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Sym-XBid - AskLastChg%Vol$Vol#TrOpen-Hi-LoYear Hi-LoLast TradeNewsDelay
ATI - V 100.00.105 · 0.11556.00.110.0110.01,547.81763030.105  0.12  0.100.47  0.0515:58:58Jun 0715 min RT 2¢
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Last 10 trades
15:58:58V0.110.0110,00019 Desjardins143 PershingK
15:52:10V0.110.0116,50019 Desjardins80 National BankK
15:52:01V0.110.0131,00019 Desjardins7 TD SecK
15:52:01V0.110.015007 TD Sec7 TD SecK
15:51:08V0.1150.0152,5009 BMO Nesbitt7 TD SecK
15:50:58V0.110.012,50019 Desjardins7 TD SecK
15:48:47V0.110.0132,50019 Desjardins143 PershingK
15:48:47V0.110.0117,50019 Desjardins7 TD SecK
15:45:53H0.110.013,0007 TD Sec1 AnonymousK
15:45:53V0.110.014,5007 TD Sec143 PershingK

Recent Bulletins - 3 items
2018-06-07 11:06ATINews ReleaseAltai notes new Quebec hydrocarbon regulations
2018-06-07 10:55ATIResume TradingAltai Resources to resume at 8:30 a.m. PT
2018-06-06 14:35ATIHalt TradingAltai Resources halted at 11:31 a.m. PT

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