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News for C:SIL from 2020-05-15 to 2021-05-14 - 39 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther CAUS
2021-05-12 18:48C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc10.43News ReleaseSilvercrest Metals had $226-million cash at March 31
2021-05-12 17:30C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc10.43SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2021-05-12 17:30C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc10.43SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2021-04-15 07:42C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc10.69News ReleaseSilvercrest drills 2.3 m of 14,034 g/t AgEq at Chispas
2021-03-29 09:11C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc9.96News ReleaseSilvercrest has $245.4M (U.S.) cash as of Feb. 28, 2021
2021-03-25 19:15C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc10.02SEDAR Annual Information FormSEDAR Annual Information Form
2021-03-25 19:15C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc10.02SEDAR Audited Annual Financial StatementsSEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements
2021-03-25 19:15C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc10.02SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2021-02-24 07:27C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc11.55News ReleaseSilvercrest drills 7.25 m of 3,297 g/t AgEq at Picacho
2021-02-22 11:21C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc11.52News ReleaseSilvercrest closes $138.06-million (U.S.) bought deal
2021-02-19 00:19C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc11.15Prospectus ApprovedSilvercrest Metals to list 15,007,500 more shares
2021-02-12 07:54C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc12.34Resume TradingSilvercrest Metals to resume at open
2021-02-11 16:27C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc12.34News ReleaseSilvercrest arranges $120-million (U.S.) bought deal
2021-02-11 16:16C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc12.34Halt TradingSilvercrest Metals halted at 1:13 p.m. PT
2021-02-02 20:41C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc12.58News ReleaseSilvercrest pegs Las Chispas NPV at $486.3M (U.S.)
2021-01-14 09:18C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc12.50News ReleaseSilvercrest Metals talks drilling for Las Chispas FS
2021-01-06 08:28C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc14.82In the NewsGlobe says Silvercrest Metals cut to "hold" from "buy"
2021-01-04 07:30C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc14.19News ReleaseSilvercrest arranges $120M (U.S.) facility for Chispas
2020-12-15 09:17C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc10.93In the NewsGlobe says Teranga, others have done well this year
2020-11-18 09:27C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc13.13News ReleaseSilvercrest Metals appoints Diaz to board
2020-11-16 07:18C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc13.41News ReleaseSilvercrest drills 3 m of 61,105 g/t AgEq at Chispas
2020-11-12 09:43C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc13.10News ReleaseSilvercrest has $184M cash as of Oct. 31, 2020
2020-11-11 21:05C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc12.63SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2020-11-11 21:04C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc12.63SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2020-11-05 07:52C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc11.80News ReleaseSilvercrest drills 1.5 m of 2,675 g/t AgEq at Chispas
2020-09-25 08:27C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc11.26In the NewsGlobe says Stanley boosts Silvercrest to "outperform"
2020-09-15 09:29C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc13.65News ReleaseSilvercrest appoints Hassan as corporate development VP
2020-08-27 09:46C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc12.23News ReleaseSilvercrest acquires El Picacho from American Metal
2020-08-13 07:15C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc11.85News ReleaseSilvercrest drills 1.7 m of 73,595 g/t AgEq at Chispas
2020-08-12 17:08C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc11.85News ReleaseSilvercrest Metals' June 30 cash position at $219.4M
2020-08-12 16:29C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc11.85SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2020-08-12 16:29C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc11.85SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2020-06-23 07:37C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc12.10News ReleaseSilvercrest's Campbell, Aguayo resign
2020-06-16 08:19C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc11.77News ReleaseSilvercrest Metals shareholders elect six to board
2020-06-15 07:44C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc11.23In the NewsGlobe says Aurinia, others added to S&P/TSX 60
2020-06-09 08:33C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc12.06News ReleaseSilvercrest Metals files final prospectus
2020-06-08 16:48C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc12.06SEDAR Final Short Form ProspectusSEDAR Final Short Form Prospectus
2020-05-26 22:59C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc11.10SEDAR Preliminary Short Form ProspectusSEDAR Preliminary Short Form Prospectus
2020-05-22 21:24C:SILSilvercrest Metals Inc12.15SEDAR Audited Annual Financial StatementsSEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements