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New Placer Dome Gold Corp. (formerly, Barrian Mining Corp.) - News release - English
[2020-10-22 08:02]

TeraGo Inc. - News release - English
[2020-10-22 08:02]

Typhoon Exploration Inc. - Letter from successor auditor
[2020-10-22 08:01]

Typhoon Exploration Inc. - Notice
[2020-10-22 08:01]

Typhoon Exploration Inc. - Letter from former auditor
[2020-10-22 08:01]

Class 1 Nickel and Technologies Limited (formerly, Lakefield Marketing Corporation) - News release - English
[2020-10-22 07:57]

SLANG Worldwide Inc. - News release - English
[2020-10-22 07:55]

Los Andes Copper Ltd. - News release - English
[2020-10-22 07:52]

Kodiak Copper Corp. - News release - English
[2020-10-22 07:52]

White Gold Corp. - News release - English
[2020-10-22 07:51]

Generation Mining Limited - News release - English
[2020-10-22 07:51]

Roscan Gold Corporation (formerly, Roscan Minerals Corporation) - News release - English
[2020-10-22 07:48]

Contact Gold Corp. - News release - English
[2020-10-22 07:47]

Palladium One Mining Inc. - News release - English
[2020-10-22 07:45]

Evertz Technologies Limited - News release - English
[2020-10-22 07:44]

Dream Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust - News release - English
[2020-10-22 07:41]

Laramide Resources Ltd. - News release - English
[2020-10-22 07:40]

Rogers Communications Inc. - News release - English
[2020-10-22 07:37]

Rogers Communications Inc. - 52-109F2 - Certification of interim filings - CFO (E)
[2020-10-22 07:37]

Rogers Communications Inc. - 52-109F2 - Certification of interim filings - CEO (E)
[2020-10-22 07:37]

Australis Capital Inc. - News release - English
[2020-10-22 07:36]

Rogers Communications Inc. - MD&A - English
[2020-10-22 07:36]

Rogers Communications Inc. - MD&A - French
[2020-10-22 07:36]

Rogers Communications Inc. - Interim financial statements/report - English
[2020-10-22 07:35]

Rogers Communications Inc. - Interim financial statements/report - French
[2020-10-22 07:35]

Stockwatch Street Wires

U:*SEC - SEC obtains $5-million (U.S.) fine for Kik Interactive
[2020-10-21 20:51]
The SEC has won a $5-million (U.S.) fine against Ontario's Kik Interactive Inc. over a $100-million (U.S.) cryptocurrency offering from 2017. A judge ruled that the offering constituted a security, and should have been registered with the SEC.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Oct. 21, 2020
[2020-10-21 20:44]
Roosevelt Capital revises the terms of its medical device QT and identifies the director nominees for its resulting issuer. Its QT target, Cloud DX, aims to raise $9.06-million. Roosevelt also settles with a former QT target, Maxx Sports, for $80,000 (U.S.).  more...

C:*MKTPOT - Cannabis Summary for Oct. 21, 2020
[2020-10-21 20:23]
Canadian cannabis sales set another monthly high. Jushi Holdings looks to raise $35.5-million as it scouts for acquisitions. Neptune Wellness and 4Front Ventures want to tap the market, too.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Oct. 21, 2020
[2020-10-21 19:34]
Pioneer Natural becomes the latest U.S. shale major to scoop up a competitor. TC Energy finally wins approval to build its NGTL expansion. Suncor reportedly mulls European asset sales, and Canadian Spirit hikes its financing as it eyes rising gas prices.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Oct. 21, 2020
[2020-10-21 19:12]
Star Diamond awaits diamond counts -- and its co-venturer's plans -- at FalCon in Saskatchewan. First Cobalt is back promoting, and hopefully exploring, its Iron Creek cobalt project in Idaho. Jervois Mining has raised cash to spur development of its ICO cobalt mine.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Oct. 21, 2020
[2020-10-21 18:51]
Battle North Gold says that its Bateman project in Northwestern Ontario is feasible -- finally. Rupert Resources has encouraging assays from Ikkari, at Pahtavaara in Finland. Nighthawk Gold has assay promise from Colomac and Aztec Minerals is pleased with Tombstone.  more...

C:*SEC - SEC cites lawyer in Blake Therapeutics pump-and-dump
[2020-10-20 20:52]
The SEC has filed more charges over the Vancouver-linked pump-and-dump of Blake Insomnia Therapeutics Inc. in 2017. A California lawyer, Jillian Sidoti, wrote false and misleading letters that made millions of shares tradable, the SEC claims.  more...

