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News for U:*SEC from 2023-07-20 to 2024-07-19 - 164 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther CAUS
2024-07-19 20:03U:*SECStreet WireSEC wins $1.4M (U.S.) judgment for Petroteq tout Arthur
2024-07-18 21:04U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Sexton appealing $18.9M (U.S.) judgment
2024-07-17 06:47U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe/wire say SEC told Guo found guilty in New York
2024-07-15 19:48U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Padilla's home targeted by prosecutors
2024-07-12 16:53U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Skriloff accepts U.S. ban, fine
2024-07-11 14:00U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Fargesen sentenced to five years
2024-07-11 08:00U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe/wire say SEC target Hwang convicted of fraud
2024-07-05 17:16U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Fargesen facing 6-1/2 years in prison
2024-07-03 19:53U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Heatherington receives 3-1/2 years
2024-07-02 20:16U:*SECStreet WireSEC wins case against offshore operator Gentile
2024-06-26 19:53U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Ciccarelli sentenced to one year
2024-06-25 19:39U:*SECStreet WireSEC files charges over Torchlight Energy manipulation
2024-06-24 08:45U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe/NYT say SEC told U.K. rules on climate disclosure
2024-06-20 20:20U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Heatherington facing four-year sentence
2024-06-19 19:03U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Sripetch appeals $3.3M (U.S.) judgment
2024-06-18 20:42U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Heatherington makes his sentencing pitch
2024-06-14 18:30U:*SECStreet WireSEC permanently bans Scott Marshall associate Tucker
2024-06-13 19:55U:*SECStreet WireSEC wins $10M (U.S.) order for California tout Giguiere
2024-06-13 07:13U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe says SEC fines Anson for short-selling disclosure
2024-06-12 20:14U:*SECStreet WireSEC fines Anson entities $2.25-million (U.S.)
2024-06-11 20:33U:*SECStreet WireSEC's Nonko defendant Avnon to plead guilty
2024-05-30 20:03U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Dills sentenced to house arrest
2024-05-23 20:24U:*SECStreet WireSEC boiler room defendant Matz receives house arrest
2024-05-22 19:52U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Ciccarelli facing 33-month sentence
2024-05-22 09:12U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe/wire say SEC told foreigners might not like T+1
2024-05-14 20:00U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Dills looks to avoid prison
2024-05-13 20:14U:*SECStreet WireSEC wins $5.86M (U.S.) in fines for Sharp associates
2024-05-13 07:38U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe says SEC finds markets moving to 24/7 trading
2024-05-08 20:16U:*SECStreet WireSEC charges Alomari, aka "GMoney," for on-line touting
2024-05-06 20:21U:*SECStreet WireSEC bans, fines Neptune Wellness ex Moretz
2024-04-30 16:44U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Zhao receives four months in prison
2024-04-29 19:47U:*SECStreet WireSEC permanently bans Argus defendant McAlpine
2024-04-24 19:57U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Zhao facing three-year sentence
2024-04-23 20:20U:*SECStreet WireSEC fines, suspends former Petroteq CFO Korb
2024-04-19 19:50U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Jamani denies wrongdoing
2024-04-18 20:57U:*SECStreet WireSEC wins ban, $1.3-million (U.S.) judgment for Patel
2024-04-17 20:25U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Hackett looks to re-open case
2024-04-16 20:48U:*SECStreet WireSEC wins $2.3-million (U.S.) judgment for Stubos's wife
2024-04-12 19:57U:*SECStreet WireSEC orders Petroteq ex Blyumkin to pay $2M (U.S.)
2024-04-11 21:06U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Abujudeh receives probationary sentence
2024-04-09 20:36U:*SECStreet WireSEC fines, bans Ontario lawyer Borden
2024-04-08 20:38U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendants Mikula, Fernandez plead guilty
2024-04-04 20:23U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Bauer pleads not guilty
2024-04-03 20:20U:*SECStreet WireSEC seeks ban, $2.4-million (U.S.) judgment for Patel
2024-04-02 20:24U:*SECStreet WireSEC wins $45.9-million (U.S.) judgment for Mimun
2024-03-27 18:29U:*SECStreet WireSEC wins permanent ban for Quebec's Di Carlo
2024-03-26 20:58U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Farber denies wrongdoing
2024-03-22 20:30U:*SECStreet WireSEC seeks permanent ban for Biozoom defendant Panther
2024-03-21 20:28U:*SECStreet WireSEC wins ban, $7.2-million (U.S.) judgment for Dills
2024-03-19 08:00U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe says SEC dings Toronto's Delphia for "AI washing"
2024-03-15 18:09U:*SECStreet WireSEC's Biozoom defendant Ciupiak permanently banned
2024-03-13 20:53U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Babini sentenced to time served
2024-03-07 20:43U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Babini facing eight-month sentence
2024-03-07 08:05U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe/AP say SEC approves less stringent GHG reporting
2024-03-06 23:50U:*SECStreet WireSEC's penalties "far beyond reasonable," says Friesen
2024-03-01 19:48U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Dhillon's Long Beach home headed for sale
2024-02-28 20:59U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Zhao agrees to surrender passport
2024-02-27 20:11U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Rayat accepts ban, $2.7M (U.S.) judgment
2024-02-26 07:43U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe/wire say SEC defendant Binance fined $4.3B (U.S.)
