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Stockwatch System Status

Look here for information regarding system and information availability. Check here first if something seems wrong. Announcements regarding scheduled downtime will be placed here. Quoted times are Pacific Time unless otherwise indicated.

System Status as of 2017-10-19 09:40
Please see additional notes below
Sept 1, 2017 - ATS Royalty Fees
Chi-X has increased their fees. The new fees are:
Non-professional Combined ATS Level 1 = 14.25
Non-professional Chi-X Level 2 = 6.00
Professional Combined ATS Level 1 = 79.85
Professional Chi-X Level 2 = 64.00

New Features

April 2011 - ATS Data Availability

The new ATS (Alternative Trading System) is available for Stockwatch users. The ATS's trade the same stocks that are listed on the TSX and TSX Venture exchanges. You can subscribe to ATS data on the Subscription Options page - click "Your Account" at the top of any page. ATS data will be available for: Alpha Trading Systems, Chi-X Canada, Pure Trading, Omega ATS, TMX Select, TriAct Canada, LiquidNet, Lynx and Aequitas. Additional royalty fees are required.
ATS data is displayed on the main web site only, not the old site.
Currently available:

Delayed ATS Level 1 trades for TSX and TSX-V listings - web site only.
You will see delayed ATS trading if you have not subscribed to ATS Level 1. Individual ATS bid/ask is not available. All ATS's are included.
When you get a detailed quote, the consolidated quote will appear first, followed by the TSX and ATS quotes below.
Delayed ATS data is not included in the multiple quote display - only the detailed quote page.

Realtime ATS Level 1 trades and bid/ask for TSX and TSX-V listings - web site only.
TSX or TSX-V Level 1 is a prerequisite. All ATS's are included.
When you get a detailed quote, the consolidated quote will appear first, followed by the TSX and ATS quotes below.

Realtime ATS Level 1 trades and bid/ask for TSX and TSX-V - streaming realtime in the Stockwatch Desktop.
If you right-click on a TSX or TSX-V stock in your ticker view, you can select menu item "Toggle ATS Quotes."

ATS Level 2 - web site for Alpha, Chi-X, CX2, Omega, Pure, Lynx and NEO(Aequitas). TSX and/or TSX-V Market Book are prerequisites. You can subscribe to one or more of the available ATS's. Consolidated level 2 depth by price and market book will be displayed.
ATS Level 2 - streaming realtime in the Stockwatch Desktop for Alpha, Chi-X, CX2, Omega, Pure, Lynx and NEO(Aequitas).

Soon to be available:
ATS consolidated quotes for the Excel RTD plugin.

ATS data is NOT available in the Java Ticker or Daytrader Workstation. Use the Stockwatch Desktop.

Cost (non-professional):
ATS Level 1: Available combined only - currently $12.75/month (Alpha=4.50, Chi-X/CX2=0.00, Pure=2.40, Omega=2.85, TMXSelect=0.00, Triact=0.00, Liquidnet=0.00, Lynx=0.00, Aequitas=3.00)
ATS Level 2: You can subscribe to any or all ATS's (Alpha=27.00, Chi-X/CX2=0.00, Pure=18.00, Omega=6.90, TMXSelect=0.00, Triact=n/a, LiquidNet=n/a, Lynx=n/a, Aequitas=0.00)

ATS Exchange Codes:
A=Alpha X=Chi-X H=CX2 P=Pure O=Omega M=TriactMatch I=Instanet L=LiquidNet Y=Lynx U=NEO(Aequitas)

Standard + Poors Indexes - some S+P indexes are now being distributed by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and are available only on a per user subscription basis. This includes the popular 500 and 100 indexes as well as a few others. The charge to view these in realtime is USD $1.00 per month. You can subscribe to this like any other realtime product - click "Your Account" at the top, then "Subscription Options". Any subscription level can subscribe to S+P indexes.
To view the S+P indexes in the ticker, you may have to remove the index from your display, and then add it again.

Notes on Internet Explorer 7

If you have already been using our Java applets with Internet Explorer version 6, you SHOULD be able to upgrade to version 7 and have Java available with no problems.

If you have upgraded to Internet Explorer 7 and you have never installed Java before, you will have to install Sun's Java before you can use the Stockwatch ticker or Daytrader Workstation.

You can find Sun's Java download page here: http://java.com/en/download/

Note that Internet Explorer 7 cannot use the old Microsoft Java, unless you do an upgrade from version 6 which already had MS Java installed.

Notes on Delayed Data in the Live Ticker

You may see a "Data backlog" or "Data delayed" message in your ticker. What these messages mean is that your Ticker applet is not keeping up with the stream of data being sent from our server. Probably what is happening is that the Ticker applet is unable to repaint the charts and depth windows you have open fast enough to keep up to the incoming data. (Seeing this message for a short period of time when you start the Ticker during trading hours is normal.)

What you can do about this:

1) Close all of your intraday charts, or change them to 10 or 15 minute intervals if they are set to 1 minute intervals. Close any depth windows you have open. If the ticker is delayed it should display "Data Backlog" or "Data Delayed" at the bottom of the chart. If you close everything except the Ticker, it should catch up. After it has caught up, add the charts back in one at a time to determine how many you can have open, and not have the ticker lagging.

2) Close some or all of your Level II or depth by order windows.

4) Buy a faster CPU. A modern PIII at 500Mhz is unlikely to have this sort of problem. Get lots of memory while you're at it - 128Mb of RAM should allow you to run with no memory problems.

These messages were added to the Ticker applet to warn users about situations where their copy of the Ticker applet was falling behind. If you close and restart the Ticker applet it will catch up as well, but if you regulate the number of charts and depth windows in use your Ticker should always be able to keep up.

These messages do not mean that our realtime feed has fallen behind. They only mean that your local display of that feed is not keeping up. We do not put a restriction on how many charts, depth windows, or what volume of market information you receive from our site. If your computer/browser/internet connection combination is more efficient you can watch more information at a time. Seeing one of these messages raises the visibility of your local limitation and allows you to do something about it.