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Stockwatch Excel RTD Plugin

Stockwatch has a RealTimeData (RTD) plugin for Excel 2007 or later. This plugin provides realtime updating of various stock data in your cells, either single stocks or portfolios. When installed, it adds a tab "Stockwatch Quotes" to the toolbar in Excel, which you can use to configure the plugin.

To install the Stockwatch RTD plugin, download and install the Stockwatch Desktop:
Install Stockwatch Desktop and Excel Plugin

The RTD plugin requires the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 or higher. The setup program will prompt to you install this if you do not already have it, OR you can install the framework directly from Microsoft with this link:

Stockwatch Web Query

This feature allows you to automatically download stock information, either into a spreadsheet such as Excel, a file, or any application program that can automatically extract data from web pages.
We have a sample Excel spreadsheet which contains a macro for automatic stock price download. Click here to download the spreadsheet.

Stockwatch subscription level Trader or higher is required for this function. In order for this to work, you must already be logged in using Internet Explorer. If you normally use a different browser, you may still have to login using Internet Explorer. Excel can then access your login cookie and the query will succeed. If you are running Windows Vista, you may have to put *.stockwatch.com into your list of trusted sites.

How To Use

Use this template to construct a URL for use as a web query in Excel:

    &fields=<list of field codes>
    &pf=<portfolio number - omit if you enter symbols>
    &symbols=<symbol list - omit if you use a portfolio>
    &region=<default region (C or U)>

Test the Query

Symbols or Portfolio Number
Default region if exchange code not specified
Fields (see below for definitions)
Header line

Available fields for stock quotes and close prices

  S   symbol
  X   ex
  R   region
  D   bidsize
  B   prbid
  A   prask
  F   asksize
  L   prlast
  C   prchange
  V   vol
  W   dolvalue
  O   propen
  H   prhigh
  I   prlow
  T   trades
  Y   yearhi
  Z   yearlo
  P   openint
  E   lasttrade

Exchange Codes

Base symbols are unique to a company within Canada and within the US, but the same symbol may be used simultaneously in both regions to represent two different companies.

Each quote query includes a default region - Canada or US. If you do not specify an exchange code, your symbol will be searched in the default region. To specify a specific region, precede your symbol with the code and a colon eg U:MSFT U:IBM T:RY.

UUSAAll US symbols
CCanadaAll Canadian symbols