04:36:21 EDT Sun 22 Apr 2018
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Value of Portfolio 1 - $cad - Sun 22 36 2018 04:36 Portfolio Transactions
No portfolio transactions!

Portfolio Value Summary in $cad as of 04:36 Sun 22 Apr 2018

Total $Bought$ 0
Total $Sold$ 0
Total Equity Cost$ 0
Current Equity Value$ 0
Your Net Return $ 0   0.00%

Net Cash From Trades$ 0
Total Cash Deposits$ 0
Total Cash Dividends$ 0
Total Cash Withdrawals$ 0
Fixed Cash Balance$ 0
Total Cash Balance$ 0
Current Equity Value$ 0
Total Portfolio Value$ 0

• Your buy and sell transactions are factored into the cash holdings in your portfolio. You can enter cash deposits and withdrawals for your portfolio to match your actual transactions and broker statements. If you do this, you may wish to zero the "fixed" cash balance, which is not adjusted for your buys and sells. Click "Portfolio Transactions" to get the complete list - you can make this exactly match your broker statements. You can maintain your cash transactions from the "Portfolio/Edit Portfolio" menu selection. In particular you should probably enter a cash deposit dated before your first stock transaction, in order to set your account value to the actual amount at the time.
• You can enter a stock restructure transaction if your stock splits or consolidates.
• If your stock changes symbol, you can change the symbol on the portfolio edit page, and your previous transactions will remain in place with the original symbol.
• You can enter a stock option to purchase - it will be valued only if it is in the money.
• You can enter a stock and/or cash dividend. For a cash dividend you can enter the amount per share and the total payment is added to your cash balance. Or, if your mutual fund pays a dividend of 0.05 units per unit held, you can enter that amount as a stock dividend and your holdings are increased.
• If you want to mix US and Canadian currencies, you can set the exchange rate individually for each buy or sell transaction.
• The %Net value shown for each stock is now based on the actual amount you have spent buying the stock.
• You can generate a report for a date in the past.
• You can compare your reported values with an earlier date - changes in each stock will be shown.
• Please use the
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