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News for C:DEFI from 2021-01-26 to 2022-01-25 - 87 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther CAUS
2022-01-25 10:45C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.58News ReleaseDefi Technologies closes investment in SEBA Bank
2022-01-25 08:00C:DEFIDEFI TECHNOLOGIES INC.1.58News ReleaseDeFi Technologies Announces Closing of CHF 25 Million Investment in SEBA Bank AG (A Swiss Global Digital Assets Bank)
2022-01-24 11:32C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.83News ReleaseDefi Technologies joins Melanion Bitcoin Exposure Index
2022-01-19 12:42C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.20News ReleaseDefi Technologies buys Wilder World metaverse tokens
2022-01-19 09:22C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.20News ReleaseDefi Technologies joins Crypto Climate Accord
2022-01-12 12:13C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.58News ReleaseDefi invests 25 M Swiss francs in SEBA Bank
2022-01-05 09:27C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.92News ReleaseDefi enters preferred partnership deal with SEBA Bank
2021-12-16 11:26C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.97News ReleaseDefi's Valour receives SFSA approval to list ETPs
2021-12-15 11:18C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.70News ReleaseDefi Technologies unit lists ETPs on Euronext exchange
2021-12-13 10:40C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc3.36News ReleaseDefi Technologies' Valour to launch metaverse ETP
2021-12-07 10:44C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc3.63News ReleaseDefi Technologies receives DTC eligibility
2021-12-01 11:11C:DEFIDefi Technologies IncNews ReleaseDefi Technologies rolls out Solana validator node
2021-11-29 10:51C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc3.50News ReleaseDefi Technologies adds Uniswap to Nordic Growth Market
2021-11-22 10:08C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc3.80News ReleaseDefi Technologies begins staking Blocto tokens
2021-11-18 10:37C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc3.98News ReleaseDefi Technologies taps Bison Trails for infrastructure
2021-11-16 11:51C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc3.99News ReleaseDefi Technologies loses $2.4-million in Q3
2021-11-15 19:17C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc3.99SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2021-11-15 19:17C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc3.99SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2021-11-15 17:04C:DEFIDefi Technologies IncNews ReleaseDefi Technologies to hold Q3 call Nov. 17
2021-11-15 12:12C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc4.00News ReleaseDefi Technologies to run Solana nodes
2021-11-11 11:11C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc4.05News ReleaseDefi Technologies' Valour has $374M (U.S.) in AUM
2021-11-10 14:52C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc4.30News ReleaseDefi Technologies files Form 40-F for Nasdaq
2021-11-03 15:49C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc3.88News ReleaseDefi Technologies joins Pyth network
2021-11-02 06:37C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc3.90News ReleaseDefi unit Valour's AUM at over $300-million (U.S.)
2021-11-01 06:12C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc3.36News ReleaseDefi Technologies' Valour appoints Fransson as CEO
2021-10-28 07:38C:DEFIDefi Technologies IncNews ReleaseDefi's Valour lists Uniswap on Frankfurt Zertifickate
2021-10-26 06:28C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.72News ReleaseDefi unit Valour to launch Valour Uniswap
2021-10-19 07:01C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.33News ReleaseDefi's Valour lists Zero products on Frankfurt exchange
2021-10-15 09:45C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.25News ReleaseDefi Technologies' Valour AUM reaches $250M (U.S.)
2021-10-04 09:25C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.90News ReleaseDefi Technologies appoints CEO, CSO, COO
2021-09-20 10:13C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.01News ReleaseDefi to list Bitcoin Zero, Ethereum Zero in Frankfurt
2021-09-16 10:55C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.95News ReleaseDefi lists Valour Solana ETP on Nordic Growth Market
2021-09-13 18:10C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.02News ReleaseDefi shareholders elect five directors at AGM
2021-09-13 10:41C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.02News ReleaseDefi to list Valour Solana ETP on Nordic Growth Market
2021-09-08 11:09C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.14News ReleaseDefi Technologies' Valour hires Edwards as COO
2021-09-07 13:44C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.14News ReleaseDefi Tech's Valour has Sept. 7 AUM of $208.28M (U.S.)
2021-09-07 08:04C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.32In the NewsGlobe says insiders bet on the future of Defi
2021-08-31 11:09C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.04News ReleaseDefi notes initial earning of 300,000 Shyft tokens
2021-08-24 09:55C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.59News ReleaseDefi Technologies joins Defi Alliance
2021-08-19 11:31C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.32News ReleaseDefi's Valour Aug. 18 AUM at $143.5M (U.S.)
