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ASC cites wanted Calgarian Can for OTCQB scheme

2018-02-08 20:09 ET - Street Wire

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by Mike Caswell

The Alberta Securities Commission has filed an administrative action against wanted Calgarian Jim Can and others, claiming that they were behind the 2013 pump-and-dump of a company called Bluforest Inc. The ASC says that the men manipulated the company by falsely holding it out as having a $698-million asset. (All figures are in U.S. dollars.) The stock briefly went to $2 before it became worthless.

The allegations are contained in a notice of hearing that the ASC announced on Thursday, Feb. 8. In addition to Mr. Can, the notice identifies the other respondents as Calgary lawyer Norman David Anderson, former Bluforest president Charles Michael Miller and former mutual fund salesman Fred Dagostar Nikoo. The notice also names Bluforest itself as a respondent. At the time the company was listed on the OTCQB.

The scheme, as described by the ASC, began in February, 2012, when Mr. Can, Mr. Miller and Mr. Nikoo began selling shares of Bluforest to Albertans in off-market transactions. They raised over $1-million while telling buyers that the stock would double or that it would hit $11, the ASC claims. What the men did not disclose, however, was that Mr. Can controlled most of the tradable stock, the notice states.

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Congratulations to the ASC. They figured it out 6 years after I sued BluForest and 5 years after this article came out http://pumpsanddumps.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-man-behind-bluf-and-gben-pump-dumps.html

Posted by George Sharp at 2018-02-09 09:27

Wrong link http://pumpsanddumps.blogspot.com/2013/08/calgarys-king-of-penny-stock-fraud-man.html

Posted by George Sharp at 2018-02-09 09:34

Oh and 3 1/2 years after CBC News published this article and did a cover story on The National http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/jim-can-wanted-in-belize-tax-scheme-disputes-allegations-1.2792668

Posted by George Sharp at 2018-02-09 09:35

Oh and 3 1/2 years after CBC News published this article and did a cover story on The National http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/jim-can-wanted-in-belize-tax-scheme-disputes-allegations-1.2792668

Posted by George Sharp at 2018-02-09 09:35

lol Let,s hope they get this Ass hole once and for all..........

Posted by Tony at 2018-02-09 13:11

The US is eyeing the sensitivity in the Zarrab case. The opposition, which mainly links the CHP and the Umudun to the US, rubs its hands and follows this dirty bench. Moreover, by introducing the embargo issue as " corruption " and adding the former minister and Halkbank into the business, it is unbeatable in terms of domestic politics. This dirty trap is not empty if the pawn is FETO. Enver Altay myth out of the Iran desk officer of the former members of the MIT Mehmet accommodates ' s abduction Turkey-Mike Flynn up to remove tension from the relationship referenced each way. They are in front of Perden, but there are looms in the background that we do not know yet. Nowadays Istanbul is talking about an interesting name in the illegitimate world associated with money and stock exchange. His name is Jem Can , the Americans call him Jim Can . Also related to Germany and Canadian citizen at the same time ... The man has been looking for the FBI for three years for " 500 million dollar money laundering, fraud and tax evasion ". The investigation into the New York City prosecutor's office is ongoing. Cem Can , of course not alone in doing so, Canadian Brian De Witte , American Robert Bondfild , Belize'l of Andrew Godfrey , Bahamian Kelvin Leach and Rohner Knowles'le are being tried together. Loretta Lynch accused the defendants of the victims : " Bandfield and his collaborators designed not only fraud, but also a very detailed collective structure based on falsehoods and frauds that violated our tax laws . " With this system, a $ 4-5 billion fraud is said to be done. US citizen Robert Bandfield was also released to the court, but the other defendants were fugitives. The U.S. government has asked the interested countries Belize, Bahamas and Canada to make their requests. And it's been widely reported on CBC News. Now let this incident to do with Turkey ...

US courts or FBI " Jim " Can 's demand from Canada, but he lives in Turkey. And two draws attention to serious allegations: that lead to these claims Cem Can 's relations in Turkey and they do. It is said that Daira Stachura , who is allegedly in love with Can 's name, still carries on her old job. Even the amount of money that comes in to the accounts of some private banks attracts even the attention of those banks and creates " suspicion ". But it is more arrogant that it is associated with the FETO. Can Is this part of the world Feton dirty money? Cem Can then the person who allegedly maintains in Turkey, fetö'c prosecutor Zekeriya Öz 's Morning, published in " free vacation " in the event, Ali Agaoglu ' s threat to outgoing person between the businessman who places Osman Agca that brings to mind this question. That event Agaoglu had said: "Aytac Ocakli my side Halil Ibrahim Demirhan as far as I remember, 'This job can not stay here, the account that you are asked, the number of prosecutors my you-feeding yiz' threatened the words. I fired the hearth of my office. Meanwhile, Tayfun Aktas and Osman Agcaalso arrived. "All of this at first glance the US concerns seem not known exactly where what was going on behind the scenes. Could still do Feton finance the foot continues to do business in Turkey? The following questions are important: a minister with fitting allegations and Turkey the most important banks by the impugned judgment and trying to compression of Turkey and the US FBI, how come Jim Can 's not you know that in Turkey? Or is someone in the US is blocking it?