2024-02-26 07:13U:*SECIn the NewsFP/wire say SEC mulls social-media player Reddit's IPO
2024-02-23 20:43U:*SECStreet WireSEC revokes St. Julien's Forcefield Energy
2024-02-22 06:55U:*SECIn the NewsVan Sun says SEC suspect fights for money in B.C. court
2024-02-21 20:46U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Almagarby appeals ban, wins
2024-02-20 21:05U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Mikula facing criminal charges
2024-02-16 20:32U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Gastauer wins appeal of $4M (U.S.) order
2024-02-15 20:11U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Scott avoids jail for SAExploration fraud
2024-02-14 20:44U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Sripetch seeks redo of $5.8M (U.S.) order
2024-02-12 20:44U:*SECStreet WireSEC seeks ban, $13.57-million (U.S.) order for Rice
2024-02-08 21:09U:*SECStreet WireSEC wins $5.81M (U.S.) order against "King Richards"
2024-02-05 20:39U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Whiteley makes his sentencing pitch
2024-01-31 20:26U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Scott looks to avoid U.S. jail term
2024-01-29 20:35U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Patel receives probation for VMS scheme
2024-01-26 20:37U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Scott agrees to pay $219,940 (U.S.)
2024-01-25 20:38U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Zhao ordered to remain in U.S., again
2024-01-24 21:05U:*SECStreet WireSEC permanently bans "King Richards" associate Williams
2024-01-24 09:10U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe/wire say SEC told adolescent bitcoin growing up
2024-01-23 06:56U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe/NYT say SEC rules put to test over emission cuts
2024-01-22 21:04U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Patel looks to avoid jail
2024-01-22 07:04U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe/wire say SEC's okay leads to bitcoin milestone
2024-01-19 20:49U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Dills to plead guilty
2024-01-19 08:19U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe/wire say SEC finds new bitcoin ETFs a popular buy
2024-01-18 20:49U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Page arrested on U.S. charges
2024-01-16 20:38U:*SECStreet WireSEC cites Jamani for $4.7M (U.S.) OTC Markets scheme
2024-01-12 20:39U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Patel facing eight-month U.S. sentence
2024-01-12 07:50U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe says despite SEC's move, take a pass on bitcoin
2024-01-11 19:55U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Palatnik receives 6-1/2 years
2024-01-10 23:32U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Sharp indicted in Boston
2024-01-10 09:20U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe/wire say hack had SEC claiming bitcoin ETF okayed
2024-01-09 20:16U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Palatnik facing eight-year sentence
2024-01-08 20:36U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Heatherington to plead guilty
2024-01-04 20:06U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Schottenstein settles out of court
2024-01-03 20:01U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Palatnik seeks military service sentence
2024-01-02 20:34U:*SECStreet WireSEC seeks $5.8M (U.S.) judgment for "King Richards"
2024-01-02 07:55U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe/wire say SEC likely to have another go at Ripple
2023-12-29 20:05U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Carnovale accepts permanent U.S. ban
2023-12-27 08:10U:*SECIn the NewsPost says SEC foils alleged Babini pump-and-dump scheme
2023-12-19 20:16U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Rayat settles Renovacare charges
2023-12-18 20:12U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant "Rocket" Knox jetting off to ski resort
2023-12-14 19:53U:*SECStreet WireSEC's Loop defendants still facing criminal charges
2023-12-13 20:09U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Carrillo's ex-wife wins BMW battle
2023-12-12 20:19U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Babini to plead guilty
2023-12-11 21:01U:*SECStreet WireSEC seeks $60M (U.S.) in penalties for Sharp defendants
2023-12-08 19:41U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Zhao deemed a flight risk by U.S. judge
2023-12-07 07:15U:*SECIn the NewsPost/FT say SEC ponders giving legitimacy to crypto
2023-12-05 20:15U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant McAlpine facing $18,066 (U.S.) restitution
2023-12-04 20:27U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Knox facing $58M (U.S.) restitution order
2023-11-30 20:43U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Hastings loses $1M (U.S.) bank account
2023-11-28 20:20U:*SECStreet WireSEC seeks $10.7M (U.S.) in penalties for Giguiere
2023-11-27 20:36U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Zhao must remain in U.S., for now
2023-11-27 08:16U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe says SEC target Zhao eager to settle charges
2023-11-27 07:39U:*SECIn the NewsVan Sun says SEC, AMF see Sharp back in court Dec. 7
2023-11-24 19:58U:*SECStreet WireSEC permanently bans DeFrancesco associates Diaz, Rezk
2023-11-23 19:45U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Zhao a flight risk, prosecutors say
2023-11-23 08:18U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe says crypto lives on despite SEC's best efforts
2023-11-22 20:32U:*SECStreet WireSEC charges two more defendants in Canafarma fraud
2023-11-22 08:30U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe/NYT say SEC targets Binance, Zhao plead guilty
2023-11-22 07:42U:*SECIn the NewsFP/wire say SEC expected to allow bitcoin ETF
2023-11-21 19:32U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Binance to pay $4.3-billion (U.S.)
