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News for C:JUMP from 2021-09-24 to 2022-09-23 - 55 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther CAUS
2022-09-19 18:28C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.105Property AgreementLeveljump Healthcare asset purchase agreement
2022-09-19 12:50C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.10News ReleaseLeveljump unit wins teleradiology service contract
2022-09-08 16:26C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.095News ReleaseLeveljump to open Toronto X-ray, ultrasound centre
2022-09-01 12:21C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.075SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2022-08-18 16:11C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.095News ReleaseLeveljump Healthcare loses $182,000 in Q2
2022-08-18 11:00C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.095SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2022-08-18 11:00C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.095SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2022-08-05 20:00C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.075Private PlacementLeveljump Healthcare 5,846,668-share private placement
2022-07-19 17:07C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.075News ReleaseLeveljump cancels Telehospital acquisition
2022-07-15 18:58C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.115Shares for DebtLeveljump Healthcare two million shares for debt
2022-07-05 17:00C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.115News ReleaseLeveljump cancels deal to acquire shares in Real Time
2022-07-04 17:13C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.11News ReleaseLeveljump Healthcare closes $877,000 private placement
2022-06-30 18:04C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.11News ReleaseLeveljump shareholders approve all AGM matters
2022-05-31 17:14C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.15News ReleaseLeveljump Healthcare loses $258,000 in Q1
2022-05-30 14:54C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.14SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2022-05-30 14:54C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.14SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2022-05-19 20:11C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.12News ReleaseLeveljump extends $2-million private placement
2022-05-19 12:58C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.085News ReleaseLeveljump reduces Telehospital acquisition price
2022-04-28 18:45C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.14SEDAR Annual Information FormSEDAR Annual Information Form
2022-04-28 18:45C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.14SEDAR Audited Annual Financial StatementsSEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements
2022-04-28 18:45C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.14SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2022-04-28 16:58C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.14News ReleaseLeveljump loses $2.22-million in 2021
2022-04-26 20:24C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.14AcquisitionLeveljump acquisition of Real Time Medical shares
2022-04-26 17:18C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.14News ReleaseLeveljump to acquire further 10.44% of RTM
2022-04-11 15:01C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.175News ReleaseLeveljump acquires 10.8% more of Shaw Lens, Shaw Vision
2022-04-06 14:56C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.15News ReleaseLeveljump Healthcare arranges $2M private placement
2022-04-01 20:49C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.155Private PlacementLeveljump Healthcare 10,161,893-unit private placement
2022-04-01 13:10C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.15News ReleaseLeveljump closes $1.58M final tranche of financing
2022-03-03 19:53C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.125Property AgreementLeveljump Healthcare share purchase agreements
2022-03-02 16:04C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.105News ReleaseLeveljump extends closing of Telehospital acquisition
2022-02-15 16:19C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.095News ReleaseLeveljump closes Real Time interest acquisition
2022-02-09 10:33C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.095News ReleaseLeveljump closes $177,500 second tranche of financing
2022-02-08 16:25C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.095News ReleaseLeveljump closes purchase of 3 Ont. health facilities
2022-02-04 11:10C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.11News ReleaseLeveljump closes $300,285 private placement
2022-01-21 12:33C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.105News ReleaseLeveljump arranges $2.5-million private placement
2022-01-18 18:00C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.115AcquisitionLeveljump acquisition of Real Time Medical interest
2022-01-11 11:01C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.13News ReleaseLeveljump receives ministry aOK for IHF acquisition
2021-12-29 09:32C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.115News ReleaseLeveljump to increase Real Time Medical Stake to 24.71%
2021-12-23 09:25C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.115News ReleaseLeveljump gets OK for facility licence transfer
2021-12-21 19:07C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.105AcquisitionLeveljump acquisition of Real Time Medical interest
2021-12-17 10:50C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.115News ReleaseLeveljump to increase Real Time Medical stake to 16.9%
2021-12-16 19:05C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.115AcquisitionLeveljump acquisition of Real Time interest
2021-12-07 15:51C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.15News ReleaseLeveljump closes acquisition of 14.6% Real Time stake
2021-12-07 13:28C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.15News ReleaseLeveljump appoints Prihar, Jagodnik as directors
2021-11-29 16:32C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.165SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2021-11-29 16:32C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.165SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2021-11-29 13:19C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.165News ReleaseLeveljump Healthcare loses $419,000 in fiscal Q3
2021-11-25 14:58C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.14News ReleaseLeveljump to acquire 14.6% of Real Time, not 13.1%
2021-11-25 10:28C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.14News ReleaseLeveljump Healthcare arranges $3.2-million term loan
2021-11-24 14:12C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.14News ReleaseLeveljump to acquire 13.1% of Real Time Medical
2021-11-16 12:29C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.155News ReleaseLeveljump firms up Telehospital acquisition
2021-10-01 14:19C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.235News ReleaseLeveljump to acquire telehealth firm for $7.13M (U.S.)
2021-10-01 14:16C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.17Resume TradingLeveljump Healthcare to resume at 11:45 a.m. PT
2021-09-30 13:40C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.19Halt TradingLeveljump Healthcare halted at 10:33 a.m. PT
2021-09-28 11:55C:JUMPLeveljump Healthcare Corp0.17News ReleaseLeveljump to acquire Ontario diagnostic imaging clinics