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Wellfield Technologies Inc
Symbol WFLD
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Close 2022-01-05 C$ 2.07
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Wellfield Technologies outlines 2022 business goals

2022-01-06 09:37 ET - News Release

Mr. Levy Cohen reports


Wellfield Technologies Inc. has provided investors with a review of some of the company's 2022 business focuses, as it begins to accelerate its goal to unlock the power of decentralized finance and make adoption easy for everyone, consumers and institutions alike. During 2021, Wellfield put the foundation in place for rapid expansion during 2022 -- a business combination that formed Wellfield was successfully completed, which resulted in the operation of two brands: MoneyClip and Seamless. Together, these brands build bridges from traditional finance to DeFi and set the foundation for DeFi services for all.

Management commentary

Levy Cohen, chief executive officer of Wellfield, commented: "Over the past year we have been focused on developing solutions both with Seamless and MoneyClip, to make DeFi part of consumers' daily financial lives while overcoming some of the larger technical and usability challenges that exist within DeFi today. During 2022, we will continue to build on these efforts, filling in gaps with decentralized protocols involving the ethereum and bitcoin blockchains. We will also continue to extend the functionality of the MoneyClip app, which we are focused on building into a wider ranging financial platform. We have an amazing team, with an experienced and capable board of directors, a strong senior team and a highly qualified advisory team, with a growing roster of globally recognized professionals in global payments, fintech, finance, technology and computer science. The next 12 months will be a pivotal period for Wellfield as we execute our business plans, and it is an exciting time to be a shareholder."

Launching decentralized protocols on ethereum and bitcoin -- Seamless -- Wellfield's protocol-layer brand

During 2022, Wellfield's Seamless brand will begin to further its solutions designed to address the following needs in the DeFi ecosystem.

Making bitcoin compatible with DeFi

Wellfield has witnessed a shift in the bitcoin investment community, where holding for capital appreciation is no longer satisfactory. Investors are beginning to look for ways to make their bitcoin more productive. Seamless plans to launch a solution that is designed to enable bitcoin to be compatible with DeFi without requiring the owner to give up custody to an intermediary. This solution has the potential to unlock liquidity for bitcoin investors and to transform bitcoin into a productive, cash flowing asset as part of the broader DeFi ecosystem.

Cross blockchain trading

Currently, DeFi infrastructure gaps force users to rely on even more intermediaries -- cryptocurrency exchanges -- when they want and need to trade assets across blockchains. The core promise of DeFi is decentralization, and demand is growing for ethereum-based decentralized exchanges. Wellfield has plans to extend the services that today's decentralized exchanges offer for one blockchain, to all chains.

Decentralized prime broker capabilities

Currently, DeFi lacks the robust selection of liquidity optimization and risk mitigation products that conventional prime brokers offer institutional clients in traditional capital markets. Wellfield believes that the introduction of these services within DeFi are necessary to scale and attract significant capital. Seamless has plans to launch an initial selection of services focused on addressing some of these gaps, and to build on these solutions over a multiyear period.

Building a full-service financial application powered by DeFi - MoneyClip - Wellfield's app-layer brand

Wellfield has built MoneyClip ("MoneyClip or the "App") with the vision of creating an everyday financial application powered by blockchain, that can act as a primary point for consumers to secure and utilize their money. The App currently offers P2P payment functionality, and Wellfield has a multi-year plan to integrate new blockchain infrastructure, as it becomes available, to provide consumers with access to a full range of DeFi and traditional finance services.

On December 24, 2021, Wellfield announced that it had concluded its initial period of rigorous testing in partnership with early users of the App and launched an intensive engagement program, focused on growing its user base and signing retail partners as it prepares for the introduction of additional functionality. MoneyClip will be launching an upgraded user interface and new connectivity features in Q1 2022, to support enhanced usability, brand awareness and scalability as new blockchain infrastructure is integrated over the next 12 months.

Contributing to Ecosystem Growth and the Next Wave of Challenges

Decentralized finance is more than payment rails and permissionless services. Wellfield believes that DeFi is reinventing global finance and will pave the way for a new digital economy and metaverse, and there are significant challenges that aren't being addressed by the Company's Seamless and MoneyClip brands. While executing its core plans for Seamless and MoneyClip, the Company plans to take additional steps to begin developing or partnering on solutions focused on:

Distributed Identity

Digital identity is currently seen by the vast majority of fintech businesses as a KYC/AML/Regulatory nuisance rather than a necessary step that is also an important opportunity to strengthen end user relationships and evolve digital finance. Moving away from a centralized model to distributed digital identities will be essential to the growth and viability of the digital economy. As Web3 evolves, the Company will begin to focus on the need for, and opportunity to contribute to, distributed identity opportunities.

Deep Integration with DeFi Communities and Ecosystem

Building the bridges between traditional and decentralized finance will happen from both ends. Wellfield will look for partnerships and integrations with current market players to facilitate and accelerate the creation of these bridges. Interoperability, open source, and community collaboration are significant strengths of the DeFi ecosystem. As the regulatory landscape locally and globally continues to evolve, management will look for opportunities to be an active stakeholder in regulatory discussions and also to strengthen community relationships and leverage collaborative opportunities with talented contributors in the space.

Retention of Market Making and Capital Markets Advisory Services

Wellfield has retained the services of INFOR Financial Inc. ("INFOR Financial") to provide market making services on the TSX Venture Exchange (the "TSX-V" or the "Exchange"), in compliance with the policies and guidelines of the Exchange and applicable securities laws. INFOR Financial, a leading Canadian independent investment bank, is a registered investment dealer and a member of Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada ("IIROC") and the TSX-V, among other stock exchanges. INFOR Financial will trade the securities of Wellfield on the TSX-V for the purpose of maintaining an orderly market and to provide liquidity for Wellfield's common shares. Wellfield will pay INFOR Financial CAD$5,000 per month for an initial term of six (6) months. There are no performance factors contained in the agreement and INFOR Financial will not receive shares or options as compensation. INFOR Financial will be responsible for the costs it incurs in buying and selling Wellfield's shares, and no third party will be providing funds or securities for the market making activities. INFOR Financial and Wellfield are unrelated and unaffiliated entities, but INFOR Financial and/or its clients may have an interest, directly or indirectly, in the securities of Wellfield. This engagement is subject to TSX-V approval.

About Wellfield Technologies

Wellfield is focused on unlocking the power of decentralized finance (DeFi) by building open and accessible decentralized protocols and also blockchain based consumer products. Seamless - the Company's protocol layer brand - focuses on solutions that enhance and optimize liquidity in the Ethereum ecosystem, make Bitcoin compatible with DeFi, and enable decentralized cross blockchain exchange. MoneyClip - Wellfield's application layer brand - is powered by DeFi to enhance everyday financial products and make money work for the way people live.

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