2023-11-20 08:18U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe/wire say Lagarde pushes for SEC-style regulator
2023-11-16 20:27U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Miller looks to avoid $1.2M (U.S.) fine
2023-11-14 20:38U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Beatty accepts permanent ban
2023-11-09 20:37U:*SECStreet WireSEC awarded handful of "Rocket" Knox's bank accounts
2023-11-03 07:38U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe says RBC to pay millions for juicing accounts
2023-11-02 20:37U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Padilla sentenced to 5-1/2 years
2023-10-31 20:34U:*SECStreet WireSEC says HD View defendant Cohen ignoring charges
2023-10-30 20:42U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Gasarch's jury verdict stands
2023-10-27 20:36U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Babini negotiating plea deal in Boston
2023-10-26 20:35U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Padilla facing 5-1/2 years in prison
2023-10-25 09:27U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe/wire say bitcoin gets boost from SEC expectations
2023-10-25 08:20U:*SECIn the NewsGlobe says Europe imposes ESG rules, SEC next
2023-10-20 20:29U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Rayat seeks settlement talks
2023-10-18 20:42U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Sidhu agrees to pay $2.65M (U.S.)
2023-10-17 20:48U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Hastings sees Hawaiian house sold
2023-10-16 20:31U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Martinez sentenced for Dhillon scheme
2023-10-13 20:11U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Knox receives three-year sentence
2023-10-11 20:22U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendants Fargesen, Palatnik plead guilty in N.Y.
2023-10-10 20:31U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Knox facing 32 months in jail
2023-10-04 20:31U:*SECStreet WireSEC defeats Vancouver's Gasarch, Friesen at trial
2023-10-03 20:23U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Kon loses appeal of $760,058 (U.S.) order
2023-10-02 20:39U:*SECStreet WireSEC's Petroteq defendant Korb settles out of court
2023-09-29 20:29U:*SECStreet WireSEC emerges victorious against Montana's Rice
2023-09-28 20:20U:*SECStreet WireSEC wins $1.2-million (U.S.) judgment against McKnight
2023-09-25 20:32U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Offill's victim seeks properties, Rolex
2023-09-22 20:23U:*SECStreet WireSEC has no authority over crypto, Zhao says
2023-09-20 20:25U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Destler protests Loop Industries charges
2023-09-18 20:25U:*SECStreet WireSEC permanently bans "King Richards"
2023-09-15 20:35U:*SECStreet WireSEC asks judge to permanently ban Abakan's Miller
2023-09-13 20:35U:*SECStreet WireSEC wins $6.1-million (U.S.) judgment against Stubos
2023-09-12 20:40U:*SECStreet WireSEC wins $52.9-million judgment against Carrillo
2023-09-11 20:48U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Hackett to remain in prison
2023-09-08 20:39U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Dhillon agrees to pay $10.4M (U.S.)
2023-09-07 20:27U:*SECStreet WireSEC fines Fluor, execs for overstating earnings
2023-08-29 20:34U:*SECStreet WireSEC says Sharp's offshore records authentic, admissible
2023-08-24 20:27U:*SECStreet WireSEC says Sexton facing up to $22.1M (U.S.) in sanctions
2023-08-23 20:37U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Hackett looks to exit prison early
2023-08-21 20:20U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Hirschy receives probationary sentence
2023-08-18 20:29U:*SECStreet WireSEC permanently bans former HD View CEO Mancino
2023-08-17 20:45U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Padilla pleads guilty in Boston
2023-08-16 20:41U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Sexton seeks to thaw frozen accounts
2023-08-14 20:39U:*SECStreet WireSEC's case based on "fictional accounts," B.C. man says
2023-08-08 20:15U:*SECStreet WireSEC's text-message police fine BMO, others $549M (U.S.)
2023-08-03 20:30U:*SECStreet WireSEC bans New Jersey's Anglim for OTC manipulations
2023-07-26 20:34U:*SECStreet WireSEC wins ban, fine for Upper Street defendant Dudley
2023-07-21 20:45U:*SECStreet WireSEC defendant Roda reaches $560,762 (U.S.) settlement