2021-08-16 15:06C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.49News ReleaseDefi Technologies to holder Q2 results call Aug. 16
2021-08-16 11:16C:DEFIDefi Technologies IncNews ReleaseDefi Technologies has $1.92M in Q2 revenue
2021-08-13 19:14C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.49SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2021-08-13 19:09C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.49SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2021-08-12 11:31C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.43News ReleaseDefi to acquire Protos Asset for 7.5M shares
2021-08-09 10:35C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.14News ReleaseDefi Technologies enters LOI to acquire Defi Yield
2021-08-03 13:49C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc0.78News ReleaseDefi Technologies to release Q2 results Aug. 13
2021-07-20 09:57C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc0.66News ReleaseDefi Technologies appoints Starr as executive chairman
2021-07-06 14:04C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc0.93News ReleaseDefi values portfolio projects at $1.69M (U.S.)
2021-06-16 10:42C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.20News ReleaseDefi Technologies unit to list ETP with Arcane
2021-06-14 10:12C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.35News ReleaseDefi Technologies closes 10% acquisition of SDK:meta
2021-06-08 11:31C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.14News ReleaseDefi Technologies to acquire 10% of SDK:meta
2021-06-01 13:35C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.15News ReleaseDefi's Valour rolls out Polkadot ETP on NGM
2021-05-20 11:29C:DEFIDefi Technologies IncNews ReleaseDefi boasts of Cardano ETP first-day trading volume
2021-05-18 10:15C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.25News ReleaseDefi Technologies unit releases exchange-traded product
2021-05-18 02:57C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.25News ReleaseDefi releases Cardano product on Nordic exchange
2021-05-14 19:12C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.35SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2021-05-14 19:12C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.35SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2021-05-14 09:37C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.21News ReleaseDefi Technologies appoints Toth as director
2021-05-12 10:09C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.43News ReleaseDefi Technologies boasts of Valour growth
2021-04-23 13:20C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.38News ReleaseDefi Technologies changes OTC ticker to DEFTF
2021-04-22 09:28C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.38News ReleaseDefi Technologies becomes Shyft network validator
2021-04-21 09:16C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.41News ReleaseDefi Technologies completes share exchange with Hive
2021-04-14 09:40C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.75News ReleaseDefi invests in Sovryn
2021-04-09 08:11C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.80News ReleaseDefi to buy back up to 18.16 million shares
2021-04-07 09:43C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.76News ReleaseDefi's Valour releases Ethereum Zero
2021-04-01 08:06C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.80News ReleaseDefi Technologies closes buy of Valour Structured
2021-03-31 19:46C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.84SEDAR Annual Information FormSEDAR Annual Information Form
2021-03-31 19:46C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.84SEDAR Audited Annual Financial StatementsSEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements
2021-03-31 19:46C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.84SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2021-03-25 02:41C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.81News ReleaseHive enters LOI for share swap with Defi Technologies
2021-03-23 08:33C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc1.98News ReleaseDefi signs LOI for 80% of Valour Structured Products
2021-03-22 06:38C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.05News ReleaseDefi Bermuda brings in 755.47% returns since inception
2021-03-19 09:20C:DEFIDefi Technologies IncNews ReleaseDefi Technologies makes investment in Volmex Finance
2021-03-12 06:29C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.38News ReleaseDefi Technologies launches Defi Governance
2021-03-09 16:36C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc2.50News ReleaseDefi Technologies closes $10-million private placement
2021-03-02 08:38C:DEFIDefi Technologies Inc3.11News ReleaseDefi appoints Pompliano as adviser
2021-02-26 16:00C:DEFIRoutemaster Capital Inc2.80Change NameRoutemaster Capital name change to Defi Technologies
2021-02-26 11:37C:DEFIRoutemaster Capital Inc2.70News ReleaseRoutemaster changes name to DeFi Technologies
2021-02-24 18:07C:DEFIRoutemaster Capital Inc2.55News ReleaseRoutemaster arranges $10-million private placement
2021-02-18 09:24C:DEFIRoutemaster Capital Inc2.54News ReleaseRoutemaster appoints Tiwari as executive chairman
2021-02-16 09:34C:DEFIRoutemaster Capital Inc1.60News ReleaseRoutemaster Capital appoints Witvoet as CEO
2021-02-12 08:02C:DEFIRoutemaster Capital Inc1.12News ReleaseRoutemaster closes buy of 20% of Valour Structured
2021-02-03 17:07C:DEFIRoutemaster Capital Inc1.05News ReleaseRoutemaster Capital sells 9.09M Sulliden Mining shares
2021-02-03 08:20C:DEFIRoutemaster Capital Inc1.05News ReleaseRoutemaster Capital appoints Ceyrolle to advisory board
2021-01-28 09:10C:DEFIRoutemaster Capital Inc0.89News ReleaseRoutemaster closes buy of rest of DeFi Holdings
2021-01-27 09:13C:DEFIRoutemaster Capital Inc0.84News ReleaseRoutemaster invests in Maps.me