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News for C:CTC from 2018-08-20 to 2019-08-19 - 37 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther
2019-08-12 07:30CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd222.97In the NewsGlobe says Howlett sees opportunity at Canadian Tire
2019-08-09 08:17CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd211.65In the NewsGlobe/CP say Canadian Tire buys party-supply business
2019-08-08 09:22CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd224.07News ReleaseCdn Tire target Party earns $48-million in Q2 2019
2019-08-08 06:30CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd224.07News ReleaseCanadian Tire earns $203.8-million in Q2
2019-08-08 06:18CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd224.07News ReleaseCdn Tire to buy Party City's Cdn business for $174.4M
2019-08-07 08:26CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd224.07In the NewsGlobe's Carrick keen on Scotiabank and Canadian Tire
2019-07-25 09:47CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd223.01News ReleaseCanadian Tire to release Q2 financial Results Aug. 8
2019-05-24 09:17CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd225.00News ReleaseCanadian Tire hopes its clothes will make you smarter
2019-05-13 09:21CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd222.25In the NewsGlobe says Canadian Tire maintained at "outperform"
2019-05-10 08:58CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd222.50In the NewsFP/CP say Canadian Tire posts smaller Q1 profit
2019-05-09 16:43CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd222.50News ReleaseCanadian Tire shareholders elect 16 directors at AGM
2019-05-09 06:16CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd222.50News ReleaseCanadian Tire earns $97.4-million in Q1
2019-05-07 08:09CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd224.75In the NewsGlobe says short sellers eyeing Cdn Tire, Canada Goose
2019-04-25 10:13CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd216.75News ReleaseCanadian Tire to release Q1 results May 9
2019-04-25 06:52CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd216.75In the NewsGlobe says Sun, others are good at buying back shares
2019-03-14 07:40CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd235.25In the NewsGlobe says Exco, others are profitable cyclical stocks
2019-03-04 07:30CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd239.75In the NewsGlobe says Indigo, others see weaker sales ahead
2019-02-15 08:08CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd230.00In the NewsGlobe says weather weighs on Canadian Tire
2019-02-15 07:57CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd230.00In the NewsGlobe says Sklar cuts Canadian Tire to "market perform"
2019-02-14 06:32CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd230.00News ReleaseCanadian Tire earns $783-million in 2018
2019-02-12 07:53CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd223.30In the NewsGlobe says Canadian Tire deflated to "equal weight"
2019-02-11 08:44CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd223.30In the NewsGlobe says Veritas questions Canadian Tire accounting
2019-01-31 09:31CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd230.00News ReleaseCanadian Tire to release 2018 results Feb. 14
2018-12-17 07:47CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd229.98In the NewsGlobe says Loblaw, others look to lock in loyalty
2018-11-28 09:53CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd231.10News ReleaseCanadian Tire, CT REIT close $265M joint offering
2018-11-19 16:57CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd230.26News ReleaseCanadian Tire, CT REIT arrange unit offerings
2018-11-09 08:56CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd241.80In the NewsGlobe says Cdn Tire in no hurry to offer free shipping
2018-11-09 08:00CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd241.80In the NewsFP/wire say Canadian Tire Q3 better than expected
2018-11-08 07:32CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd226.00In the NewsGlobe says Tyghe keeps Canadian Tire at "outperform"
2018-11-08 07:03CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd226.00News ReleaseCdn Tire earns $3.15 per share in Q3, boosts dividend
2018-10-31 08:55CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd230.15News ReleaseCanadian Tire adds self-serve pickup towers
2018-10-31 08:37CTCCanadian Tire Corp LtdIn the NewsSuccessful Inv says buy Canadian Tire
2018-10-31 06:59CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd230.15In the NewsGlobe says Canadian Tire back in the e-commerce game
2018-10-29 09:20CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd232.00News ReleaseCanadian Tire to hold Q3 2018 results call Nov. 8
2018-10-01 11:38CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd237.05News ReleaseCanadian Tire comments on USMCA trade agreement
2018-09-10 09:20CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd241.00In the NewsGlobe says family-controlled Cdn Tire doing just fine
2018-08-24 07:47CTCCanadian Tire Corp Ltd252.75In the NewsGlobe's Lundy says Canopy rally may still have legs