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Liquid Avatar unit rolls out Vegas Island in metaverse

2022-02-03 12:06 ET - News Release

Mr. David Lucatch reports


Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. wholly owned subsidiary Oasis Digital Studios Ltd.'s controlled subsidiary, Aftermath Islands Metaverse Ltd., together with seasoned, industry and entertainment executive Howard Lefkowitz, who led Vegas.com from its rise from $360,000 in annual sales to over $400-million annually over a 10-year period, have launched Vegas Island, a premium destination in the Aftermath Islands Metaverse, an age-restricted virtual island that will allow participants to buy virtual themed land, interact, and experience entertainment, gaming and high-roller experiences. Given the premium nature of the island and the planned programs, a limited amount of virtual land is available for sale to the public, starting at $100 (U.S.) per 1,000 square metres and ranging in price to $5,200 (U.S.) for a mega 100-plot parcel.

Vegas Island will use age verification technologies and verifiable credentials available from the Liquid Avatar mobile wallet to confirm access without providing any personally identifiable information or personal data. Liquid Avatar Technologies' digital identity solution will be used throughout Aftermath Islands, providing credentials for key access to estate islands, private islands, restricted events and venues, and will be available to other metaverse properties to reduce identity fraud and bad actors. Participants will be able to use their Liquid Avatar mobile wallet to also opt in to permission-based loyalty, engagement and other brand programs to receive on-line and off-line incentives.

From comedians, to lounge acts, live performances, magicians, adult-theme reviews and more, Vegas Island is planning to create entertainment, gaming, limited housing and playable areas, to bring the spirit of Las Vegas to Aftermath Islands.

"We're inviting everyone to join the party and enjoy outrageous events and activities as Vegas Island is planning to be loaded with hip hotels, shows of all kinds, from headliners to stage reviews, restaurants with power-up foods, and delivery of all imaginable items to your real-world front door. Virtually walk the famed Vegas Island Strip where you'll frolic in bars with real lounge acts, nightclubs, dayclubs, adult clubs with VIP rooms and be surrounded by beautiful avatars! Vegas Island is for everyone, of age, of course," said Mr. Lefkowitz. "Vegas Island Stadium is expected to host e-sporting events, rodeos and bands that fill real-life stadiums around the globe. Other planned events include world-class shopping for the virtual and actual worlds, live cams of actual lions, tigers and pools (oh my), and of course condos, homes and mansions too. Lest we forget the beach club on the ocean! Since baby always needs a new pair of shoes, there will be gaming! Vegas Island is expected to offer play-for-fun gaming or licensed, legal-by-age and jurisdiction gambling too! Plus, ways to earn and win free high-roller trips to Vegas and more. Come join us at the truly happiest damn place in the metaverse ... Vegas Island."

Additional premium theme islands are planned for release. Aftermath Islands Metaverse is working with brands and agencies and welcomes the opportunity explore partnerships that will create new and interactive virtual experiences for players.

About Mr. Lefkowitz

Mr. Lefkowitz has had a career as a change agent inside and outside organizations around the globe.

During his 25-plus years as an executive for companies such as Vegas.com, EarthLink, Home Shopping Network, Row 44, and board positions encompassing the tech, media and health care industries, Mr. Lefkowitz has been innovating, operating, changing and building. By merging marketing, content and product with new and legacy technologies, he finds new and profitable business.

Mr. Lefkowitz was chief executive officer of VEGAS.com for 10 years. He started with a 19-person team and a content-based website with $100,000 monthly, unique visitors and re-engineered it into the most visited city website in the world that received more than 2.5 million visitors each month and was supported by 400 employees. Mr. Lefkowitz established strong consumer branding while focused on multiple revenue streams. Mr. Lefkowitz also spearheaded development of mission-critical, back-of-house systems used by most Las Vegas hotels, including payment gateways for credit card processing, box office and show ticket operations, systems integration, product development, concierge desks, and retail systems and operations. The company went from $360,000 per year in sales to nearly $400-million annually under his leadership and became a globally renowned brand.

These efforts have won numerous honours and awards, including the Odyssey Award for best domestic marketing campaign from The Travel Industry Association (TIA), more than 14 gold, silver and bronze awards from the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) and Editor & Publisher's EPPY Award for best Internet shopping service. Vegas.com was also a finalist for the Codie Award for best on-line software service by the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA). Mr. Lefkowitz has nine hospitality technology patents in the United States, Canada, China, India and other global jurisdictions.

