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News for C:SURG from 2020-12-04 to 2021-12-03 - 41 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther CAUS
2021-11-24 07:20C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.305News ReleaseSurge Copper drills 422 m of 0.52% CuEq at Ootsa
2021-11-17 19:42C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.35SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2021-11-17 19:42C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.35SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2021-11-04 07:28C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.34News ReleaseSurge Copper drills 296 m of 0.53% CuEq at Ootsa
2021-10-18 09:30C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.435News ReleaseSurge Copper grants options to buy 800,000 shares
2021-10-13 18:58C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.40Property AgreementSurge Copper agreement for Sylvia mineral claims
2021-10-12 07:19C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.345News ReleaseSurge Copper drills 495 m of 0.54% CuEq at Ootsa
2021-09-28 10:33C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.34News ReleaseSurge Copper to acquire Sylvia claims near Berg project
2021-09-23 08:19C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.33In the NewsGlobe says new coverage rates Surge Copper "outperform"
2021-09-23 01:14C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.33News ReleaseSurge Copper shareholders approve all AGM matters
2021-09-20 07:17C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.348News ReleaseSurge Copper starts drilling at Berg
2021-09-07 09:07C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.35News ReleaseSurge Copper drills 194 m of 0.76% CuEq at Ootsa
2021-08-23 17:34C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.36SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2021-08-23 17:27C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.36SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2021-08-11 10:12C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.36News ReleaseSurge Copper completes access upgrade work at Berg
2021-07-28 10:11C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.375News ReleaseSurge Copper nominates Colterjohn, Dorward as directors
2021-07-23 19:53C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.375SEDAR Audited Annual Financial StatementsSEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements
2021-07-23 19:53C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.375SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2021-07-05 16:42C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.365Private PlacementSurge Copper private placement
2021-06-24 06:51C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.395News ReleaseSurge Copper appoints Nilsson to board
2021-06-17 10:05C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.36News ReleaseSurge Copper begins trading on OTCQX Best Market
2021-06-15 07:52C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.42News ReleaseSurge Copper drills 432 m of 0.61% CuEq at Ootsa
2021-06-09 17:58C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.415News ReleaseSurge Copper closes $14-million bought deal financing
2021-05-14 10:24C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.475News ReleaseSurge Copper increases bought deal to $14-million
2021-05-12 10:52C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.483News ReleaseSurge Copper plans ZTEM survey, drilling at Huckleberry
2021-05-12 10:28C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.52News ReleaseSurge Copper arranges $10-million bought deal offering
2021-05-10 06:14C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.44News ReleaseSurge Copper drills 830 m of 0.38% CuEq at Ootsa
2021-05-04 10:23C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.43News ReleaseSurge Copper files technical report for Berg
2021-04-13 07:25C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.435News ReleaseSurge Cu names Chawrun, Blower to Ootsa, Berg committee
2021-04-12 20:12C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.435Property AgreementSurge Copper agreement for B.C. mineral claims
2021-04-07 07:33C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.43News ReleaseSurge Copper to acquire claims at Berg, Ootsa
2021-03-24 02:45C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.435News ReleaseSurge Copper drills 164 m of 0.68% CuEq at Ootsa
2021-03-17 06:34C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.42News ReleaseSurge Copper releases NI 43-101 estimate for Berg
2021-02-24 06:03C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.61News ReleaseSurge Copper drills 484 m of 0.42% CuEq at Ootsa
2021-02-12 17:56C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.46SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2021-02-12 17:40C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.46SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2021-01-11 11:55C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.60News ReleaseSurge Copper resumes drilling at Ootsa
2021-01-04 18:20C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.69News ReleaseSurge Copper appoints Nilsson as CEO
2020-12-18 21:03C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.78Property AgreementSurge Copper, Thompson Creek property agreement
2020-12-16 08:46C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.70News ReleaseSurge Copper options 70% interest in Berg project
2020-12-14 07:27C:SURGSurge Copper Corp0.70News ReleaseSurge Copper drills 700 m of 0.51% CuEq at Ootsa