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C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Jan. 23, 2018
[2018-01-23 21:28]
North Arrow Minerals has staked new ground at Mel, in Nunavut. Drilling is planned. Clean Commodities is set to drill its Preston project in northwest Saskatchewan. Alphamin Resources has raised cash to build its Bisie tin mine in the Congo.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Jan. 23, 2018
[2018-01-23 21:13]
Gold Standard Ventures has encouraging new assays from Dark Star on its Railroad project in Nevada. Osisko Mining has hit bonanza-grade gold at Lynx on its Windfall Lake project in Quebec. Guyana Goldstrike has a resource estimate for Mazoa Hillatn Marudi in Guyana.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Jan. 23, 2018
[2018-01-23 20:51]
Journey Energy will reduce its share count to 38.5 million from 51.2 million. Molori Energy rises after releasing appraisal results from Red Cave in Texas. Spartan Energy dips following an eight-million-share cross.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Jan. 23, 2018
[2018-01-23 20:37]
Robert Meister's first shell, Cabernet Capital, plans to invest in two Asian IT firms for the shell's QT. Its targets are a Singaporean IT services provider and a Korean coal supplier turned cryptocurrency company.  more...

C:*BCSC - BCSC-banned Hable reappears with new name
[2018-01-23 18:11]
The BCSC has warned investors about Volkmar Hable, a man previously fined and banned for manipulating a TSX-V company. He has changed his name to Jacob DeMedici and has set up a company that claims to have raised $6-billion (U.S.).  more...

U:*SEC - SEC defendant Almagarby protests charges
[2018-01-23 14:45]
SEC defendant Ibrahim Almagarby, accused of improperly selling 7.4 billion shares in a group of companies, denies any wrongdoing. He says that all he did was acquire cheap stock and sell it at a profit.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Jan. 22, 2018
[2018-01-22 21:01]
Niko Resources' JV partners are working to boost production in India. Manitok Energy files for bankruptcy. Iron Bridge Resources plans to change its business.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Jan. 22, 2018
[2018-01-22 19:36]
Timothy McCunn's Percy Street Capital plans a QT to acquire Livewell Foods and its four businesses: vegetables, hemp seeds, cheese spreads and medical marijuana. OV2 Investment's QT target arranges a $15-million financing to help find its first blockchain investment.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Jan. 22, 2018
[2018-01-22 19:25]
Red Pine Exploration has received encouraging new assays from its Wawa project in Northern Ontario. Tudor Gold has new assays from Treaty Creek in northwestern British Columbia. Enforcer Gold will start drilling at Roger in Quebec next month.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Jan. 22, 2018
[2018-01-22 18:50]
Mountain Province Diamonds has hit kimberlite at Gahcho Kue and has its eyes set on more. Lico Energy Metals has hit high-grade cobalt at Teledyne in Ontario. Castle Silver Resources is about to become Canada Cobalt Works, as its Castle silver mine becomes a cobalt play.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Jan. 19 2018
[2018-01-19 21:26]
Stornoway Diamond has big exploration plans at Renard, its Quebec diamond mine, this year. Nevada Sunrise Gold has encouraging assays of cobalt and nickel from its Lovelock project in Nevada. Pure Energy Minerals is fixing its dream sheet for Clayton Valley in Nevada.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Jan. 19, 2018
[2018-01-19 21:08]
Vince Gasparro and Michael Galego's first capital pool shell, Apolo Acquisition, expects to close its cryptocurrency mining QT next week. Mr. Gasparro and Mr. Galego now plan to list their second capital pool shell, Apolo II Acquisition, with a $500,000 IPO at 10 cents.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Jan. 19, 2018
[2018-01-19 20:51]
White Gold has the rest of its assays from drilling last year at its White Gold project in Yukon. Atlantic Gold says its Moose River Consolidated mine in Nova Scotia will do well this year. Dissidents and management continue to fight for control of East Asia Minerals.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Jan. 19, 2018
[2018-01-19 20:41]
Pentanova Energy will soon drill its first well at Maria Conchita in Colombia. Gas producer Ikkuma Resources has a new CFO, the former CFO of Painted Pony Energy. Emerald Bay Energy talks up production in Texas. Marksmen Energy drills a new well in Ohio.  more...

U:*SEC - SEC defendants Cervino, Khan sentenced in New York
[2018-01-19 20:27]
SEC defendants Christopher Cervino and Abida Khan have received one-year and four-year jail terms for their parts in a scheme run by Vancouver-linked fraudster Ed Durante. They put retirees and widows in to a now-worthless pink sheets company.  more...

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BN - Bluenose to roll ball back 1:500, split shares 500:1
[2018-01-24 02:18]
Bluenose Gold Corp. will roll back its shares one for 500 and split its shares 500 for one. The company's shares will begin trading on the TSX-V, postrollback and postsplit, on Jan. 24.more...

SVE - Silver One makes option payment for Candelaria project
[2018-01-24 01:40]
Silver One Resources Inc. has made an option payment to optionor SSR Mining Inc. for the Candelaria silver mine project in Nevada. It issued 2.82 million shares.more...

PWM - Power Metals drills six m of 1.79% Li2O at Case Lake
[2018-01-24 01:36]
Power Metals Corp. has drilled six metres of 1.79 per cent lithium oxide at its Case Lake project east of Cochrane, Ont. It has also drilled six metres of 1.67 per cent lithium oxide and 11 metres of 1.48 per cent lithium oxide.more...

BOLT - Pacific Rim begins 2018 work at TNM
[2018-01-24 01:31]
Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp. has begun 2018 work at its TNM cobalt project in Indonesia. In February, it will conduct drone-controlled topographic and photographic surveys. During this year, it will conduct drilling and test pitting.more...

AKE - Atlas Cloud acquires 1,000 mining servers
[2018-01-24 01:25]
Atlas Cloud Enterprises Inc. has acquired 1,000 application-specific integrated circuit mining servers.more...

BOLT - Pacific Rim closes $253,750 final tranche of placement
[2018-01-24 01:20]
Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp. has closed the $253,750 second and final tranche of its private placement, issuing 338,332 units at 75 cents per unit. It has raised $3.85-million over the two tranches, issuing 5.13 million units.more...

S - Sherritt Int'l warrants to trade Jan. 25
[2018-01-23 22:11]
Sherritt International Corp. warrants will trade on the TSX on Jan. 25. Each whole warrant will entitle the holder to acquire between one share and 1.25 shares based on the applicable reference cobalt price at an exercise price of $1.95 per warrant.more...

S - Sherritt Int'l to list 94,464,400 more shares Jan. 25
[2018-01-23 21:55]
Sherritt International Corp. will list 94,464,400 more shares on the TSX at the open on Jan. 25, 2018. The company has filed a prospectus supplement for a public offering of 94,464,400 units at $1.40.more...

IFOS - Itafos has $44.57M (U.S.) in advances from Ensign, Zaff
[2018-01-23 21:03]
Itafos has received advances totalling $44.57-million (U.S.) from Ensign Peak Advisors Inc. and Zaff LLC. The advances incur 15-per-cent interest and mature in January and February, 2018.more...

MKU - Mukuba Resources to remain halted
[2018-01-23 21:02]
Mukuba Resources Ltd. will remain halted, pending receipt and review of documentation regarding its planned reverse takeover.more...

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