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News for C:DIXI from 2018-08-24 to 2019-08-23 - 43 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther
2019-08-19 09:49DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.76News ReleaseDixie signs distribution deal with Power for Calif.
2019-08-16 10:15DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.76News ReleaseDixie subsidiary launches Mobility soft chew for dogs
2019-08-07 08:40DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.76News ReleaseDixie, AriZona to produce, sell THC products
2019-08-06 07:54DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.53News ReleaseKhiron Life, Dixie garner conditional TSX-V nod for JV
2019-07-29 17:58DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.64News ReleaseDixie Brands directors Alves, Lickver resign
2019-07-25 08:24DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.42News ReleaseDixie Brands to showcase Fuse product line in Q4
2019-06-26 07:20DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.64News ReleaseDixie Brands begins trading on OTCQX Best
2019-06-21 17:12DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.73SEDAR Annual Information FormSEDAR Annual Information Form
2019-06-11 07:55DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.71News ReleaseDixie signs deal with Globus to enter Okla. weed market
2019-06-06 09:30DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.72News ReleaseDixie unit signs Alaska distribution deal with Bill's
2019-06-04 09:24DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.68News ReleaseDixie Brands appoints Robbins CFO
2019-05-30 19:53DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.76News ReleaseDixie Brands loses $6.67-million (U.S.) in Q1
2019-05-30 19:13DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.76SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2019-05-30 19:13DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.76SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2019-05-30 08:49DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.76News ReleaseDixie Brands' soft chews to be sold by Vedco in U.S.
2019-05-29 19:09DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.76News ReleaseDixie Brands applauds Colorado Bill HB19-1090 passage
2019-05-28 08:32DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.82News ReleaseDixie Brands' Therabis to be basis of vet school trial
2019-05-22 07:46DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.73News ReleaseDixie Brands' Aceso touts fizz tabs
2019-05-01 09:19DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.78News ReleaseDixie Brands loses $21.23-million (U.S.) in fiscal 2018
2019-05-01 08:25DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.79SEDAR Audited Annual Financial StatementsSEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements
2019-05-01 08:25DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.79SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2019-04-25 07:53DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.87News ReleaseDixie to host cannabis lounge at FounderMade show
2019-04-10 06:47DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.90News ReleaseDixie Brands to launch Go Green on April 20
2019-04-05 05:58DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.93News ReleaseDixie to launch Dixie Bursts taffy candy
2019-03-21 02:03DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.84News ReleaseAgraflora begins due diligence for Dixie partnership
2019-03-15 17:54DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.92News ReleaseDixie, Choice Labs enter definitive JV licensing deal
2019-03-14 06:32DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.90News ReleaseDixie Brands, Khiron Life firm up Latin American JV
2019-02-25 17:09DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.89News ReleaseDixie Brands releases hemp soft chews for cats
2019-02-19 07:46DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.95News ReleaseDixie Brands' Aceso begins selling drink tablets
2019-02-06 07:31DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.90News ReleaseDixie to JV with Choice, sell products in Michigan
2019-01-30 10:22DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.73News ReleaseDixie, Khiron to JV for Latin America pot products
2019-01-29 19:53DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.73News ReleaseDixie lists on Frankfurt Stock Exchange
2019-01-14 09:10DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.69News ReleaseDixie Brands hires Rubin as president of Therabis
2019-01-07 07:43DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.50News ReleaseDixie Brands appoints Floor as VP, marketing
2018-12-27 17:27DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.44SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2018-12-27 17:27DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.44SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2018-12-21 09:14DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.41News ReleaseDixie plans to launch line of pot-infused products
2018-12-20 16:21DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.33News ReleaseDixie Brands cheers on signing of U.S. farm bill
2018-12-10 08:13DIXIDixie Brands IncNews ReleaseDixie Brands loses $2.4-million (U.S.) in Q3
2018-11-30 18:27DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.88News ReleaseDixie investor Dixie Brands SPV acquires 500,000 shares
2018-11-29 20:10DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.89News ReleaseDixie Brands holder Shimcity's holdings fall below 10%
2018-11-29 12:21DIXIDixie Brands Inc0.89News ReleaseDixie begins trading on CSE, plans 2019 expansion
2018-11-28 17:11DIXIDixie Brands IncNew ListingDixie Brands lists on CSE