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News for C:AIF from 2023-05-24 to 2024-05-23 - 43 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther CAUS
2024-05-22 09:05C:AIFAltus Group Ltd48.37In the NewsGlobe says Altus Group maintained at "sector perform"
2024-05-17 17:17C:AIFAltus Group Ltd48.18News ReleaseAltus Group cancels buy of Situs REVS unit
2024-05-15 10:08C:AIFAltus Group Ltd47.79News ReleaseAltus releases Q1 European property market analysis
2024-05-02 16:41C:AIFAltus Group Ltd50.77News ReleaseAltus Group loses $153,000 in Q1 2024
2024-05-02 16:19C:AIFAltus Group Ltd50.77SEDAR Interim MD & ASEDAR Interim MD & A
2024-05-02 16:13C:AIFAltus Group Ltd51.31SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2024-05-01 15:48C:AIFAltus Group Ltd51.31News ReleaseAltus Group shareholders elect 11 directors at AGM
2024-04-19 07:26C:AIFAltus Group Ltd51.48In the NewsGlobe says Altus Group maintained at "sector perform"
2024-04-08 16:09C:AIFAltus Group Ltd52.43News ReleaseAltus Group to release Q1 results, host call May 2
2024-04-02 13:40C:AIFAltus Group Ltd52.51News ReleaseAltus Group publishes 2023 sustainability report
2024-03-28 13:50C:AIFAltus Group Ltd51.88SEDAR Annual Information FormSEDAR Annual Information Form
2024-03-14 07:22C:AIFAltus Group Ltd51.11In the NewsFP says Altus sees developers struggling as costs rise
2024-03-07 16:09C:AIFAltus Group Ltd50.67News ReleaseAltus Group nominates Warsop as director
2024-02-28 16:58C:AIFAltus Group Ltd49.41News ReleaseAltus Group nominates Hannon, Brennan as directors
2024-02-22 16:28C:AIFAltus Group Ltd46.30News ReleaseAltus Group earns $10.23-million in 2023
2024-02-22 16:20C:AIFAltus Group Ltd46.30SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2024-02-22 16:14C:AIFAltus Group Ltd45.99SEDAR Audited Annual Financial StatementsSEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements
2024-02-21 09:44C:AIFAltus Group Ltd45.99News ReleaseAltus Group rolls out pan-European valuation dataset
2024-01-30 09:12C:AIFAltus Group Ltd45.87In the NewsGlobe says Altus Group a top pick at Canaccord
2024-01-26 16:52C:AIFAltus Group Ltd45.15News ReleaseAltus has TSX OK to renew 1.37-million-share buyback
2024-01-26 07:33C:AIFAltus Group Ltd45.15In the NewsGlobe says Tse keeps Altus Group at "sector perform"
2024-01-24 12:53C:AIFAltus Group Ltd43.86News ReleaseAltus Group releases 2024 Canadian cost guide
2024-01-22 16:11C:AIFAltus Group Ltd44.06News ReleaseAltus Group to release 2023 results Feb. 22
2024-01-12 09:28C:AIFAltus Group Ltd44.30In the NewsPost says Altus finds office vacancies steady at 17.6%
2024-01-11 08:11C:AIFAltus Group Ltd43.85In the NewsFP says Altus Group finds industrial property in demand
2023-11-10 07:49C:AIFAltus Group Ltd48.94Resume TradingAltus Group resuming at the open
2023-11-10 07:28C:AIFAltus Group LtdIn the NewsGlobe says Altus Group lowered to "sector perform"
2023-11-09 17:05C:AIFAltus Group Ltd48.94News ReleaseAltus Group earns $929,000 in Q3 2023
2023-11-09 16:33C:AIFAltus Group Ltd48.94SEDAR Interim MD & ASEDAR Interim MD & A
2023-11-09 16:31C:AIFAltus Group Ltd48.94SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2023-11-09 16:30C:AIFAltus Group Ltd48.94News ReleaseAltus Group to acquire Situs REVS unit for $225M (U.S.)
2023-11-09 16:05C:AIFAltus Group Ltd49.41Halt TradingAltus Group halted at 1:02 p.m. PT
2023-11-08 18:18C:AIFAltus Group Ltd49.41News ReleaseAltus to acquire RE valuation software biz Forbury
2023-10-16 16:24C:AIFAltus Group Ltd48.80News ReleaseAltus Group to release Q3 2023 results Nov. 9
2023-10-11 11:15C:AIFAltus Group Ltd48.98News ReleaseAltus Group releases Cdn property tax benchmark report
2023-10-10 09:39C:AIFAltus Group Ltd48.87In the NewsGlobe says Altus sees older buildings losing tenants
2023-08-15 08:31C:AIFAltus Group Ltd49.36In the NewsGlobe says Altus Group raised to "sector outperform"
2023-08-10 16:32C:AIFAltus Group Ltd43.80SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2023-08-10 16:27C:AIFAltus Group Ltd43.80News ReleaseAltus Group earns $11.85-million in Q2
2023-07-18 09:38C:AIFAltus Group Ltd43.90In the NewsFP says Altus sees Vancouver office sale as litmus test
2023-07-13 16:16C:AIFAltus Group Ltd44.56News ReleaseAltus Group to release Q2 2023 results Aug. 10
2023-06-28 07:39C:AIFAltus Group Ltd43.16In the NewsGlobe says Altus seen providing "property intelligence"
2023-06-19 16:38C:AIFAltus Group Ltd47.55News ReleaseAltus Group to pay 15-cent Q2 dividend July 17