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Sorrento Resources Ltd. - News release - English
[2023-12-02 01:40]

Ameriwest Lithium Inc. (formerly, Oakley Ventures Inc.) - News release - English
[2023-12-02 01:19]

Wolverine Energy and Infrastructure Inc. - Material change report - English
[2023-12-02 01:02]

Wolverine Energy and Infrastructure Inc. - News release - English
[2023-12-02 01:00]

European Energy Metals Corp. (formerly Hilo Mining Ltd.) - Statement of executive compensation (form 51-102F6V) - English
[2023-12-02 00:38]

Garda World Security Corporation - Material change report - French
[2023-12-02 00:34]

Garda World Security Corporation - Material change report - English
[2023-12-02 00:34]

BBTV Holdings Inc. - News release - English
[2023-12-02 00:34]

CMX Gold & Silver Corp. - Other
[2023-12-01 14:40]

CMX Gold & Silver Corp. - Other
[2023-12-01 14:39]

CMX Gold & Silver Corp. - Form of proxy - English
[2023-12-01 14:39]

CMX Gold & Silver Corp. - Management information circular - English
[2023-12-01 14:38]

CMX Gold & Silver Corp. - Notice of meeting - English
[2023-12-01 14:38]

StateHouse Holdings Inc. (formerly Harborside Inc.) - Letter from successor auditor
[2023-12-01 14:33]

StateHouse Holdings Inc. (formerly Harborside Inc.) - Notice
[2023-12-01 14:32]

Abitibi Metals Corp. - Report of exempt distribution excluding schedule 1 of Form 5
[2023-12-01 14:30]

Giavest Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation - Marketing materials related to offering memorandum - English
[2023-12-01 14:29]

Flutter Entertainment plc - Other
[2023-12-01 14:26]

Citigroup Inc. - Other
[2023-12-01 14:25]

Citigroup Inc. - Other securityholders documents - English
[2023-12-01 14:24]

Opsens Inc. - News release - French
[2023-12-01 14:21]

Opsens Inc. - News release - English
[2023-12-01 14:20]

NAHF Real Estate Trust - Report of exempt distribution excluding schedule 1 of Form 5
[2023-12-01 14:18]

Dynacor Group Inc. - News release - French
[2023-12-01 14:18]

Renegade Gold Inc. - News release - English
[2023-12-01 14:18]

Stockwatch Street Wires

U:*SEC - SEC defendant Hastings loses $1M (U.S.) bank account
[2023-11-30 20:43]
SEC defendant Jeffrey Hastings, jailed for a $100-million (U.S.) accounting fraud with a Nasdaq company, will lose the contents of his bank accounts, including a $1-million (U.S.) savings account, after a court order handed down in New York.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Nov. 30, 2023
[2023-11-30 18:40]
Star Diamond plots a path ahead at its Fort a la Corne diamond project in Saskatchewan in the post-Rio Tinto era. Appia Rare Earths & Uranium has more rare earth encouragement at PCH in Brazil. Great Atlantic Resources cheers South Quarry tungsten in Newfoundland.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Nov. 30, 2023
[2023-11-30 18:27]
SSR Mining is selling its San Luis high-grade gold and silver project in Peru to Highlander Silver. Talisker Resources has narrow high-grade hits at Bralorne in southwestern B.C. Nevgold has a long, lower-grade hit from drilling at Nutmeg Mountain in Idaho.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Nov. 29, 2023
[2023-11-29 20:45]
Archon Minerals hopes its latest Buffer partner has plans for the project. Musk Metals is cheering on its Pontax South lithium prospect. It is next to Li-FT Power's Pontax property, but neither property is getting much attention of late. Fi-FT is busier at Yellowknife.  more...

C:*CURRENT - Naeem Tyab to serve bribery term in low-security prison
[2023-11-29 20:17]
Vancouver's Naeem Tyab, who pleaded guilty to charges in the U.S. arising from a bribery scheme, will serve his three-year sentence in a low-security California prison, featuring dormitory living, a work program and a pair of notable inmates.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Nov. 29, 2023
[2023-11-29 18:18]
New Found Gold is glittering about some new assays from the K2 discovery at Queensway in Newfoundland. Nevada King Gold has new assays from Atlanta in Nevada. Cabral Gold has more oxide gold at MG on its Cuiu Cuiu project in Brazil.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Nov. 28, 2023
[2023-11-28 20:30]
Archon Minerals inquires about Burgundy Diamond Mines' plans for Buffer. F3 Uranium cheers new high-grade uranium drilled in the JR zone at Patterson Lake North. Argentina Lithium & Energy lays plans for 2024 drilling at Antofalla North and Rincon West.  more...

