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News for C:LUG from 2023-04-20 to 2024-04-19 - 54 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther CAUS
2024-04-17 18:10C:LUGLundin Gold Inc19.15News ReleaseLundin Gold drills one m of 442.16 g/t Au at Fruta
2024-04-17 08:32C:LUGLundin Gold Inc18.90In the NewsFP/FT say Kinross, rivals hear gold poised to rally
2024-04-10 17:14C:LUGLundin Gold Inc18.87News ReleaseLundin Gold's FDN mine produces 111,572 oz Au in Q1
2024-04-05 13:06C:LUGLundin Gold Inc18.74News ReleaseLundin Gold to hold annual meeting May 10
2024-04-01 07:06C:LUGLundin Gold Inc19.45In the NewsGlobe says Habib keeps Lundin Gold at "sector perform"
2024-03-28 17:09C:LUGLundin Gold Inc19.04News ReleaseLundin Gold has 238.82M shares outstanding at March 28
2024-03-27 09:28C:LUGLundin Gold Inc18.89News ReleaseLundin Gold's 2023 FDN 2P reserves at 5.5 Moz Au
2024-03-27 00:47C:LUGLundin Gold Inc18.48SEDAR Annual Information FormSEDAR Annual Information Form
2024-02-29 17:11C:LUGLundin Gold Inc15.81News ReleaseLundin Gold has 238.14 million shares outstanding
2024-02-22 20:07C:LUGLundin Gold Inc15.21SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2024-02-22 20:01C:LUGLundin Gold Inc15.21SEDAR Audited Annual Financial StatementsSEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements
2024-02-22 19:08C:LUGLundin Gold Inc15.21News ReleaseLundin Gold earns $179.45-million (U.S.) in 2023
2024-02-22 19:00C:LUGLundin Gold Inc15.21News ReleaseLundin Gold to pay 10-U.S.-cent dividend March 25
2024-01-31 17:06C:LUGLundin Gold Inc15.86News ReleaseLundin Gold has 238.01M shares outstanding at Jan. 31
2024-01-11 17:07C:LUGLundin Gold Inc15.09News ReleaseLundin Gold produces 481,274 oz Au in 2023
2023-12-29 17:23C:LUGLundin Gold Inc16.54News ReleaseLundin Gold has 237.86 million shares outstanding
2023-12-06 07:56C:LUGLundin Gold IncIn the NewsGlobe/wire say Kinross, rivals see gold on a record run
2023-12-04 17:18C:LUGLundin Gold Inc16.38News ReleaseLundin Gold expects to produce 500,000 oz Au in 2024
2023-11-30 17:11C:LUGLundin Gold Inc16.30News ReleaseLundin Gold shares outstanding increase to 237.6M
2023-11-14 17:09C:LUGLundin Gold Inc15.54News ReleaseLundin Gold repays $72.2-million debt facility
2023-11-08 19:37C:LUGLundin Gold Inc16.37News ReleaseLundin Gold earns $53.78-million (U.S.) in Q3 2023
2023-11-08 19:24C:LUGLundin Gold Inc16.37News ReleaseLundin Gold to pay 10-U.S.-cent dividend Dec. 22
2023-11-08 09:03C:LUGLundin Gold Inc16.37SEDAR Interim MD & ASEDAR Interim MD & A
2023-11-08 08:53C:LUGLundin Gold Inc16.37SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2023-11-02 19:41C:LUGLundin Gold Inc16.84News ReleaseLundin Gold has 237.6 million shares outstanding
2023-11-01 19:19C:LUGLundin Gold Inc16.85News ReleaseLundin Gold drills 14.2 m of 20.01 g/t Au at FDN
2023-10-26 17:19C:LUGLundin Gold Inc17.03News ReleaseLundin Gold to release Q3 results Nov. 8
2023-10-12 17:10C:LUGLundin Gold Inc15.23News ReleaseLundin Gold produces 112,212 oz Au in Q3 2023
2023-09-29 17:12C:LUGLundin Gold Inc15.25News ReleaseLundin Gold has 237.59M shares outstanding at Sept. 29
2023-09-07 17:11C:LUGLundin Gold Inc15.06News ReleaseLundin Gold expands 2023 drilling program at FDN
2023-08-31 18:14C:LUGLundin Gold Inc16.20News ReleaseLundin Gold has 237.55 million shares outstanding
2023-08-16 08:35C:LUGLundin Gold Inc15.74In the NewsGlobe says RBC's Lam rates Lundin Gold "sector perform"
2023-08-09 20:25C:LUGLundin Gold Inc16.78News ReleaseLundin Gold to pay 10-U.S.-cent dividend Sept. 26
2023-08-09 20:23C:LUGLundin Gold Inc16.78SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2023-08-09 20:17C:LUGLundin Gold Inc16.78News ReleaseLundin Gold earns $63.14-million (U.S.) in Q2
2023-08-03 17:42C:LUGLundin Gold Inc16.73News ReleaseLundin Gold drills 1.9 m of 77.18 g/t Au at FDN mine
2023-07-31 17:10C:LUGLundin Gold Inc17.68News ReleaseLundin Gold has 237.3M shares outstanding at July 31
2023-07-26 17:17C:LUGLundin Gold Inc18.38News ReleaseLundin Gold to release Q2 results Aug. 9
2023-07-21 07:56C:LUGLundin Gold Inc18.46In the NewsGlobe says Lundin Gold kept at "sector perform"
2023-07-06 18:12C:LUGLundin Gold Inc15.60News ReleaseLundin Gold produces 129,731 oz Au in Q2 2023
2023-06-30 17:16C:LUGLundin Gold Inc15.85News ReleaseLundin Gold has 237.25M shares outstanding on June 30
2023-06-27 09:28C:LUGLundin Gold Inc15.47In the NewsGlobe says Habib a buyer on a Lundin Gold pullback
2023-06-20 08:08C:LUGLundin Gold Inc15.81In the NewsGlobe says Hoy sees much to like at Lundin Gold
2023-05-31 17:15C:LUGLundin Gold Inc17.20News ReleaseLundin Gold shares outstanding increase to 237.17M
2023-05-30 18:06C:LUGLundin Gold Inc16.90News ReleaseLundin Gold aims to be carbon neutral by 2030
2023-05-24 17:15C:LUGLundin Gold Inc17.04News ReleaseLundin Gold to host investor day June 7
2023-05-15 18:06C:LUGLundin Gold Inc18.56News ReleaseLundin Gold shareholders approve all matters at AGM
2023-05-10 23:34C:LUGLundin Gold Inc19.04News ReleaseLundin Gold earns $51.46-million (U.S.) in Q1 2023
2023-05-10 23:30C:LUGLundin Gold IncNews ReleaseLundin Gold to pay 10-U.S.-cent dividend June 27
2023-05-10 19:38C:LUGLundin Gold Inc19.04SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2023-05-10 19:38C:LUGLundin Gold Inc19.04SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2023-05-05 17:13C:LUGLundin Gold Inc18.53News ReleaseLundin Gold to release Q1 2023 results May 10
2023-05-04 19:09C:LUGLundin Gold Inc18.30News ReleaseLundin Gold drills 3 m of 46 g/t Au at Fruta del Norte
2023-04-28 17:21C:LUGLundin Gold Inc17.18News ReleaseLundin Gold shares outstanding increase to 236.76M