11:16:13 EDT Sun 16 Jun 2024
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Sym-XBid - AskLastChg%ChVol$Vol#TrOpen-Hi-LoYear Hi-LoLast TrNewsDelay
CNR - T  0.1167.22·167.440.3167.29+0.180.11,381.5229,99010,674167.00  167.57  165.40181.34  143.1316:00:00Jun 1115 min RT 2¢
TSX - T0.1167.22·167.440.3167.29+0.180.1884.5147,3765,459167.00  167.56  165.40181.34  143.1316:00:0015 min
NEO ATS - U 167.31+,597810166.72  167.57  165.4115:59:3515 min
Alpha - A 167.26+,824648167.00  167.53  165.4215:59:5515 min
Omega - O 167.25+,105269166.52  167.45  165.4515:59:4615 min
Pure - P 167.415+0.3050.219.23,175464166.80  167.50  165.5515:56:5015 min
Chi-X - X 167.33+0.220.1130.121,667650167.00  167.48  165.4015:59:3215 min
CX2 - H 167.28+,370436166.53  167.53  165.5015:59:5415 min
CXD - D 167.36+,956486166.50  167.47  165.4315:59:1015 min
TriAct - M 167.1166.010,9221,452    15 min

Recent Trades - Last 10 of 10674
Time ETExPriceChangeVolumeBuyerSellerMarkers
16:00:00T167.290.18487 TD Sec53 Morgan StanleyQ
16:00:00T167.290.1887 TD Sec53 Morgan StanleyQ
16:00:00T167.290.18727 TD Sec1 AnonymousQ
16:00:00T167.290.18167 TD Sec53 Morgan StanleyQ
16:00:00T167.290.18747 TD Sec65 GoldmanQ
16:00:00T167.290.18487 TD Sec65 GoldmanQ
16:00:00T167.290.18997 TD Sec53 Morgan StanleyQ
16:00:00T167.290.18997 TD Sec53 Morgan StanleyQ
16:00:00T167.290.18897 TD Sec79 CIBCQ
16:00:00T167.290.18697 TD Sec1 AnonymousQ

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Recent Bulletins
Date ETSymbolPriceTypeHeadline
2024-06-11 09:00C:CNR171.11In the NewsFP/CP say CN track work halts travel to Big Apple
2024-06-10 07:57C:CNR171.11In the NewsFP says CN, CPKC rail dispute drags on
2024-06-06 12:38C:CNR172.52News ReleaseCN offers binding arbitration to TCRC
2024-06-04 08:23C:CNR171.61In the NewsGlobe says strikes at CN, CPKC will hurt economy
2024-06-03 13:35C:CNR173.50News ReleaseCNR partners with Sports Hall for indigenous athletes
2024-05-29 14:22C:CNR168.96News ReleaseCanadian National adds firefighting trains, railcars
2024-05-29 09:03C:CNR168.96In the NewsFP/wire say CN, CPKC strike delayed for now
2024-05-24 08:05C:CNR173.49In the NewsGlobe/wire say CPKC strike unlikely before mid-July
2024-05-23 07:24C:CNR174.58In the NewsGlobe says CN CEO excited by new port opportunities
2024-05-21 07:17C:CNR173.19In the NewsGlobe says Via Rail must make way for CN trains
2024-05-17 08:34C:CNR172.34In the NewsFP/wire say Nutrien prepares for rail disruption
2024-05-17 07:48C:CNR172.34In the NewsGlobe says CPKC, Teamsters to resume bargaining
2024-05-16 12:42C:CNR170.68News ReleaseCN Railway makes new offer to Teamsters Canada
2024-05-16 07:49C:CNR170.68In the NewsFP say CN sees Via Rail's losses mount
2024-05-16 07:31C:CNR170.68In the NewsGlobe/CP say Ottawa to buy Quebec Bridge from CN
2024-05-15 07:44C:CNR172.57In the NewsGlobe/CP say CN hears Via aims to beat 2019 ride levels
2024-05-14 16:38C:CNR172.57News ReleaseCN's CNTL ratifies tentative deal with Unifor drivers
2024-05-14 11:15C:CNR172.94News ReleaseCN Railway opens Flat Rock transload logistics facility
2024-05-14 07:46C:CNR172.57In the NewsFP/CP say labour tribunal mulling risk of a CN strike
2024-05-14 07:43C:CNR172.94In the NewsGlobe says court gives CN nod to keep working on hub