U:*SEC - SEC seeks $10.7M (U.S.) in penalties for Giguiere
[2023-11-28 20:20]
The SEC is seeking penalties totalling $10.7-million (U.S.) for Gannon Giguiere, the operator of a touting site called TheMoneyStreet. The SEC claims that Mr. Giguiere supported a group of Canadians running U.S. pump-and-dump schemes.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Nov. 28, 2023
[2023-11-28 19:16]
Moneta Gold and Nighthawk Gold plan to merge but the market appears unenthused. Tudor Gold has another long higher-grade hit at Goldstorm in its Treaty Creek property in B.C. Orea Mining is dropping its bid to buy a majority interest in Montagne d'Or to keep what it has.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Nov. 27, 2023
[2023-11-27 20:46]
Star Diamond awaits Rio Tinto's departure from Kiwetin in central Saskatchewan, but Rio is still pursuing diamonds elsewhere, begging the question why it wants out. Macarthur Minerals is pleased that its Australia-based lithium spinoff is doing well.  more...

U:*SEC - SEC defendant Zhao must remain in U.S., for now
[2023-11-27 20:36]
SEC defendant Changpeng Zhao, who is awaiting sentencing for his operation of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, is not allowed to leave the U.S., at least not yet. A federal judge is reviewing his $175-million (U.S.) bond package.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Nov. 27, 2023
[2023-11-27 18:46]
Lavras Gold has another long drill hit at Fazenda do Posto in Brazil, but investors were hoping for more. Heliostar Metals has revised its resource estimate for Ana Paula in Mexico. West Red Lake Gold Mines has more rich hits at North Austin at its Madsen mine near Red Lake.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Nov. 24, 2023
[2023-11-24 20:12]
Rough diamond prices flatten as miners like Mountain Province Diamonds delay their sales. Green Battery Minerals cheers on Zone 3, a graphite prospect near its Berkwood deposit. Lomiko Metals is seeking some cash to advance its graphite and lithium prospects in Quebec.  more...

U:*SEC - SEC permanently bans DeFrancesco associates Diaz, Rezk
[2023-11-24 19:58]
The SEC has permanently banned Florida residents Marlio Diaz and Carlos Rezk, who were charged along with Toronto's Andy DeFrancesco for the $8-million (U.S.) pump-and-dump of Cool Holdings Inc.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Nov. 24, 2023
[2023-11-24 18:22]
Abitibi Metals continues a run that began with its acquisition of the B26 deposit in Quebec. Pambili Natural Resources is acquiring Golden Valley, a small play in Zimbabwe, to augment its Happy Valley project. Guanajuato Silver says things are looking up thanks to changes.  more...

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CDN - CDN Maverick talks Poncheville LCT pegmatite potential
[2023-12-01 14:40]
CDN Maverick Capital Corp.'s preliminary rock sample results from the Poncheville lithium prospects in Quebec indicate that there is prospective ground for LCT pegmatites. The company has appointed Simon Studer as president, chief operating officer and a director. more...

BHSC - Bioharvest Sciences to hold virtual Q3 update Dec. 13
[2023-12-01 14:40]
Bioharvest Sciences Inc. will hold a virtual Q3 performance update presentation on Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2023, at 11:30 a.m. PST. CEO Ilan Sobel will host the session. more...

CANS - Wildpack Provides Update Regarding Warrant Issuance to Sandton Capital Partners
[2023-12-01 14:30]

OPS - Opsens shareholders approve Haemonetics deal
[2023-12-01 14:22]
Opsens Inc. shareholders approved the company's proposed acquisition by Haemonetics Corp. The parties hope to close the arrangement by mid-December, 2023. more...

EMIN - Spark Energy Minerals receives MCTO
[2023-12-01 14:05]
Spark Energy Minerals Inc. has received a management cease trade order for failing to file its results for the fiscal year ended July 31, 2023, by the filing deadline of Nov. 28, 2023. more...

SGN - Scorpio Gold restructures financings to $4M offering
[2023-12-01 13:50]
Scorpio Gold Corp. has restructured the terms of its planned financings into one $4-million private placement with up to 26.66 million units at 15 cents each. The company will use the proceeds for working capital. more...

GHML - Golden Horse grants performance rights, stock options
[2023-12-01 13:43]
Golden Horse Minerals Ltd. has granted performance rights redeemable for 15.91 million shares, 3.18 million inducement shares and options to buy 10.05 million shares. more...

KLM - Kermode adopts security-based compensation plan
[2023-12-01 13:04]
Kermode Resources Ltd. has adopted a security-based compensation plan which replaces its 2022 plan. The shares under the plan have a five-year term and a weighted average contractual life of approximately four years. more...

ODV - Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization Trading Halt - ODV.WT
[2023-12-01 12:09]

TNT - True North Commercial buys back 135,889 units
[2023-12-01 12:04]
True North Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust bought back 135,889 units from Nov. 15, to Nov. 30, 2023, under its share buyback program. more...

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