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Exchange Statistics

Use this search option to obtain a 10 point check-list for trading activity on any of six key exchanges. Includes Canadian exchanges plus New York and NASDAQ.

Market View

The Market View page allows you to filter stocks using a variety of criteria. You can use this page to find the most actives, top gainers and top losers on a particular exchange.

Block Trades

The Block Trades page allows you to identify when a large quantity of shares is traded on the Nasdaq, New York, TSE or TSX-V. You can define your own minimum volume and dollar values. Enter a symbol to limit the results to a particular symbol or leave the symbol field empty to see all block trades on an exchange.

Broker Trades

The Broker Trade Summary page allows you to generate a report that summarizes the trading activity for all brokers on the TSX or TSX-V, for one trading day. You can see the number of trades, volume of shares and dollar volume bought and sold, for each boker.


This page lists all halted stocks on the exchange.

Stock Dividend Payments

Here you can isolate stocks that have made a dividend payout in a given time period. Note: dividends are usually paid quarterly and fiscal calendars will vary.

Dividend Codes

01   Cash equivalent of a stock dividend
02   Option traded stock
03   Increase in rate
04   Decrease in rate
05   Stock dividend
06   First dividend since listing on the TSE
07   First dividend since corporation or issuance
08   Following stock split
09   Extra dividend
10   US funds
11   Estimated dividend
12   Foreign currency other than US
13   Arrears
14   Tax deferred
15   First dividend since re-organization of shares
16   Rights or warrents also trading ex-dividend
17   Or stock in lieu of cash
18   Full dividend not paid on shares pursuant to exercise of warrants during current quarterly dividend period
19   Floating rate
20   Special dividend
21   Late notification
22   Advanced notification


The participant search allows you to find out which individuals and/or companies are are involved with a particular company and what their participations are. Over two dozen roles including directors, shareholders, private placements, vendors, successor/predecessor companies and consultants.

Trade Workstation

Your Trade Workstation allows you to see highly detailed broker activity for a specific stock, and shows you all the trades on a given day or in a given date range.

Here you can assess the aggregrate interest of major brokers and banks in certain stocks over time, by seeing what they're buying, selling, and holding.

This analysis tool enables you to combine the functions of:

  • Broker Codes List
  • Trade Workstation for CDN Exchanges
  • Individual Trades by Date for US Exchanges

Trade Workstation for CDN Exchanges

This application lets you search three different ways:

  • Individual Trades by Date
  • Broker Summary by Date Range
  • One Broker by Date Range

Company Picker

This page allows you to screen companies using a variety of criteria, such as:

  • shares issued
  • last close price
  • within % of year high/low
  • earnings per share
  • market capitalization
  • last trade date
  • price earnings ratio
  • dividends per share
  • dividend yield
  • belongs to index (TSE300, TSE200, TSE100, TSE35)

This application allows users to find companies based on the specific search criteria that they enter. None of the search criteria are required fields, however, many have default values.

Search Tips

If you find you are getting no results, try submitting the form without entering anything. Then add your parameters one by one.

All data used for this search is updated daily at 3:30pm Pacific time. Search results will only display current data, back data cannot be searched. The year high/low values used are rolling figures for the past 365 days, just like when you get a quote. Market capitalization is the number of shares multiplied by the share price - this is the total value the market is placing on the company.

Short Positions

Here you can generate reports on short positions for stocks listed on Canadian Exchanges. Calculations use the last available close price.

Figures are updated from TSE reports on a twice monthly basis, on or about the 3rd and 18th.