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Corvus drills 104m of 0.23g/t Au, 0.6g/t Ag at Bullfrog

2016-02-02 08:10 ET - News Release

Mr. Jeffrey Pontius reports


Corvus Gold Inc. has released new exploration results from three additional target areas at the North Bullfrog property in Nevada, including two targets in the new eastern steam-heated zone. The initial scout drilling on these three new target areas has returned positive results with broad zones of low-grade gold-silver mineralization with some internal zones of plus one gram per tonne gold.

These results have expanded the gold system in the North Bullfrog district and provided critical data for the planned 2016 follow-up drill program, which will be targeting new high-grade discoveries within these new, large and unexplored gold systems.

New target review

Jolly Jane North

One hole was drilled at the Jolly Jane North target about 80 metres north of previous Corvus hole NB-12-123 (139 m at 0.27 g/t Au). The hole is located 450 metres north of the Jolly Jane resource. NB-15-283 intersected a broad zone of low-grade dominantly oxide mineralization (104 m at 0.23 g/t gold and 0.6 g/t silver) within the Sierra Blanca tuff in the footwall of the West Jolly Jane fault. The WJJF is a large displacement fault zone similar to the MP fault which hosts the main historic Bullfrog deposit and also similar to the YellowJacket fault zone. The Sierra Blanca/YellowJacket deposit lies about a kilometre to the west in the hangingwall of the WJJF which appears to be a major mineralizing fluid conduit. The WJJF is a mineral system of similar size to the current Sierra Blanca/YellowJacket deposit with unconstrained potential to the north under postmineral cover.

NB-15-283 has not only confirmed the potential to expand the Jolly Jane low-grade deposit to the north but opens up a major new target area for new blind, high-grade feeder veins discoveries like those at YellowJacket or the historic Bullfrog mine. Follow-up drilling is being planned for 2016.

Cat Hill

Two holes (NB-15-284 and 285) were drilled in the Cat Hill target area. The Cat Hill target has a strong surface gold anomaly that is associated with large overlapping high- and low-sulphidation mineral systems. The target area lies adjacent to the large road fault structural zone which extends 10 kilometres to the south where it is called the contact fault, a major structural control to the historic Bullfrog deposit mined by Barrick Gold in the 1990s. At Cat Hill, a series of north-south-to-north-northeast-trending structures control alteration, gold mineralization and irregular quartz-calcite veins exhibiting boiling textures. The initial two holes at Cat Hill intersected broad zones of near-surface, low-grade, oxide mineralization with one hole having two 1.5-metre, plus one g/t gold intercepts within targeted north-northeast-trending structural zones. Targeting work is continuing for a follow-up drill program this year.


A total of seven holes (NB-15-286 to 292) were drilled on the Vinegaroon target. The Vinegaroon area lies about two kilometres east of Cat Hill, within the main eastern steam-heated zone. As at Cat Hill, the Vinegaroon target has a surface gold anomaly associated with overlapping high- and low-sulphidation mineralization. A series of north-south-to-north-northwest-trending structures control alteration and mineralization in this area. Five of the seven holes intercepted low-grade gold mineralization along the large Vinegaroon fault zone. This is highly encouraging, as it represents a new and extensive area of alteration and gold mineralization in the large eastern steam-heated zone. The alteration style is quartz-adularia-illite with local quartz stockwork including amethystine quartz, which is similar to the Sierra Blanca/YellowJacket deposits. The drill data are being evaluated for follow-up in 2016, including a re-evaluation of the surface mapping.

Jeffrey Pontius, Corvus Gold chief executive officer, stated: "The results from these early-stage scout holes in new and untested target areas across the North Bullfrog district are encouraging. The intersection of broad zones of low-grade oxide gold mineralization in a new area of the district is the first step in finding additional zones of high-grade mineralization like the YellowJacket deposit and our new northwest Sierra Blanca discovery. These results have expanded the potential of the North Bullfrog district and the area favourable for hosting additional deposits which will be addressed in the next phase of exploration scheduled for this spring."

The 2015, North Bullfrog exploration program tested a total of 12 new gold targets across the district, seven in the western zone and five in the new eastern zone. A total of 10,260 metres were drilled in 38 holes (1,450 m of core and 8,810 m of RC). Of the 12 targets tested, five are scheduled for the next phase of follow-up drilling in the 2016 program. In addition five new targets have been developed for initial testing. The initial 2016 North Bullfrog exploration program is currently scheduled to complete approximately 9,000 metres of drilling.

                      JANE AND VINEGAROON TARGETS

                       From         To     Length       Gold     Silver
Cat Hill target         (m)        (m)        (m)      (g/t)      (g/t)

NB-15-284             22.86      30.48       7.62       0.29       0.05
                       70.1      80.77      10.67       0.25       0.05
                      86.87      91.44       4.57       0.18       0.08
                     103.63     143.26      39.63       0.22       0.11
including             114.3     115.82       1.52       1.12       0.12
                     179.83     207.26      27.43       0.27       0.71
including            185.93     187.45       1.52       1.33       1.25
                     231.65     237.74       6.09       0.15       0.22
NB-15-285             30.48      47.24      16.76       0.23       0.04
                      56.39       82.3      25.91       0.15       0.03
                     106.68     109.73       3.05       0.37       0.06

North Jolly        From       To    Length        Gold     Silver
Jane target         (m)      (m)       (m)       (g/t)      (g/t)

NB-15-283         92.96    196.6    103.64        0.23       0.62
                 227.08   230.12      3.05        0.11       0.22
                  260.6   274.32     13.72        0.13       0.35

                      From      To    Length       Gold      Silver
Vinegaroon target      (m)     (m)       (m)      (g/t)       (g/t)

NB-15-286            35.05   39.62      4.57       0.15        0.73
                     89.92   99.06      9.14       0.20        0.33
                    115.82  123.44      7.62       0.15        0.41
                    138.68   152.4     13.72       0.20        1.45
                    160.02  166.12       6.1       0.14        2.93
NB-15-287                                    No significant results  
NB-15-288            42.67   50.29      7.62       0.18        0.27    
                    144.78   146.3      1.52       0.12        7.00    
NB-15-289             9.14   10.67      1.52       0.15        0.22    
                     30.48      32      1.52       0.14        0.32    
                      38.1   50.29     12.19       0.13        0.44 
NB-15-290                                    No significant results            
NB-15-291            25.91   27.43      1.52       0.29               
                     97.54  105.16      7.62       0.11               
                    167.64  172.21      4.57       0.13    
NB-15-292            12.19   13.72      1.52       0.15        1.58    
                     25.91   30.48      4.57       0.11        1.63    

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