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News for C:CGC from 2020-10-29 to 2021-10-28 - 28 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther CAUS
2021-02-04 16:23C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.56Change NameCaldas Gold name change to Aris Gold
2021-02-04 16:20C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.56Private PlacementCaldas Gold 37,777,778-million-share private placement
2021-02-04 16:01C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.56Change NameCaldas Gold notes to trade under new name
2021-02-04 11:06C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.56News ReleaseCaldas Gold changes name, appoints new management
2021-02-02 19:06C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.44News ReleaseCaldas Gold gets Marmato mining extension to 2051
2021-01-18 07:36C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.39News ReleaseCaldas to receive Marmato extension by month-end
2021-01-13 07:22C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.30News ReleaseCaldas Gold produces 23,832 oz Au in 2020
2021-01-05 07:51C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.52News ReleaseCaldas reaches agreement to extend Marmato contract
2020-12-15 17:39C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.22News ReleaseCaldas Gold produces 2,174 oz Au in November
2020-12-03 16:47C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.40SEDAR Early Warning ReportSEDAR Early Warning Report
2020-12-03 16:39C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.40News ReleaseCaldas closes $85-million private placement
2020-12-03 07:30C:CGCCaldas Gold CorpIn the NewsGlobe says Caldas deal needs permit extension
2020-11-26 16:33C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.35SEDAR Early Warning ReportSEDAR Early Warning Report
2020-11-24 08:20C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.18In the NewsGlobe says veteran mining players buy control of Caldas
2020-11-23 09:42C:CGCCaldas Gold CorpNews ReleaseCaldas Gold arranges $85-million financing
2020-11-23 08:51C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp1.97Resume TradingCaldas Gold to resume at 6:30 a.m. PT
2020-11-20 13:35C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.00Halt TradingCaldas Gold halted at 10:29 a.m. PT
2020-11-19 08:41C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.00News ReleaseCaldas Gold issues 83.06M gold-linked notes
2020-11-18 20:03C:CGCCaldas Gold CorpMiscellaneousCaldas Gold 7.5% gold-linked notes to trade on NEO
2020-11-17 16:31C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.05Warrants Called to TradeCaldas Gold to list 16,613,200 warrants on TSX-V
2020-11-11 19:23C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.02News ReleaseCaldas Gold loses $24.87-million (U.S.) in Q3 2020
2020-11-11 18:57C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.02SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2020-11-11 18:57C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.02SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2020-11-11 11:37C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.02News ReleaseCaldas satisfies financing escrow release conditions
2020-11-09 07:17C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.31News ReleaseCaldas Gold drills 63.2 m of 5.73 g/t Au at Marmato
2020-11-06 09:01C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.31SEDAR Final Short Form ProspectusSEDAR Final Short Form Prospectus
2020-11-05 19:07C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.30News ReleaseCaldas closes Marmato precious metal stream deal
2020-10-29 08:59C:CGCCaldas Gold Corp2.00News ReleaseCaldas Gold to provide Q3 results Nov. 11