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News for C:TLRY from 2021-08-20 to 2022-08-19 - 82 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther CAUS
2022-08-17 09:13C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc5.39News ReleaseTilray division receives market approval in Poland
2022-08-04 10:46C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc5.20News ReleaseTilray's Breckenridge to release two bourbon blends
2022-08-03 09:55C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc5.00News ReleaseTilray's Fresh Hemp Foods signs U.S. distribution deal
2022-07-29 08:33C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc4.67In the NewsGlobe says Tilray write-offs make for heavy Q4 losses
2022-07-28 17:04C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc4.67SEDAR Annual ReportSEDAR Annual Report
2022-07-28 17:04C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc4.67SEDAR Audited Annual Financial StatementsSEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements
2022-07-28 17:04C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc4.67SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2022-07-28 09:54C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc4.18News ReleaseTilray losses rise to $434.13M (U.S.) in fiscal 2022
2022-07-25 08:01C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc4.52In the NewsGlobe says Canopy, rivals slide on U.S. bill worries
2022-07-20 09:27C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc4.56In the NewsPost says short sellers backing off Tilray, Canopy
2022-07-19 09:35C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc4.42News ReleaseTilray launches medical cannabis education platform
2022-07-14 10:31C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc4.84News ReleaseTilray Brands to release fiscal 2022 results July 28
2022-07-12 17:00C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc4.19News ReleaseHexo, Tilray close note transaction, commercial deals
2022-07-06 12:15C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc4.56News ReleaseTilray releases hash-infused prerolls in Quebec
2022-07-05 10:54C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc4.02News ReleaseHexo shareholders approve note transaction with Tilray
2022-06-29 09:37C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc4.46News ReleaseTilray Brands adds to U.K. medical pot portfolio
2022-06-22 11:51C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc4.25News ReleaseTilray hosts Luxembourg delegation at Portugal campus
2022-06-16 12:25C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc4.03News ReleaseTilray's Broken Coast releases summer product lineup
2022-06-14 11:27C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc4.09News ReleaseHexo amends Tilray Brands deal
2022-06-13 09:37C:TLRYTilray Brands IncIn the NewsGlobe says Organigram, others cry foul over pot taxes
2022-06-07 13:29C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc4.98News ReleaseTilray Brands' Aphria launches CBN Night Oil
2022-06-02 07:58C:TLRYTilray Brands IncIn the NewsGlobe says Canopy, rivals not living up to expectations
2022-05-26 10:34C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc5.96News ReleaseTilray Brands rolls out Pollen on Amazon U.K.
2022-05-24 06:33C:TLRYTilray Brands Inc5.44In the NewsGlobe says Canopy, others struggle amid downsizing
2022-05-17 22:39C:TLRYTilray Inc6.58Change NameTilray name change to Tilray Brands
2022-05-12 10:26C:TLRYTilray Inc5.29News ReleaseTilray launches Good Supply wax vapes, flower strains
2022-04-25 11:16C:TLRYTilray Inc6.73News ReleaseTilray's Breckenridge advertises Collectors Art Series
2022-04-13 08:38C:TLRYTilray Inc7.84In the NewsGlobe/wire say Tilray agrees to pay Hexo debt
2022-04-12 09:13C:TLRYTilray Inc7.84News ReleaseTilray Brands firms up proposed partnership with Hexo
2022-04-06 16:23C:TLRYTilray Inc9.10SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2022-04-06 16:23C:TLRYTilray Inc9.10SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2022-04-06 09:29C:TLRYTilray Inc8.76News ReleaseTilray subsidiary to sell Hemp+ powders at Whole Foods
2022-04-06 09:27C:TLRYTilray Inc9.10News ReleaseTilray earns $52.47-million (U.S.) in fiscal Q3 2022
2022-04-05 10:42C:TLRYTilray Inc9.28News ReleaseTilray launches Solei Bites pot edibles in Quebec
2022-03-31 08:28C:TLRYTilray Inc9.69In the NewsGlobe says ShawCor, others have shrinking earnings
2022-03-30 10:30C:TLRYTilray Inc10.36News ReleaseTilray Brands to release Q3 2022 results April 6
2022-03-28 09:34C:TLRYTilray Inc10.72In the NewsGlobe/wire say Tilray gives pot bears a poke
2022-03-24 11:33C:TLRYTilray Inc8.79News ReleaseTilray says after a tough day, try nighttime CBN vape
2022-03-17 09:43C:TLRYTilray Inc6.75News ReleaseTilray division releases medical cannabis oil in Malta
2022-03-08 11:38C:TLRYTilray Inc6.58News ReleaseTilray releases Good Supply Hash Bats prerolls
2022-03-03 09:41C:TLRYTilray Inc6.88News ReleaseTilray Brands talks proposed partnership with Hexo
2022-03-02 10:21C:TLRYTilray Inc7.45News ReleaseTilray's Manitoba Harvest talks new hemp food lineup
2022-02-22 11:09C:TLRYTilray Inc8.12News ReleaseTilray's SweetWater expands distribution to Wash., Ore.
