15:24:19 EST Wed 22 Nov 2017
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T:ACB.WT - AURORA CANNABIS INC WTS - http://auroramj.com15:24:19 EST
Sym-XBid - AskLastChg%ChVol$Vol#TrOpen-Hi-LoYear Hi-LoLast TrNewsDelay
ACB.WT - T  1.12.65 · 2.670.12.66+0.249.9352.78922402.45  2.68  2.453.33  0.5315:04:3209:2415 min RT 2¢
TSX - T1.12.65 · 2.670.12.68+0.2610.7306.87741962.45  2.68  2.453.33  0.5314:59:5615 min
Alpha - A 2.420.102    Nov 16 09:55:3115 min
Chi-X - X 2.49+  2.49  2.4813:44:4615 min
CX2 - H 2.49+  2.49  2.4813:44:4615 min
TriAct - M 2.4211.6315    15 min
NEO - U 2.66+0.249.930.477252.45  2.67  2.4515:04:3215 min

Recent Trades - Last 10 of 240
Time ETExPriceChangeVolumeBuyerSellerMarkers
14:59:56T2.680.2630019 Desjardins99 JitneyK
14:55:15T2.660.241,00099 Jitney99 JitneyK
14:55:07T2.660.243,00099 Jitney7 TD SecK
14:55:07T2.650.232,00099 Jitney99 JitneyK
14:53:57T2.630.219009 BMO Nesbitt2 RBCK
14:48:59T2.660.2410099 Jitney2 RBCK
14:47:18T2.670.2510099 Jitney99 JitneyK
14:46:53T2.670.25757 TD Sec2 RBC
14:46:53T2.670.2570099 Jitney2 RBCK
14:46:30T2.660.249,00099 Jitney9 BMO NesbittK

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Recent Bulletins
Date ETSymbolExPriceTypeHeadline
2017-11-22 09:24C:ACB6.07News ReleaseAurora Cannabis talks up Health Canada pot proposal
2017-11-22 06:39C:ACB6.07In the NewsGlobe says CanniMed maintained at "speculative buy"
2017-11-22 06:37C:ACB6.07In the NewsGlobe/wire say Canopy, rivals hear pot going to GDP
2017-11-21 07:43C:ACB5.85In the NewsGlobe says Aurora turns hostile to take over CanniMed
2017-11-21 06:37C:ACB5.85In the NewsGlobe says Canopy's growth a problem for some funds
2017-11-21 06:34C:ACB5.85In the NewsGlobe says Canopy, rivals see pot approach varies
2017-11-20 07:45C:ACB5.51News ReleaseAurora Cannabis to make offer to acquire CanniMed
2017-11-17 07:50C:ACB5.40In the NewsFP/CP say Newstrike in merger talks with CanniMed
2017-11-16 13:01C:ACB5.40News ReleaseAurora Cannabis to convert remaining 7% debentures
2017-11-16 08:23C:ACB6.22News ReleaseAurora Cannabis arranges $100-million financing
2017-11-16 05:55C:ACB6.22In the NewsGlobe/CP say CanniMed to review Aurora takeover bid
2017-11-15 11:35C:ACB6.41News ReleaseAurora Cannabis accelerates warrant expiry date
2017-11-15 09:04C:ACB6.41In the NewsGlobe says Aurora, others see curbs on stoned driving
2017-11-15 08:30C:ACB6.41In the NewsGlobe says Aurora seen as emerging pot darling
2017-11-15 07:20C:ACB6.22In the NewsVan Sun says Aurora makes bid for CanniMed