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News for C:EPW from 2022-02-09 to 2023-02-08 - 72 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther CAUS
2023-02-07 09:22C:EPWEmpower Clinics Inc0.03News ReleaseEmpower signs LOI for Dallas SMO with Mocherla
2023-02-02 11:09C:EPWEmpower Clinics Inc0.025News ReleaseEmpower Clinics hires Fobi AI's Pulseir for IR services
2023-01-24 20:59C:EPWEmpower Clinics Inc0.025News ReleaseEmpower Clinics' unit obtains OK for government program
2023-01-23 18:04C:EPWEmpower Clinics Inc0.02News ReleaseEmpower Clinics arranges offering for up to $5-million
2023-01-11 10:13C:EPWEmpower Clinics Inc0.035News ReleaseEmpower to consolidate 3 The Medi-Collective clinics
2023-01-10 09:32C:EPWEmpower Clinics Inc0.03News ReleaseEmpower's Medisure signs lab service deal with Alp
2023-01-03 09:11C:EPWEmpower Clinics Inc0.03News ReleaseEmpower signs laboratory services deal with Specialist
2022-12-23 18:02C:EPWEmpower Clinics Inc0.03News ReleaseEmpower Clinics appoints Zeifmans LLP as new auditor
2022-12-19 10:30C:EPWEmpower Clinics Inc0.025News ReleaseEmpower Clinics forms partnership with Alp Medtech
2022-12-14 12:19C:EPWEmpower Clinics Inc0.02News ReleaseEmpower closes $842,500 private placement
2022-12-07 13:50C:EPWEmpower Clinics IncNews ReleaseEmpower Clinics to roll out U.S. health care network
2022-11-28 11:36C:EPWEmpower Clinics Inc0.04News ReleaseEmpower loses $457,066 (U.S.) from continuing ops in Q3
2022-11-28 08:57C:EPWEmpower Clinics Inc0.04SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2022-11-28 08:57C:EPWEmpower Clinics Inc0.04SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2022-11-24 09:46C:EPWEmpower Clinics IncNews ReleaseEmpower appoints Christian as Medisure general manager
2022-11-22 01:22C:EPWEmpower Clinics Inc0.05News ReleaseEmpower Clinics arranges placement, settles debentures
2022-11-17 13:19C:EPWEmpower Clinics Inc0.055News ReleaseEmpower Clinics to roll out cardiology services program
2022-11-14 12:12C:EPWEmpower Clinics Inc0.065News ReleaseEmpower Clinics appoints Wukich as director
2022-11-09 10:07C:EPWEmpower Clinics Inc0.08News ReleaseEmpower's Medisure wins $1.5M, 3-year contract from CSC
2022-11-08 20:11C:EPWEmpower Clinics IncSymbol ChangeEmpower Clinics reinstatement, symbol change
2022-11-08 20:11C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05Symbol ChangeEmpower Clinics reinstatement, symbol change
2022-11-08 11:33C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05News ReleaseEmpower Clinics resumes trading on CSE with new symbol
2022-11-02 20:49C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2022-11-02 20:43C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05News ReleaseEmpower earns $2.16M (U.S.) from Q2 continuing ops
2022-11-02 20:28C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2022-11-01 20:37C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05News ReleaseEmpower loses $2.29M (U.S.) from operations in Q1
2022-11-01 20:16C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2022-11-01 20:07C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2022-10-27 11:36C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05SEDAR Audited Annual Financial StatementsSEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements
2022-10-27 11:26C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2022-10-27 11:23C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05News ReleaseEmpower loses $31.73-million (U.S.) in fiscal 2021
2022-09-26 14:56C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05News ReleaseEmpower Clinics still has three active directors
2022-09-26 09:31C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05Halt TradingEmpower Clinics halted at 6:19 a.m. PT
2022-09-23 16:50C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05News ReleaseEmpower Clinics director Tomasello dies
2022-09-12 10:03C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05News ReleaseEmpower processes 3,300 COVID-19 tests in August
2022-08-22 09:29C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05News ReleaseEmpower Clinics to divest two TMC clinics
2022-08-05 11:41C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05News ReleaseEmpower processes over 4,000 tests in July in Vancouver
2022-08-04 18:12C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05Cease Trade/Suspend CompanyEmpower Clinics suspended by CSE
2022-08-04 07:52C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.05Halt TradingEmpower Clinics halted at the open
2022-08-02 12:17C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.06News ReleaseEmpower Clinics receives CTO for late filings
2022-07-22 17:09C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.075News ReleaseEmpower Clinics CFO Archibald resigns
2022-07-15 18:18C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.06News ReleaseEmpower Clinics now hopes to file results by July 29
2022-07-12 10:13C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.07News ReleaseEmpower's MediSure releases blood glucose monitor
2022-07-07 11:12C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.08News ReleaseEmpower completes 4,500 COVID-19 tests in June
2022-06-30 18:22C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.095News ReleaseEmpower misses June 30 target to release financials
2022-06-27 13:12C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.11News ReleaseEmpower Clinics has no material changes
2022-06-13 16:44C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.08News ReleaseEmpower administers 3,000 COVID tests since June 1
2022-06-13 16:37C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.08News ReleaseEmpower Clinics has no material changes
2022-06-01 16:38C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.09News ReleaseEmpower conducts 3,000+ COVID tests in Vancouver
2022-05-30 12:27C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.09News ReleaseEmpower still hopes to file 2021 results by June 30
2022-05-30 09:55C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.09News ReleaseEmpower Clinics applies for Medisure U.S. trademark
2022-05-26 09:54C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.10News ReleaseEmpower receives accreditation for mobile COVID testing
2022-05-16 15:28C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.10News ReleaseEmpower Clinics to file late 2021 results by June 30
2022-05-06 19:04C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.11SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2022-05-06 19:04C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.11SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2022-05-05 10:45C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.115News ReleaseEmpower Clinics talks activity of subsidiaries
2022-05-03 20:55C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.12News ReleaseEmpower receives MCTO, to file 2021 results by June 30
2022-04-27 20:20C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.13News ReleaseEmpower to be late in filing 2021 results
2022-04-25 10:21C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.145News ReleaseEmpower's MediSure launches vitamin D testing kit
2022-04-08 09:35C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.19News ReleaseEmpower Clinics receives DAP certification
2022-04-05 09:25C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.21News ReleaseEmpower Clinics offers COVID testing for B.C. cruises
2022-03-28 11:42C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.23News ReleaseEmpower Clinics closes $2.1-million private placement
2022-03-16 10:23C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.23News ReleaseEmpower Clinics talks recent news, growth
2022-03-11 17:02C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.255News ReleaseEmpower Clinics' Kai president Tyler resigns
2022-03-09 17:32C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.255News ReleaseEmpower Clinics opens Medi-Collective in Etobicoke
2022-03-04 10:19C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.295News ReleaseEmpower Clinics closes sale of Sun Valley Health
2022-02-22 11:00C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.215News ReleaseEmpower Clinics appoints Tomasello director
2022-02-14 10:34C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.255News ReleaseEmpower appoints Shields as Medi-Collective SVP, ops.
2022-02-10 11:25C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.25News ReleaseEmpower Clinics signs COVID-19 testing MOU with Ceres
2022-02-10 11:25C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.25Resume TradingEmpower Clinics to resume at 8:45 a.m. PT
2022-02-10 08:17C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.25Halt TradingEmpower Clinics halted at open
2022-02-09 10:25C:CBDTEmpower Clinics Inc0.255News ReleaseEmpower Clinics unit opens four testing sites in Texas