2022-02-17 10:43C:TLRYTilray Inc9.11News ReleaseTilray completes first medical cannabis sale in Malta
2022-02-10 12:14C:TLRYTilray Inc8.74News ReleaseTilray's Breckenridge to release special V-Day whiskey
2022-02-09 09:32C:TLRYTilray Inc8.74News ReleaseTilray brand SweetWater expands distribution to Calif.
2022-02-08 10:07C:TLRYTilray Inc7.93News ReleaseTilray groups medical pot brands under Tilray Medical
2022-01-25 09:27C:TLRYTilray Inc7.24News ReleaseTilray offers medical pot whole flower in Australia
2022-01-20 09:48C:TLRYTilray Inc7.42News ReleaseTilray advertises Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts
2022-01-17 09:31C:TLRYTilray Inc8.60In the NewsFP/wire say Tilray, Canopy continue to struggle
2022-01-12 07:55C:TLRYTilray Inc8.91In the NewsGlobe says Bottomley maintains Tilray at "hold"
2022-01-11 09:33C:TLRYTilray Inc9.23In the NewsFP/wire say Tilray beats Q2 profit estimates
2022-01-10 14:13C:TLRYTilray Inc8.13SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2022-01-10 14:12C:TLRYTilray Inc8.13SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2022-01-10 07:25C:TLRYTilray Inc9.23News ReleaseTilray earns $5.79-million (U.S.) in fiscal Q2
2021-12-20 09:55C:TLRYTilray Inc10.25News ReleaseTilray to release Q2 2022 results Jan. 10
2021-12-13 09:16C:TLRYTilray Inc10.98In the NewsGlobe/CP say Canopy, others hit by uneven city rules
2021-12-08 10:31C:TLRYTilray Inc11.94News ReleaseIntelGenx says Tilray oral film breaches agreement
2021-12-08 07:21C:TLRYTilray Inc11.94News ReleaseTilray acquires Breckenridge Distillery
2021-12-06 06:16C:TLRYTilray Inc11.68In the NewsGlobe says Tilray, others left out of Board Games
2021-12-02 09:12C:TLRYTilray Inc11.87News ReleaseTilray's Aphria launches medical pot oral strips
2021-11-22 17:37C:TLRYTilray Inc13.32News ReleaseTilray holds 2021 AGM, pegs EU as growth market
2021-11-16 11:28C:TLRYTilray Inc16.27News ReleaseTilray to hold virtual AGM Nov. 22
2021-11-16 06:49C:TLRYTilray Inc16.28In the NewsGlobe says Tilray, others seen as spinning their wheels
2021-11-04 13:51C:TLRYTilray IncNews ReleaseTilray's SweetWater, Riff release RTD vodka soda
2021-10-26 10:30C:TLRYTilray Inc13.66News ReleaseTilray to supply pot to Luxembourg Ministry of Health
2021-10-20 09:36C:TLRYTilray Inc14.44News ReleaseTilray signs cannabis brokerage deal with Great North
2021-10-19 11:16C:TLRYTilray Inc14.44News ReleaseTilray appoints MacNeil as president of Tilray Canada
2021-10-12 09:23C:TLRYTilray Inc13.06In the NewsGlobe says despite losses, Tilray CEO rakes in the cash
2021-10-12 08:17C:TLRYTilray Inc13.06In the NewsGlobe says Bottomley keeps Tilray at "market perform"
2021-10-08 08:21C:TLRYTilray Inc13.80In the NewsGlobe says Tilray wants to gobble up domestic players
2021-10-07 16:48C:TLRYTilray Inc13.80SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2021-10-07 16:48C:TLRYTilray Inc13.80SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2021-10-07 07:17C:TLRYTilray Inc13.60News ReleaseTilray loses $34.6-million (U.S.) in fiscal Q1
2021-09-27 09:09C:TLRYTilray Inc14.78In the NewsGlobe says Aurora, Tilray hit pot holes
2021-09-23 12:11C:TLRYTilray Inc15.22News ReleaseTilray to release Q1 2022 financial results Oct. 7
2021-09-15 07:11C:TLRYTilray Inc14.90In the NewsGlobe says it's hard times for Canopy Growth, rivals
2021-09-10 11:51C:TLRYTilray Inc15.76News ReleaseTilray holders OK share increase at special meeting
2021-09-01 07:13C:TLRYTilray Inc17.16In the NewsFP/wire say Tilray shows how the U.S. pot boom fizzled
2021-08-26 14:53C:TLRYTilray Inc17.03Shareholders LetterTilray CEO pleads for shareholder support on Sept. 10
2021-08-24 09:40C:TLRYTilray Inc16.92In the NewsFP/wire say Tilray, others find ways to get into U.S.
2021-08-20 08:00C:TLRYTilray Inc16.25In the NewsGlobe says Tilray postpones meeting again to gain votes