C:*MKTSHEL - Shell Summary for Oct. 20, 2020
[2020-10-20 20:42]
Aim4 Ventures plans to acquire TRC Management, a health care software company. TRC must raise $25-million, no details yet. NBS Capital plans to acquire Electric Metals, a Nevada silver explorer. Electric must raise between $4-million and $5-million at 33 cents.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Oct. 20, 2020
[2020-10-20 20:06]
Alberta grants a property tax holiday to energy producers. Tourmaline Oil's Topaz Energy prices its IPO. Spartan Delta basks in analyst attention, while Valeura Energy sells assets in Turkey and Reconnaissance Energy expects a drilling delay in Namibia.  more...

C:*MKTPOT - Cannabis Summary for Oct. 20, 2020
[2020-10-20 20:03]
Planet 13 arranges a $25-million bought deal, its third financing in as many months. Flowr agrees to buy Terrace Global for $63-million. Vivo Cannabis looks to shed assets and employees, and says goodbye to its Canna Farms president.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Oct. 20, 2020
[2020-10-20 19:42]
Brigadier Gold is set to work its Killala Lake diamond project in Northern Ontario. Huntsman Resources has raised cash for drilling at its Canegrass nickel project in Western Australia. Nickel Creek Platinum has a new head, but it remains focused on Yukon's Nickel Shaw.  more...

C:*MKTGOLD - Gold Summary for Oct. 20, 2020
[2020-10-20 18:44]
New Placer Dome Gold has new, not so exciting assays from Bolo in Nevada. Xtra-Gold Resources did better, with new assays from Double 19 at Kibi in Ghana. Equity Metals had another good day on the heels of yesterday's assays from Silver Queen, near Houston, B.C.  more...

C:*MKTDIAM - Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for Oct. 19, 2020
[2020-10-19 20:48]
Mountain Province Diamonds had a better quarter mining diamonds at Gahcho Kue. Now it needs to sell its gems. Spearmint Resources likes the look of its clay core at McGee in Nevada. Happy Creek Minerals is buoyed by drilling at Nightcrawler, on its Fox tungsten projects.  more...

C:*MKTPOT - Cannabis Summary for Oct. 19, 2020
[2020-10-19 20:26]
Canada marks two years of legalized cannabis -- or for investors, a two-year-long "horror show." Rubicon Organics floats above the carnage. Acreage Holdings retires a particularly unpleasant loan, and Cresco Labs does a lot of talking about itself.  more...

C:*MKTOIL - Energy Summary for Oct. 19, 2020
[2020-10-19 20:25]
The U.S. shale industry sees another shake-up as ConocoPhillips makes a $9.7-billion (U.S.) bid for Concho Resources. Pulse Oil cancels a financing, blaming "unfavourable market conditions." Delphi Energy completes its restructuring and gets a new CEO.  more...

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FANS - Fansunite to sell RNG games to European casinos
[2020-10-22 08:05]
Fansunite Entertainment Inc.'s Askott Games will sell its random number generated games to on-line casinos and sportsbooks in Europe. more...

RCI - Rogers Communications to pay 50-cent dividend Jan. 4
[2020-10-22 08:02]
Rogers Communications Inc. will pay a quarterly dividend of 50 cents per share on Jan. 4, 2021. The dividend is payable to holders of record on Dec. 10, 2020. more...

PHRM - Newscope signs licence deal re microneedle tech
[2020-10-22 08:01]
Newscope Capital Corp. has signed a licence agreement with BioRAE to develop and commercialize a microneedle delivery technology for use with psychedelic pharmaceuticals. more...

QSR - Globe says RBI's Tim Hortons moves to reusable cups
[2020-10-22 07:59]

TBP - Tetra Bio-Pharma signs COVID-19 research deal
[2020-10-22 07:58]
Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc. has signed a research collaboration agreement with Targeted Pharmaceutical and the George MAson University NBCID to evaluate ARDS-003 to prevent and treat COVID-19 in animals. more...

QTRH - Quarterhill to issue Q3 results Nov. 5
[2020-10-22 07:58]
Quarterhill Inc. will issue its third quarter 2020 financial results on Nov. 5, 2020. It will host a conference call to discuss these results the same day at 10 a.m. ET. more...

ETMC - E3 Metals names Sharma as senior engineer, Li process
[2020-10-22 07:55]
E3 Metals Corp. has appointed Dr. Munish Sharma as senior engineer, lithium process. more...

CBLU - Clear Blue installs Illumient lighting in Toronto
[2020-10-22 07:55]
Clear Blue Technologies International Inc. has installed Illumient smart off-grid lighting in Toronto under an agreement with the Kingsway Business Improvement Association and the City of Toronto. more...

LXX - Lexaria processes about 4.2M servings of CBD powders
[2020-10-22 07:53]
Lexaria Bioscience Corp. processed about 4.2 million servings of its DehydraTech-enabled CBD powders as of Oct. 21. It has now confirmed purchased orders for over eight million servings. more...

BAM - Globe/AP say Brookfield Asset tries to save J.C. Penney
[2020-10-22 07:52]

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