A highly regarded leader and innovator, Mr. Lefkowitz has been featured in hundreds of magazines, newspapers and television segments, including NBC Nightly News, ABC News, The Today Show, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Inc. Magazine, USA Today and many others. He has appeared as a public speaker at dozens of industry trade shows and universities, including the Haas Business School at University of California Berkley, San Diego State and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas among others.

Currently Mr. Lefkowitz is involved with a few promising start-ups in health care, blockchain and crypto currency, and e-commerce, including Liquid Avatar Technologies, Oasis Digital Studios and Aftermath Islands.

About Aftermath Islands Metaverse Ltd.

Aftermath Islands Metaverse is a Barbados corporation which is 50 per cent owned and is controlled by Oasis Digital Studios, a wholly owned subsidiary of Liquid Avatar Technologies.

Aftermath Islands, as first described in the initial white paper published in 2017 and then subsequently updated, was based on the premise of a water world with islands that represented destinations in a global virtual game. Since then, the Aftermath Islands metaverse has evolved and now represents exciting theme-based islands, communities and estates where players can experience a wide range of adventures and opportunities.

In Aftermath Islands' virtual world, users can buy, develop, trade and sell virtual land (VL), property and assets, like buildings, crafted items, transport, and other items all through NFTs, a non-fungible token that represents the ownership of virtual and other assets. Each plot or parcel of VL is unique and owners get to choose what content they want to publish on their VL. This can range from simple scenery and structures to an interactive game, store, warehouse, dwelling, facility or destination. Users can purchase VL as well as all other goods and services in Aftermath Islands with credits, the current code name for in-game currency, fiat and other authorized currencies, coins and tokens.

Aftermath Islands is a shared virtual world, much like the Metaverse described by author Ernest Cline in his science-fiction novels Ready Player One and Ready Player Two. Expected to launch mid-2022, Aftermath Islands will allow users to connect and interact with each other, create content, craft, participate in activities and quests, and play games. Aftermath Islands will have a virtual economy where users can engage in a myriad of in-world economic transactions as well as monetize the content, items, quests and applications they build.

About Oasis Digital Studios Ltd.

Oasis Digital Studios brings together leading individuals and organizations in blockchain technology, computer graphics, augmented reality, entertainment, art, sports, gaming, music, media, comic book, memorabilia and pop culture arenas to support the fast-paced and growing digital collectible and NFT marketplace. The Oasis business model is to create storytelling, experiential and collectible partnerships with artists, sports personalities, talent, brands and commercial enterprises to create digital offerings and digital/physical product programs via digital collectibles and NFTs. Oasis uses multimedia, cinematics, animations and other techniques to create unique products together with the latest augmented reality and virtual technologies to tell the artist and talent stories providing immersive experiences for digital collectibles and NFTs. The Oasis AR enhanced NFT experience, powered by ImagineAR, will be available exclusively through the Liquid Avatar mobile app, which features the ability for users to create digital icons that allow them to manage, control and create value from their biometrically verified digital identity, and is available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

About Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc.

Liquid Avatar Technologies focuses on the verification, management and monetization of self-sovereign identity, empowering users to control and benefit from the use of their on-line identity.

The Liquid Avatar Mobile App, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, is a verified self-sovereign identity platform that empowers users to create high-quality digital icons representing their on-line personas. These icons allow users to manage and control their digital identity and verifiable access and identity credentials, and to use Liquid Avatars to share public and permission based private data when they want and with whom they want.

The Liquid Avatar verifiable credentials ecosystem (LAVCE) has been developed to support all participants in a digital credential ecosystem, including the holder, issuer and verifier, using state-of-the-art blockchain and open standards technologies initially as a node on the Indicio Network. The company is a voting and steering committee member of the Trust over IP Foundation, founding and steering committee member of Cardea, a Linux Foundation Public Health project, member of the Good Health Pass collaborative, the Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC), the COVID Credentials Initiative (CCI), The Linux Foundation and a founding member of the Lumedic Exchange.

The company has a suite of early-stage revenue-generating programs that support the Liquid Avatar mobile app program, including KABN Kash, a cash back and reward program that has over 500 leading on-line merchants and is working to release its own branded network payment card.

The company's subsidiary, Oasis Digital Studios, is a creative and development agency that supports a wide range of artists, talent and enterprises with non-fungible token (NFT) solutions and has acquired 50 per cent and control of the Aftermath Islands Metaverse program.

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