANKA RUPEE                 2.8% AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND            4.1%
-------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND             4.1%   AUSTRALIA                      4.1%
-------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
  AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR               4.1% EUROPE                          35.4%
-------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
EUROPE                           -1.9%   HUNGARY                        4.2%
  EURO                          -30.5%   ICELAND                        0.3%
  HUNGARY FORINT                  1.1%   IRELAND                        9.4%
  NORWEGIAN KRONE                 2.0%   LITHUANIA                      2.4%
  POLAND ZLOTY                   12.2%   POLAND                        11.4%
  SWEDISH KRONA                  13.4%   RUSSIA                         0.6%
LATIN AMERICA                    30.2%   SERBIA                         0.6%
  BRAZILIAN REAL                  9.5%   SLOVENIA                       0.3%
  CHILEAN PESO                    7.8%   SWEDEN                         4.7%
  MEXICAN PESO                    8.9%   UKRAINE                        1.5%
  PERU NUEVO SOL                  4.1% LATIN AMERICA                   19.2%
-------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
MID-EAST/AFRICA                   1.6%   BRAZIL                         9.5%
  ISRAELI SHEKEL                  1.6%   MEXICO                         5.1%
NORTH AMERICA                    32.6%   PERU                           4.1%
  US DOLLAR                      32.6%   VENEZUELA                      0.5%
-------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
TOTAL                           100.0% MID-EAST/AFRICA                  1.6%
-------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
                                         ISRAEL                         1.6%
                                       NORTH AMERICA                   -0.5%
                                         UNITED STATES                 -0.5%
                                       OTHER                            8.6%
                                         SUPRANATIONAL                  2.5%
                                         CASH                           4.4%
                                         DERIVATIVES                    1.7%
                                       TOTAL                          100.0%

You may request a copy of the Fund's current Report to Shareholders by contacting Franklin Templeton's Fund Information Department at 1-800/DIAL BEN® (1-800-342-5236) or by visiting franklintempleton.com. Since markets can go up and down, investment return and principal value will fluctuate with market conditions, currency volatility, and the economic, social and political climates of countries where the Fund invests. Emerging markets involve heightened risks related to the same factors, in addition to those associated with their relatively small size and lesser liquidity. You may have a gain or loss when you sell your shares. The information provided is as of the date shown and comes from sources considered reliable, but the Fund makes no representation or warranty as to its completeness or accuracy. The weightings do not include the impact of currency forwards within the country weightings. The Fund's portfolio is actively managed and investment allocations can be expected to change. This press release contains statistical data regarding the Fund's portfolio. The Fund's complete portfolio holdings are publicly available on a quarterly basis on Form N-Q, as well as in the Fund's Annual and Semi-Annual Reports to Shareholders filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. These documents may be found at sec.gov. For portfolio management discussions, including information regarding the Fund's investment strategies, please view the most recent Annual or Semi-Annual Report to Shareholders which can be found at franklintempleton.com or sec.gov.

For more information, please contact:
Franklin Templeton Investments

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