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News for C:NAB from 2019-01-25 to 2020-01-24 - 53 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther CAUS
2020-01-20 11:12C:NABNabis Holdings Inc20.00News ReleaseNabis Holdings acquires Arizona hemp licences
2019-12-30 18:23C:NABNabis Holdings Inc35.00News ReleaseNabis Holdings loses $4.3-million in Q4 2019
2019-12-30 17:08C:NABNabis Holdings Inc35.00SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2019-12-30 17:08C:NABNabis Holdings Inc35.00SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2019-11-29 18:07C:NABNabis Holdings Inc30.00News ReleaseNabis Holdings director Koza resigns
2019-11-21 10:54C:NABNabis Holdings Inc21.00Street WireNabis sued by consultant in edibles, growing deals
2019-11-18 09:47C:NABNabis Holdings Inc21.00News ReleaseNabis completes investments in two Mich. properties
2019-11-15 18:05C:NABNabis Holdings Inc21.00News ReleaseNabis appoints MWR Life CEO Ashurov to board
2019-11-13 10:09C:NABNabis Holdings Inc25.00News ReleaseNabis Holdings starts trading on OTCQB
2019-10-28 10:30C:NABNabis Holdings Inc36.00News ReleaseNabis closes acquisition of Perpetual assets
2019-10-16 09:30C:NABNabis Holdings Inc36.00News ReleaseNabis Holdings receives OK to operate Perpetual assets
2019-10-03 08:27C:NABNabis Holdings Inc60.00News ReleaseNabis Holdings appoints Dolan as VP, investor relations
2019-10-02 08:05C:NABNabis Holdings Inc60.00News ReleaseNabis Holdings loses $5.2-million in Q3
2019-10-01 11:45C:NABNabis Holdings Inc60.00News ReleaseNabis Holdings appoints Rusaw as CFO
2019-10-01 08:44C:NABNabis Holdings Inc60.00News ReleaseNabis Holdings to issue note for Desert's Finest
2019-09-30 17:45C:NABNabis Holdings Inc60.00SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2019-09-30 17:36C:NABNabis Holdings Inc60.00SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2019-09-18 07:20C:NABNabis Holdings Inc60.00News ReleaseNabis Holdings to manufacture Wisp pods for CannaKorp
2019-09-12 00:12C:NABNabis Holdings Inc70.00News ReleaseNabis Holdings releases BIS CBD brand
2019-09-10 09:27C:NABNabis Holdings Inc0.11News ReleaseNabis completes Camp Verde facility acquisition
2019-09-06 08:45C:NABNabis Holdings Inc70.00News ReleaseNabis Holdings director Ma resigns
2019-08-21 08:17C:NABNabis Holdings Inc70.00News ReleaseNabis Holdings issues shareholder letter
2019-08-20 09:40C:NABNabis Holdings Inc0.195News ReleaseNabis appoints Paul to board of directors
2019-08-12 09:50C:NABNabis Holdings Inc70.00News ReleaseNabis Holdings to acquire Ariz. dispensary for $15M (U.S.)
2019-07-25 16:04C:NABNabis Holdings Inc0.31New ListingNabis Holdings warrants, 8% debentures to list on CSE
2019-07-02 20:17C:NABNabis Holdings Inc0.37SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2019-07-02 20:11C:NABNabis Holdings Inc0.37SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2019-06-25 08:53C:NABNabis Holdings Inc0.335News ReleaseNabis Holdings completes purchase of 49% of Cannova
2019-06-20 08:29C:NABNabis Holdings Inc0.32News ReleaseNabis Holdings changes OTC symbol to INNPF
2019-06-12 06:20C:NABNabis Holdings Inc0.53News ReleaseNabis to acquire Desert's Finest dispensary
2019-06-03 07:01C:NABNabis Holdings Inc0.61News ReleaseNabis Holdings to acquire 49% of Cannova
2019-05-30 15:51C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.64Change NameInnovative Properties name change to Nabis Holdings
2019-05-30 06:55C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.64News ReleaseInnovative Properties closes PDT asset acquisition
2019-05-28 07:27C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.59News ReleaseInnovative to change name to Nabis Holdings May 29
2019-05-13 06:45C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.65News ReleaseInnovative Properties to buy assets from PDT
2019-05-06 06:55C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.67News ReleaseInnovative Properties shareholders approve name change
2019-05-01 06:32C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.64News ReleaseInnovative Properties shares DTC eligible in U.S.
2019-04-24 07:09C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.62News ReleaseInnovative completes acquisition of 10 Mich. licences
2019-04-10 06:19C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.73News ReleaseInnovative completes two more Mich. acquisitions
2019-04-04 06:23C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.75News ReleaseInnovative Properties completes Mich. acquisitions
2019-03-26 15:03C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.75News ReleaseInnovative Properties closes $35.08-million financing
2019-03-22 19:06C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.72SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2019-03-22 19:06C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.72SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2019-03-07 10:23C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.82News ReleaseInnovative Properties boosts financing to $35-million
2019-02-28 14:55C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.87News ReleaseInnovative Properties amends $30M debenture financing
2019-02-26 07:02C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.85News ReleaseInnovative Properties signs LOI to acquire Bangor asset
2019-02-06 07:31C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.90News ReleaseInnovative Properties to acquire Bloombox platform
2019-02-01 06:19C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.93News ReleaseInnovative signs LOI to acquire assets, rights from PDT
2019-01-30 11:29C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.96News ReleaseInnovative arranges $30M debenture unit offering
2019-01-29 12:53C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.86Resume TradingInnovative Properties to resume at 10:15 a.m. PT
2019-01-29 12:42C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.93News ReleaseInnovative to acquire Organica Patient, RDF Management
2019-01-29 08:04C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.86Halt TradingInnovative Properties halted at 5:02 a.m. PT
2019-01-28 07:42C:NABInnovative Properties Inc (3)0.75News ReleaseInnovative Properties to acquire 70% of Hivemind