Posted by Tony b at 2018-02-27 20:34

Attorney Scott Lawler Under Scrutiny Following SEC Trading Suspensions Initially Posted: April 5, 2017 6:40 p.m. PDT Last Updated: May 11, 2017 11:50 a.m. PDT

The SEC showed it meant business on Tuesday, by issuing suspensions in the trading on a trifecta of heavily promoted issuers. The Draconian action wiped out $220 million in imaginary value in one fell swoop, as these tickers are now relegated to sporadic Grey Market trading once the 10 day suspensions are lifted. Each one had been subjected to long term promotion campaigns in classic Awesome Penny Stocks emailed newsletter style, but under a group of newsletters with more current banners like "QRC Investment Group", "Elite Penny Stock" and "Penny Stock Expert", among others.

Newly tossed onto the trash heap are Emedia Group, Inc. (EMMD), ImMAGE Biotherapeutics Corp. (IMMG) and AgriEuro Corp. (EURI). Both EMMD and IMMG were halted in the midst of ongoing promotions, while EURI had just recently concluded its second such campaign in just over a year. Curiously, not one of these companies has issued a statement since the trading suspensions were imposed, choosing instead to leave their abandoned shareholders hung out to dry.

It is likely not a coincidence that Arizona attorney, Scott Lawler, represents or has represented all three of these suspended companies. He has also had some connection to similarly and recently pumped tickers PTCO and CLOW, as well as dozens of other pump and dump schemes, of which ZENO, XLIT, GBEN, SPCL, BTFL, POTG, RSRS, and PEPR are prominent, as well as BRKO, which was suspended by the SEC in March of 2016 and now trades by appointment on the Grey Market.

In addition to having represented plenty of dirty tickers, Lawler can be connected to several indicted con men/women, including Michael Todd Osborn (through VWIN) who is currently serving a 77 month stint for wire fraud and is newly charged for securities fraud; Jim Can aka Cem Can (through GBEN), who is currently cowering in a Turkish spider hole in hopes of avoiding being arrested and extradited on a grand jury indictment; Phil Kueber (through PEPR), who is awaiting sentencing under the same indictment; and, Caroline Winsor aka Caroline Meyers aka Caroline Danforth (through FOTCA AVOI VIOSF OCTX CPMCF and dozens more), who recently served a two year sentence in the USA for securities fraud and is now serving a similar sentence in Canada. Lawler has also been associated with disgraced pump and dump attorney, Luis Carrillo, and convicted securities fraud artist, Benjamin Kirk.

Lawler represents, VW Century, Inc. (VWIN) which was formerly pumped and dumped to death as Flexfridge (FXLR) and then acquired from notorious penny stock fraud artist, Shuan Passley. VWIN looked poised to be an upcoming and considerable scam, especially considering Osborn's participation and the Chinese relocation of its head office. It still may become such a scheme, if the aforementioned newsletters are willing to take a chance now that the SEC has served notice. Perhaps these newsletters will once again rebrand themselves in hopes of temporarily eluding the watchful eyes of the Enforcement Office.

I would be interested to see if a prima facie case could be made for accusing Lawler and/or his cohorts of operating an illegal shell factory. He filed the initial Form S-1 for EMMD and was quick to represent PTCO and EURI soon after Attorney John Root filed the initial S-1 for those companies, just ten days apart. Many of the other Lawler represented tickers had assets vended into them after the shell was created, resulting in a name and symbol change and followed by a promotion. In addition to John Root, one of Lawler's favorite providers of shells is Attorney Thomas Puzzo. Nami Corp. (NINK) is a newer shell that Puzzo created and then passed on to Lawler. A telltale forward split makes NINK appear as if it is a pump and dump in waiting.

Yet another Puzzo shell, Vilacto Bio Inc. (ZFLO) is now being represented by The Doney Law Firm, the same firm which represented the BRKO scam to which Lawler has been connected. While I haven't yet figured out if Lawler is involved in ZFLO, its Slovakian address and freshly executed forward split follows a template employed by past penny stock fraud schemes, and therefore makes ZFLO a likely candidate for a significant pump and dump effortpromoted by the aforementioned group twice

Posted by Tony at 2018-03-13 11:52

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