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News for C:TSF from 2020-08-03 to 2021-08-02 - 62 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther CAUS
2021-07-21 22:40C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.50News ReleaseTracesafe talks revenue, omits Q2 P&L from NR
2021-07-21 16:31C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.50SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2021-07-21 16:31C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.50SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2021-07-19 11:28C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.50News ReleaseTracesafe adds contactless access control to products
2021-07-15 15:41C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.43News ReleaseTracesafe to provide wearable tech for Calgary Stampede
2021-07-06 15:18C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.52News ReleaseTracesafe signs one-year agreement with Oil Search
2021-06-14 11:16C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.62News ReleaseTracesafe releases new wearable devices
2021-05-31 14:07C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.67SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2021-05-31 14:07C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.67SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2021-05-26 12:12C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.64News ReleaseTracesafe's Q1 revenue at $1.3-million (U.S.)
2021-05-20 12:01C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.58News ReleaseTracesafe files outstanding 2020 financials
2021-05-17 07:48C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.69SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2021-05-17 07:41C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.69SEDAR Audited Annual Financial StatementsSEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements
2021-05-14 23:11C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.69News ReleaseTracesafe fails to file 2020 results by May 14
2021-05-05 07:50C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.74News ReleaseTracesafe signs wearable tech deal with cruise line
2021-05-03 23:48C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.73News ReleaseTracesafe receives MCTO from OSC
2021-04-29 22:04C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.83News ReleaseTracesafe to be late in filing 2020 results
2021-04-29 12:16C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.83News ReleaseTracesafe joins Telus procurement ecosystem
2021-04-26 06:18C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.75News ReleaseTracesafe, PlotProjects partner for European expansion
2021-04-20 13:04C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.72News ReleaseTracesafe forms partnership with Hubbcat
2021-04-19 11:37C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.71News ReleaseTracesafe estimates $3.6-million (U.S.) in 2020 sales
2021-04-12 11:59C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.96News ReleaseTracesafe joins Future Borders Coalition
2021-04-07 11:31C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.93News ReleaseTracesafe to provide contract tracing at hockey event
2021-03-30 10:59C:TSFTracesafe Inc1.03News ReleaseTracesafe appoints Graham as CFO, Tam resigns
2021-03-16 11:51C:TSFTracesafe Inc1.45News ReleaseTracesafe signs tech deal with transportation co.
2021-03-15 12:25C:TSFTracesafe Inc1.48News ReleaseTracesafe investment Airbeam cancels amalgamation
2021-03-10 10:30C:TSFTracesafe Inc1.14News ReleaseTracesafe begins time, attendance pilot program
2021-03-05 09:24C:TSFTracesafe Inc1.12News ReleaseTracesafe investment Airbeam to go public, raise $25M
2021-02-25 12:21C:TSFTracesafe Inc1.40News ReleaseTracesafe processing 15 million contacts per day
2021-02-16 12:27C:TSFTracesafe Inc1.75News ReleaseTracesafe to ship 10,000 units to Malaysia outfit
2021-02-09 11:10C:TSFTracesafe Inc1.21News ReleaseTracesafe wins order for 60,000 wearable units
2021-01-26 11:33C:TSFTracesafe Inc1.09News ReleaseTracesafe touts wearable safety tech use in Singapore
2021-01-21 10:26C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.72News ReleaseTracesafe enters cruise liner partnership with Tritan
2021-01-19 09:58C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.72News ReleaseTracesafe begins cruise ship pilot projects
2021-01-15 08:37C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.70News ReleaseTracesafe tech used at Edmonton hockey championships
2021-01-14 10:22C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.54News ReleaseTracesafe forms cruise ship division led by MacKillop
2021-01-12 10:40C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.55News ReleaseTracesafe keeps children's TV show safe from COVID-19
2021-01-05 10:12C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.61News ReleaseTracesafe forms partnership with TTG Canada
2020-12-29 09:41C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.66News ReleaseTracesafe to provide contact tracing to Cayman gov't
2020-12-14 09:03C:TSFTracesafe IncNews ReleaseTracesafe to act as IIHF World Junior tracing partner
2020-12-10 13:57C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.72SEDAR Annual Information FormSEDAR Annual Information Form
2020-12-08 12:56C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.73News ReleaseTracesafe to supply contact-tracing tech to Mass. arena
2020-12-07 10:22C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.64News ReleaseTracesafe to list products on Telus IoT marketplace
2020-12-02 10:48C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.465News ReleaseTracesafe appoints Tevlin as director
2020-12-01 12:22C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.465News ReleaseTracesafe cheers Airbeam's RTO with First Responder
2020-12-01 11:20C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.355Resume TradingTracesafe to resume at 8:30 a.m. PT
2020-11-30 09:17C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.355Halt TradingTracesafe halted at 6:15 a.m. PT
2020-11-25 17:41C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.30SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2020-11-25 17:41C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.30SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2020-11-11 10:11C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.40News ReleaseTracesafe releases Patient Path product line
2020-10-29 10:46C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.475News ReleaseTracesafe's tech now being used by students in Texas
2020-10-21 16:33C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.47News ReleaseTracesafe joins UKG Dimensions partner network
2020-09-24 07:20C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.58News ReleaseTracesafe uses quarantine mgmt product in Caymans
2020-09-23 09:49C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.64News ReleaseTracesafe receives order for 30,000 wristbands
2020-09-10 11:26C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.55News ReleaseTracesafe receives 120,000-wristband order from H.K.
2020-09-04 09:27C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.63In the NewsPost says Tracesafe earns praise for COVID tracing
2020-08-31 13:44C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.74SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2020-08-31 13:44C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.74SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2020-08-26 07:10C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.77News ReleaseTracesafe increases safety tech capacity
2020-08-07 17:55C:TSFTracesafe Inc0.90News ReleaseTracesafe closes $4-million private placement
2020-08-04 14:00C:TSFTracesafe Inc1.19News ReleaseTracesafe to provide quarantine management in India
2020-08-04 11:41C:TSFTracesafe Inc1.19Resume TradingTracesafe to resume at 8:45 a.m. PT