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Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc
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Emerald Health to release cannabis spray product

2020-04-29 12:26 ET - News Release

Ms. Jenn Hepburn reports


Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc. will release a new nanoemulsion-based fast-action spray product line, an important step in Emerald's cannabis 2.0 strategy and a unique offering in the Canadian cannabis marketplace. This unique formulation offers notable advantages over existing formats of cannabis consumption in terms of convenience and predictability of consumption. The product line will consist of cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol cannabinoids mixed with specific terpenes and flavourings. The first product is planned for launch in June.

Emerald's first product is a CBD 12.5-milligram-per-millilitre plus myrcene combination that it expects to launch for medical users in June. Additional products include a CBD 15-milligrams-per-millilitre lemon plus limonene combination and a THC 15-milligram-per-millilitre citrus plus limonene combination, expected to be launched in July into adult-use channels. Emerald has chosen to add specific all-natural terpenes to its nanoemulsion product line: Myrcene has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anxiolytic properties; limonene has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-oxidant, antidepressant and immunostimulating attributes. Emerald is also developing flavour-masked versions, which will have significantly less cannabis flavour. All of the fast-action spray products will be packaged in 15-millilitre bottles.

"This is a game-changing new product category for the Canadian cannabis marketplace," said Riaz Bandali, president and chief executive officer of Emerald. "Our nanoemulsion product line offers convenience, predictability, no odour and attractive value relative to the amount of absorbable active ingredient. We believe these products offer both medical and adult-use consumers a tremendously advantageous choice compared to inhaled or edible products to achieve desired outcomes from cannabis. We are pleased with the interest from cannabis distribution boards in multiple provinces that we have experienced about this new product and look forward to soon launching this line."

Emerald's nanoemulsions

Most non-smoked or non-vaped cannabis products including oils and other emulsions must be processed through the digestive tract before the active cannabinoids and terpenes can enter the bloodstream and provide their desired effects. The result is often an hours-long delay in the onset of the product's effects. Being mixed with other food products also unpredictably alters the onset and effects of the ingredients from use to use. Furthermore, the path of administration and molecular characteristics of these products result in very low levels of bioavailability, or absorption, of the active ingredients -- many of the medically important molecules travel from the gut straight to the liver, where they are broken down and inactivated before they can have their desired effect. This is inefficient and expensive.

Emerald's nanoemulsion products, on the other hand, use much smaller droplets that research indicates make it much easier to rapidly cross the gut wall, then disperse into the bloodstream, avoiding breakdown in the liver and increasing the bioavailability and effects of the product. A recent scientific study showed that a nanoemulsion increased total CBD absorption by 65 per cent compared with a CBD oil product in about one-third of the time. As a result, the effects of Emerald's nanoemulsion products will be felt sooner, wear off faster and be more predictable than those of traditional edible products. They are more discreet, being easily mixed into water and other transparent liquids without making them cloudy and without the odour associated with smoking or vaping cannabis products. Finally, they are more economical: The increased effectiveness of nanoemulsion formulations means that a lower dose is needed to achieve the same effect. These attributes are expected to provide consumers with the ability to better manage immediacy and control.

About Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc.

Emerald Health is committed to cutting-edge cannabis science to create new consumer experiences with distinct recreational, medical and wellness-oriented cannabis and non-cannabis products. With an emphasis on innovation and production excellence, Emerald's three distinct operating assets are designed to uniquely serve the Canadian marketplace and international opportunities.

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